FamilyAssets is part of the SilverAssist network. At SilverAssist we connect seniors and their families with trustworthy information, expert guidance, and quality services to simplify senior life.

Through our strategically curated portfolio of senior services and informational resources, SilverAssist guides seniors and their families through the most challenging years, at any point or any time.


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Expert advisors connect families with the best communities and assist them throughout the entire process.

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Connect with financial concierges ready to help families find the funds they need to pay for care.

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Helping families understand their eligibility and find additional income to pay for care through VA benefits.

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Senior Care to
match your needs

FamilyAssets technology helps Senior Care Providers serve more families by building and communicating trust online.

  • Streamlined customer satisfaction requests and review gathering via email, text message and phone to help you deliver and communicate a high level of senior care.
  • Simplified management of your online profiles through consistent information, review monitoring, and a stronger review profile.
  • Website technology that helps you complete a great experience for your prospects online.

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