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White Cliffs Senior Living

Based on 112 reviews | Ranked #1 of 0 communities in Kingman

3600 Peterson Road, Kingman, AZ, 86409

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White Cliffs Senior Living is a assisted living community located in Kingman that offers senior living and care services.


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White Cliffs Senior Living Amenities

  • Memory Care

White Cliffs Senior Living Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,285

The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,285/month
Kingman average cost of assisted living$3,285/month
Arizona average cost of assisted living$3,500/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of White Cliffs Senior Living assisted living Facility in Kingman, Arizona. White Cliffs Senior Living is 100% the cost of assisted living in Kingman and 94% the cost of assisted living in Arizona.

Detailed Information

White Cliffs Senior Living, Kingman AZ

At White Cliffs Senior Living, people are encouraged to have a happy and healthy retirement. Offering Alzheimer's care, assisted living, and a special “care as you need it” independent living program, the community is well-equipped to help people with a wide variety of care needs. Their most common personal care services include (but are not limited to): 

  • Assistance with activities of daily living 
  • Medication assistance 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Linen and laundry services 
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments 

Each incoming resident works with a care adviser to discuss their health conditions and daily needs. The community understands each person's retirement journey is different and there is no “one-size-fits-all” option for senior care. By working one-on-one with each person, the community creates an individualized care plan designed around their needs and preferences, creating a safe and nurturing environment for retirees to thrive. 

In addition to the community’s exceptional long-term care services, residents love White Cliffs’ amenities and social activities. Staying active is an important part of a healthy retirement and the community encourages residents to get up and go with an ever-changing event schedule. Social activities and events at White Cliffs may include: 

  • Arts and crafts sessions 
  • Musical performances 
  • Fitness classes 
  • Game and movie nights 
  • Group outings 
  • Pet therapy 
  • Communal meals

Residents can participate in communal meals daily, enjoying delicious recipes with their friends in the on-site restaurant. The restaurant staff prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily featuring classic recipes like buttermilk pancakes with sausage, hamburger gravy over mash potatoes, and barbecue ribs. Vegetarians and people with allergies can request meal substitutions as needed to accommodate their special dietary needs. 

When residents want to enjoy a hand-prepared meal, they can do so in their apartment thanks to their kitchenette. Each unit comes with a spacious kitchen area for residents to prepare meals, including a full-size refrigerator and counter space. In addition to kitchenettes, each apartment includes: 

  • Private bathrooms 
  • Expansive closets with storage space 
  • Large windows with excellent views 
  • Emergency call systems 
  • Dining areas

Studio, one and two-bedroom apartments are available for lease. Residents can choose their floor plan according to what meets their needs. Studio apartments offer an affordable downsizing opportunity, giving people a chance to live comfortably without excessive space. With a combination living room and bedroom, people who live in studio units never have to worry about maintaining a too-large apartment. Alternatively, one and two-bedroom apartments offer private bedrooms and additional closets, offering added privacy and storage space for people who want more room than a studio. 

To learn more about White Cliffs Senior Living, prospective residents can use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. Scheduling a tour is the best way to see if White Cliffs may be a good fit for senior care, giving people a chance to see the apartments in person and taste the restaurant’s homestyle meals. Tours are free and are open to anyone who wants to learn more about White Cliffs Senior Living. For more information, read the frequently asked questions below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I know if White Cliffs Senior Living is right for me?

Choosing the right assisted living community or memory care program can be challenging. Each community offers unique benefits and services, making some places a more suitable choice than others. White Cliffs Senior Living is a non-medical residential care community, offering personal care services and medication management to people who need mild to moderate care. However, the community is not equipped to offer skilled nursing care and may not be suitable for people who need it on a regular basis. 

To find out if White Cliffs Senior Living may be a suitable choice for care, prospective residents should ask themselves the following questions: 

  • Is the person ambulatory? 
  • Does the person need ongoing medical attention 
  • Does the person have memory impairments, Alzheimer's or dementia? 
  • Does the person need rehabilitation?

