FamilyAssets Connects Families with Leading Senior Care Providers using Data and Technology

Our Company

We Are The Family's Advocate

Long term care is confusing, opaque and extremely expensive. It is one of the largest emotional and financial obstacles that many families will face, and too often they are underprepared. Even professionals struggle with complex problems such as Nursing Home placements, Medicaid Eligibility and accessing Medicaid for In-home Care.

FamilyAssets is an advocate for people as they go through this challenging time. Our purpose is to help your family understand its options and then access funding that can help pay for the care you need. We take families through the Medicaid Application process and help them maximize asset protection while following the stringent eligibility rules. We also guide families through other government programs such as Veterans Aid & Attendance and Medicaid Waivers for In-home Care.

Because care costs are so high, making a mistake or not understanding the exact rules for programs such as Medicaid can be financially devastating for families. We provide a reliable, fast and trusted way to access funding for Long Term Care.

Our History

FamilyAssets was created to help people understand their options paying for care.

Since then we have helped hundreds of families answer complex questions about financial programs such as Medicaid and Veterans Aid & Attendance.

We use a mix of certified experts and software to improve and expedite the Medicaid and Veterans planning process.

Our Team

Wes Fuller, CEO

James Johnson, CTO