White Cliffs Senior Living only admits people they are confident they can care for. Their promise is to help all residents live their lives to the fullest, creating a safe environment for them to flourish. In the case of people who are confined to their beds and people who need ongoing medical attention, the community may not be able to provide the care they need to the fullest extent. White Cliffs Senior Living is not equipped to help people with chronic illness or injury that require continual treatment to preserve their sense of wellbeing. 

However, thanks to the community’s In the Moment® memory care program, people with moderate to severe Alzheimer's and dementia are welcome as residents. The dementia care staff provide non-medical treatments for people living with Alzheimer's disease to create a comfortable, soothing environment. The community’s memory care services are extensive and their staff is equipped to help people living with all stages of memory loss,  Alzheimer’s disease and dementia provided their symptoms do not facilitate skilled nursing care (i.e., incontinence caused by Alzheimer’s and dementia). 

To learn more about the community’s admission guidelines and their level of care requirements, interested parties can use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. The White Cliffs staff are happy to help people find out if the community is the right fit for them, answering questions and explaining their individualized care routines to those who want to know more. 

Q: How do I know if the White Cliffs Senior Living In the Moment® memory care program is right for me or my loved one?

Living with Alzheimer's disease can be challenging and many people seek out long-term care to help them manage memory loss. At White Cliffs Senior Living, people with memory loss, Alzheimer's and dementia can receive exceptional memory care services while they enjoy the community’s amenities and make friends with their peers. 

The In the Moment® program is a special take on assisted living, offering basic personal care services alongside dementia care. In the Moment® residents may receive help with their daily activities or medications like assisted living and independent living residents, with additional services to help them manage their memory loss. 

If a person needs help learning to live with dementia or they believe Alzheimer's care can help them live a more fulfilled retirement, the White Cliffs In the Moment® memory care services might be right for them. To learn more, interested parties can use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. 

Q: Does White Cliffs Senior Living offer short-term care programs for people who receive in-home care?

Yes! If a person’s family caregiver is away, they can receive care at White Cliffs for up to 30 consecutive days thanks to their respite care program. In-home care residents who want to learn more about respite care at White Cliffs can use the link above to make an inquiry. 

Q: How much does the White Cliffs Senior Living Community cost? 

Each person’s monthly fees vary according to their care plan and their apartment. The community charges a base rental fee that includes a person’s room and board, housekeeping, and meals, then assesses additional fees according to each resident’s care needs. For example, a person who needs medication management may be assessed a special fee for that service. Small floor plans may cost less than large apartments, with studio units usually costing less than two-bedroom apartments. 

To get a personalized quote from White Cliffs Senior Living, use the “Get Pricing” tool above. 

From The Owner

At White Cliffs Senior Living, we want our residents to live their lives to the fullest. Our “assistance as you need it” options offer the peace of mind of a helping hand and the independence to still do what you want, when you want. If you’re looking for a senior living community with flexible care plans that are built with you in mind, call us today to learn more or schedule a tour. Keep Reading

Contact Information

Community Website

(928) 263-2203

3600 Peterson Road, Kingman, AZ, 86409

Rankings & Reviews

FamilyAssets Reviews for White Cliffs Senior Living

We have 112 review(s) for this provider.

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None on 15/Dec/2018:
What a beautiful facility and such an asset to the Kingman Community. I hope I get to live here someday! Ha!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Location Atmosphere & amenities.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Very nice facility- I brought my mom and her friend in.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
The facility is beautiful and my visit enjoyable

None on 15/Dec/2018:
The facility is beautiful and the residents are friendly

None on 15/Dec/2018:
I love the cafeteria, the rooms are just the right size. The decor is beautiful & classy and Joni is pretty cool too!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
I love how "at home" it feels and the Christmas decorations

None on 15/Dec/2018:
I like how many social areas there are. How clean & nice everything looks.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Many activities for the residents

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Looks Nice! Open & clean. Nice meeting rooms and a movie theater. I would have my grandparents live here.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
I think it is a great place for the elderly to stay

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Beautiful Facility

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Attended an event here- Nice to see the vendors invited

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Friendly- Very clean- Open- Airy- easy access- Beautiful facility :)

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Enjoyed my visit very much- nice for the community and residents

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Very clean, organized.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
You take great care of my mom!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Impressive! activities friendly staff spacious rooms

None on 15/Dec/2018:
The ambiance, the staff-top notch. The facility-all that if offers

None on 15/Dec/2018:
It's pleasant, beautiful & feels like visiting a high class hotel. The staff are friendly and so helpful!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
It is a place that truly cares about the residents! It's the best place for comfort, friendly atmosphere. Like home!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
It's fun. It's friendly and I love it here!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
The rooms are very nice. People are very pleasant and helpful.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Everybody was nice & friendly. The facility attractive!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
White Cliffs is very roomy. The staff & residents are friendly & helpful. Beautiful place.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
I like everything!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Facility is clean, modern and a great place to live. I would want to live in a place like this when I get older.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Very clean, organized, lots to do, does not smell like a lot of senior centers.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Very well laid out and friendly people- clean!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Pleasant help in dining & care staff. Residents are very pleasant too.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Love everything about White cliffs. The people are kind and caring. I love the bistro, restaurant, postal service. Rooms are large and a very clean facility. From the game rooms exercise rooms to the movie room even a hair salon. I recommend this facility to everyone.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Everything is beautiful, well kept & clean... and friendly! Thank you

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Variety of everything and smiling faces.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Almost everything

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Clean & Friendly people

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Clean, bright, activities

None on 15/Dec/2018:
The atmosphere, convenience of amenities and people are extraordinary!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Nice facility, clean, well taken care of.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
This is a wonderful facility! Had a great time!!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
It was nice to see everyone together having a wonderful time.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Very clean, lots of activities available.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Has elevators, nice dining room, nice security, people and gentlemen.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
I have customers that live at White cliffs that love it. Finally Kingman has a quality living facility for senior citizens. A great place!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
My mother lives in assisted living here at WCSL. This place is amazing! The care they take of my mom is beyond what I expected. The staff is so caring and loving towards her, they treat her like family.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
This is a wonderful facility. Always clean and well kept. I can't say enough about the staff and activities.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
I spoke to the residents (during my visit) and they all love how friendly the people are. Also love that you have a chapel, theater and billiards.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Very clean & very nice people.

None on 15/Dec/2018:
We love all the activities and friendly atmosphere when we visit!

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Activities, appearance, staff

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Beautiful facility, friendly staff

None on 15/Dec/2018:
Very nice facility

None on 15/Dec/2018:
I love this place, When it is my time, I am here! My #1 like is the smell

None on 27/Nov/2018:
Effective interaction with good staff! Makes family feel safe to know loved ones are secure!!

None on 23/Nov/2018:
I joined my Father for Thanksgiving holiday Dinner over at White Cliffs Senior Living and our meas was very, VERY good. Wanted to pass this information forward and to those who did the cooking. Not only was it very good, it was a lot of fun. Enjoyed myself thoroughly.

None on 19/Nov/2018:
Management seems to be doing a good job. My loved one thinks most of the food is good and the service in the dining room is good. Housekeeping takes very good of my loved one and maintenance is excellent. It is always clean and neat. If you say there is any kind of a problem they are always johnny-on-the-spot to fix it. Transportation does well for her when she uses it and they are good for her. The caregivers take care of her and she is well cared for.

None on 14/Nov/2018:
White Cliffs was great and it's a beautiful place, but it's just too expensive. The rooms and staff are excellent. The food is really good and the dining area is set up like a restaurant. They have all kinds of activities. They have a library, salon, exercises, a whirlpool, and movie room They've been very informative and friendly.

None on 14/Nov/2018:
I just loved the staff; they've been very helpful and kind. My husband and I have had dinner there a few times and were always treated very well. My dad says he really enjoys the food. I do work for the hospital in town and I've always heard really good things from patients that I deal with that are residents at White Cliffs. Maintenance has always been very kind and offers their services if anything is needed. The building is beautiful and every time I've been to the facility it's been spotless. My Dad has felt right at home right from the beginning. I just really like this facility and if I could move here I would.

None on 14/Nov/2018:
We chose the community for my mom because I was impressed by the facilities, the services they offered and it was close to my residence. I think that living here has given her more health and she seems to be doing well and is less depressed. I think the value for that is almost priceless. The management staff have been nothing but helpful. They have done extra things and gone out of their way to make my mom comfortable. They have put my mind at ease as well as my mothers. It has been really good. The activities they provide allow for a lot of social interactions with the other residents. It is voluntary but with the community feel that is fostered there everyone seems to participate. The maintenance staff has been very helpful as has the care team. They are very friendly and helpful. They put everybody at ease.

None on 14/Nov/2018:
I think we are getting a good value here. My mom loves the food there and she is very picky. She likes the activities and I actually do a craft class there too. She loves Casey, from maintenence; he is perfect. Anything she asks in the meeting is done almost immediately. The driver in transportation is fabulous. He really works hard at making sure everyone gets to their places.

None on 14/Nov/2018:
I did a lot of research and everybody I spoke with, including my banker, thought White Cliffs was the best place to go to. Everybody has been absolutely wonderful there; I'm just very pleased with everything there. I have breakfast there almost every morning and both my mother and I think the food is excellent. The housekeeping is excellent, White Cliffs does an exceptional job, and it’s very clean. It's unbelievable how much we appreciate what they do at White Cliffs.

None on 14/Nov/2018:
I think the community is very safe and I feel comfortable with having my husband there and he seems to be content. They provide good service in the dining room to help those that have trouble feeding themselves. They are very accommodating. The community is clean and has no odors and just a beautiful place with nice views out the window. I am pleased with the care staff. You can see them go up and help people and it is more than an act, they are just caring people.

None on 12/Nov/2018:
I have worked at White Cliffs Senior Living for 3 years now. As concierge I believe we have the best Assisted Living services in all of Mohave County. So if anyone ever asks about assisted living, I strongly recommend White Cliffs Senior Living. There is nowhere else that I would want a loved one placed in Kingman

None on 12/Nov/2018:
Gotta live somewhere and this is a natural place to come. I have been here since White Cliffs opened. If I did not like it- I would leave. Guess they gotta be doing something right.

None on 12/Nov/2018:
I am a visiting care giver at White Cliffs Senior Living and I see this community tries very hard to do what is right for the residents. Since I have been connected for years I have seen the ins and outs come and go, So I am more privileged to insight than most. It is a beautiful place. The staff is always so helpful and they maintain a great foundation, of a great business here.

None on 12/Nov/2018:
This is a large place with a lot of people to care for. I know they have laws and compliance issues to deal with. The food is adequate to excellent pending on the day. But I have the best room in the building. Care is considerate and all of my needs are met. I have no plans on ever moving.

None on 12/Nov/2018:
I don't believe in giving anyone a 10. There is always room for improvement. Food: Good Activities: the social aspect of this community is good. It allows for companionship. You never have to be alone if you don't want to. You are encouraged to join in activities and partake in as little as you choose. People: The Directors and care staff are very helpful, always willing and we have the nicest residents. Very friendly. Pet Friendly: I live at White Cliffs because of their policy to be pet friendly. I am taking a trip into the hospital for a minor surgery and I am leaving the care of my furry friend in the hands of staff and is comforting to know that she will be cared for. Very Important.

None on 12/Nov/2018:
I like living here. It is all working out good. Food is quite good too

None on 12/Nov/2018:
White Cliffs Senior Living is the very best that is available in Kingman. The management, employees and residents is what I like best. Nothing is ever perfect, there is always something that can be better. I have no issues living here. If I changed anything it would be to put more care givers on staff.

None on 09/Nov/2018:
I like the accommodations, I like the staff. Good food and I am comfortable here. Can't tell it simpler than that.

None on 09/Nov/2018:
I like White Cliffs because I don't have to cook, I meet lots of people. I am a talker and my husband is shy and don't talk, so I talk for him, but he gets tired of me, so I visit with the people. There are lots of good people here.

None on 09/Nov/2018:
I visit with my friends who live in WCSL on a weekly bases and I can vouch as to how wonderful this facility is. Beautiful place with views all around, looking out over the city or mountains. They offer bus rides all over the city for outings and for doctor appointments. Food is pretty darn good, I am able to join my friends at lunch for a reasonable price. There is plenty of parking and easy to get around. Entertainment of bingo, happy hour, puzzles,movies, exercise classes and even have bible study. The place is clean and people helpful. I highly recommend White Cliffs Senior Living to anyone.

None on 08/Nov/2018:
This community is expensive but it is worth every penny because the staff is amazing. Everybody there is just amazing. They all act like my mom is their mom. The food is always good and there are good choices. The staff in the dining room is amazing. There is always stuff going on. If she wants to be busy, she can be busy. Housekeeping is attentive to her and go above and beyond. Her place is always clean and her laundry is always done. I have never seen her house dirty. The outside and the inside of this community always looks nice and appears to be maintained well. The transportation is convenient and takes her where she wants to go. The driver is very nice. The outside of the vehicles always look clean. The care is great.

None on 08/Nov/2018:
White Cliffs Senior Living provides good services and I think I have the best apartment in the whole building. If it were larger, I'd probably have to keep a club to keep other residents out because I have a lovely apartment with a lovely view. The housekeeping is above average on their cleaning and taking care of people here, they're very prompt and attentive. The management is helpful and cooperative, they have a lot of activity variety and I am satisfied with the maintenance of the building. I use the bus when I can and I have seen nothing but good care, assistance and watchfulness over the passengers. The driver always checks the temperature inside the bus and asks us if we want anything changed. When anyone needs the healthcare staff, they come very quickly. In fact, I have had some excellent cooperation with them so all in all I have had a pleasant experience at the community, it is a nice place.

None on 07/Nov/2018:
The current management is personable and easy to get along with. The food and dining service was excellent. The food was good. The servers and the cleanup people were very nice, personable and efficient. The activities were very good. Maintenance was very good there. The top dog there used to be the maintenance person and he was great. The maintenance man now does a great job and is on top of things and the building is kept up well. They took care of the grounds fairly nicely. There were some caregivers that were there for a long time and were wonderful and considerate.

None on 07/Nov/2018:
In the time my dad was there all of the management people were great. They explained everything so we knew what we were doing and they were extra friendly. If you had a question management answered it and if you had a problem they took care of it. The care staff was very good and were always courteous to my dad. I didn't see anything out of place in his room, everything was always dusted and clean. My dad liked everything they cooked and the waitresses were wonderful. I think my dad's stay there was well worth it and my dad felt very welcomed.

None on 03/Nov/2018:
I did not want to look into Assisted Living for my mom, but she wanted her independence and so I was concerned about giving up my care for her, they would not do a good enough job. With checking places we looked at White Cliffs Senior Living. This community is so beautiful and she is so happy here. The staff and the other occupants have been so welcoming and friendly. I am able to sleep at night knowing that her well being is being taken care of. I am seeing that she has been more social and gallivants out of her room on her own and actually socializes, doing activities. She talks again... a lot.

None on 03/Nov/2018:
White Cliffs is a nice place. The staff and residents are always so friendly. My dad's med-tech is very friendly. I like this place so much that one day I would love to live here too.

None on 03/Nov/2018:
My mother has lived at White Cliffs Senior Living for 2 years now. Great facility! All of the staff are wonderful! Always ready to assist with any of my Mom's needs. Truly a compassionate and caring place.Lots of activities for the residents and always kept clean and maintained.

None on 03/Nov/2018:
Simple and beautiful place with friendly, caring staff and very accommodating.

None on 03/Nov/2018:
What I like about living here is that there is No grocery shopping, No maintenance, No cooking and I like the food. The people are so friendly and caring.

None on 03/Nov/2018:
The employees and people who live here are so friendly. I love it here!

None on 03/Nov/2018:
You just cant believe that an Assisted Living Community could be so friendly, but they are! The staff and helpers are attentive and give great service. I would recommend this to anyone.

None on 03/Nov/2018:
Just perfect

None on 03/Nov/2018:

None on 03/Nov/2018:

None on 25/Oct/2018:
Four years I've been here, and I've been safe and comfortable. It's so pretty and they take such good care of it, it's like living in a castle. The Executive Director comes out of his office often and talks to us. We always know we can stop him and ask him anything. He really seems to be there and cares. Housekeeping does a good job. They take my laundry and wash it all the time and bring it back folded and hang it up if I want. And then they do a good job with cleaning. I really like the transportation service, the driver's real good and I feel secure when he drives. He helps everyone on the bus who needs help. If you need something you just tell them and they set it up to get you to the doctor's and back. He’s good, a good driver, a really pleasant man. The maintenance has gotten a lot better, and the dining room servers are wonderful, nice girls and guys. White Cliffs takes good care of me. My daughter is in California and has been concerned for me, and they keep in touch with her. My daughter sent them a thank you letter for taking such good care of me.

None on 25/Oct/2018:
My grandma is comfortable there, she's 104 and safe, and she has always gotten good care from the staff. Dining is great at White Cliffs. The servers are great, the food has usually been very good in the three years grandma has been there. The caregivers give her excellent care. Everything is always immaculate in the community. I'm always looking at their activities calendar and they have all kinds of stuff. I have recommended it to many of my clients, and a couple are living at White Cliffs now.

None on 25/Oct/2018:
In the two years I've been here, the food has been great and the dining staff, everybody; they're just great. I think the management is pretty good, housekeeping is fine, and I don’t see any problems with anything not working so I'm satisfied with the maintenance. The caregivers are also fine. Anything they've got to do, they've been great. Compared with what I know about other places I think it's a good value here.

None on 25/Oct/2018:
My mom has lived here a little over a year. She loves her big closet and big spacious bathroom; it is very nice. The activities they offer look real nice. The management team here is doing a very good job. They are very responsive if there are any problems. I love their decorations for the seasons. They do it really nice and I think that is sweet. The services she receives from the other areas like dining, housekeeping maintenance and care; we are pleased with as well.

None on 23/Oct/2018:
I have been really satisfied with White Cliffs since I moved here in August of 2018. Management is accessible and responsive, my apartment is really cute, the wait staff is all good and the dining really is good because I am gaining weight like crazy. I think maintenance does a great job, everything is fine here so I am satisfied with the consistency of service that is being provided and have enjoyed my time here thus far.

None on 09/Oct/2018:
There were only a few places in town that could take in someone who is going blind, and the other place didn't work out, but White Cliffs could take my loved one. The management has been amazing the whole time. The care staff has been very helpful as well, they're all really nice there. The maintenance team is great. From the very first day maintenance was helpful. My loved one had a grab bar and they came and installed that on the first day. I ran into a maintenance man in the hallways and asked if he could do it within the week, and he did it the first day, that was really cool. It's really pretty place. The housekeeping is very good, it's always really, really clean there. They have a really, really, really wide range of activities. I've only had a breakfast with my loved one once, an omelet, and it was good, almost restaurant quality. The price seems like a good deal. The apartment is perfect, it's a really nice place and the people are very friendly.

None on 09/Oct/2018:
I was familiar with them through Joshua Springs and was impressed with their facilities. I checked all over the place and I thought that White Cliffs was the best all around for my husband. I think the management staff is very good and thorough, they were there ready to answer questions so I was very impressed with them. The place itself is always very clean, it's very impressive when you come in, it's clean and smells nice. The people there seem to be very nice, the staff greets everybody and are friendly, everybody seems to be getting along and happy so that makes a big difference.

None on 09/Oct/2018:
I chose White Cliffs because I have friends here and it's very close to where I lived, so the area is a familiar environment. One of the things that really impressed me is that everyone knows my name. I look at their nametags so I can return the honor. I have been invited to join activities and I will. Seems like a good variety, I am very pleased with the activities and entertainment. The dining room wait staff remember me even though I've been here a week, and they know I start the morning with coffee and orange juice. The food is prepared quite well, and housekeeping is very, very good. Casey in maintenance has just been terrific. In fact, he was trying to leave yesterday, and I had a quick question. He said it was a simple fix and came up and did it before he left. The care and nursing staff have been very, very helpful. I was anxious with this move and they really talked to me and Celia in care services was wonderful. She told me to wait a couple weeks to settle in, and I felt I was talking to a friend. It was recommended to me, and everything anyone told me was absolutely accurate.

None on 08/Oct/2018:
One of the things I was talking to a friend about this morning was my worry about the transition into Memory Care after living there two and a half years in Assisted Living, but my loved one is making the transition well. She seems to be settling in very nicely, very comfortable. We moved most of her decorations from her apartment into the Memory Care room and she is very proud of it, everyone comments on how beautiful a room it is. The caregivers are excellent, they're very good with her. The current management team has been very helpful to me and I think maintenance is great. They're great, they’re very receptive when anything is broken or a light bulb needs to be changed. They were very helpful getting my loved one moved. For the most part she is happy with the food. The servers are very good, they really get to know the individual quirks of each resident and try to cater to their desires. The transportation is always good, they're always there for her when she needs it. I recommend White Cliffs all the time to other people, my loved one is safe, comfortable, and I do think the price is fair.

None on 25/Sep/2018:
My mom stays very active at this community. She does the chair yoga, the exercise classes, she's been going to one of the local events and she loves the Thursday afternoon happy hour. My mom and I did use the transportation services once and Cody, the driver, was just wonderful. MJ, the local RN gal, has been very responsive and the people that deliver mom's medications are very polite and nice. Thank you for building in Kingman Arizona, you saved me because I had to get my mom out of her house and we're very glad your community is there.

None on 24/Sep/2018:
I thought the apartment my mom had was lovely and just what she needed. She enjoyed the food from the dinig service and even made me happy by putting on some weight. She enjoyed going to the cinemas they had there.

None on 13/Sep/2018:
My husband and I choose the White Cliffs Senior Living because we liked the appearance of the community, the friendliness and the size of the rooms. The food and service is excellent! We have our meals delivered to our room and they come in hot and delicious and they have a good menu variety. We just had housekeeping do our room and they did a great job. I think the value is excellent and I'm very glad we're here. I would highly recomment this community to others.

None on 12/Sep/2018:
I just moved into the community in August and when they gave us a tour, I fell in love with it immediately. Management is always friendly and they're always helpful, so I have been satisfied. It's pretty good care here, I love the food and I can't believe how quickly my housekeeper cleans my apartment. Overall, I think the healthcare staff is conscentious and so the value is better for me here than what it was in Washington when I looked.

None on 12/Sep/2018:
My stepfather and aunt just recently moved in and you get what you pay for. It's comparable to what the area I'd say the other places here are overpriced for the lack of services. As far as management, Nurse MJ is spectacular. She is incredibly thorough with everything she does and her paperwork is always up to date. With my stepfather's care, I am 100% across the board just thrilled. He is getting such good care and motivatoin compared to where he was before and my aunt is also getting very good care. All in all, the community is perfect. It's clean, uncluttered and there is no smell to the enivornment, so visually it's really good too.

None on 05/Sep/2018:
They've been really good with managing her Diabetes, that is excellent and that's the main reason why my mother-in-law's there.They're great. The house cleaning has been good. They're friendly and ask my mother in law questions. Calvin is awesome, he is knowledgeable, friendly, clinical, he's courteous, he's everything. He's professional. I think Corey is doing a fantastic job with the management of the community.

None on 05/Sep/2018:
My parents moved in over three years ago. My mom passed away, and they were right there with her. I feel very comfortable with my father there, and he is very content. My experience there as a personal caregiver to my dad and my friend, I think the service is really good. The management team is absolutely excellent. I love the place and they run it really well. The dining is really good, my dad loves the food. They have a lot of different activities for both Assisted Living and Memory Care. Maintenance is dependable. Transportation is pretty good. The caregivers take good care of my dad. For every service you get, the price is very reasonable. I would love to live there some day. I would absolutely move in tomorrow if I could.

None on 05/Sep/2018:
As far as my mother is concerned, everything is going well. The food is very much enjoyed. My mother has been very pleased with the service she gets and the service my dad gets. The quality of the food is excellent. The housekeeping is awesome and it appears that anytime my mother has an issue, maintenance is prompt in getting it fixed. Maintenance is right on top of any issues. The caregivers are awesome. My dad is very well attended to on his side and my mother raves about the people that interact with her. The staff seem to be respectful and knowledgeable and they seem to enjoy what they are doing. The staff are very accessible and responsive. Everything seems to be going very well all around.

None on 26/Aug/2018:
Management is respectful. My mom and dad enjoy the dining, especially my dad with the mashed potatoes. My father isn't one to participate in the activities, but my mom is a social butterfly. The gals do good with their housekeeping. Overall, I think the care they are getting is good.

None on 16/Aug/2018:
The gentleman that is the director now just came into the position not too long ago and for the most part I think he does a good job. The activities seem to be pretty good. I think they have a lot of offers there that people can take advantage of, like the outings they go on. The housekeeping is good, we haven't had any complaints in that area. This is one of the best places in town.

None on 12/Jul/2018:
I think the price is a very good value. We have friends in other parts of the country and I think we're fortunate to get the services she gets for what she pays. I like the Executive Director, he's a local guy. Corey is nice. The servers are very kind to my mother-in-law and have gone out of their way to make sure she has what she needs. They try to involve her in activities like the Happy Hour. They will come get her for different things. They are good about getting her out. The interior courtyard is meticulous. The staff has followed instructions for her care. We feel the staff is responsive to us and we've made an effort to know their names and make sure they know us. That helps when we need to communicate her needs to the staff.

None on 22/Jun/2018:
When I am face to face with management, they are very good and provide what I need. The housekeeping is generally good. The building is very nice. They really seem to care about the residents. The caregivers are great. They seem to have longevity and are sticking around. They know the residents as a result. My father seems to like it.

None on 22/Jun/2018:
I think the price is right in line with others. My father really enjoys the food. Housekeeping offers their services consistently and the building is well kept. The caretakers are responsive. Despite any issues, I would recommend the community.

None on 11/Jun/2018:
The maintenance department was there helping with whatever I needed. They did the best they could to accommodate her and keep her comfortable. Corey, the Manager, is just awesome to work with. Some of the other people under him, MJ and Amy were great, we had a great experience. We had a good experience.

None on 08/Jun/2018:
I haven't dealt with the administrative staff a whole lot but when I have, they did a good job. He says the dining staff good to him and gives him everything he wants. When he first moved in there, he stayed in his room but now he goes and plays bingo, poker and Wii Bowling, they have puzzles out. He likes the activities. It's been very good. The caretakers have been very good. He feels safe and comfortable, so we are satisfied.

None on 23/Apr/2018:
I love it here! It's a great building, lots of light. This is a much better place for me, lots of people to talk to. I find management responsive to concerns, and I like them personally. There's always something to eat. They make the best soup you ever had. The chef here makes New England clam chowder the right way. There are a number of activities. Housekeeping comes in once a week. They do everything, change the bed, launder the sheets and towels, they do a good job. I have a ton of knickknacks and they dust it all for me. I do my own laundry for my clothes; we have a two washer, three dryer facilities at the end of the hallway. It's quiet; you never hear the machines going from inside an apartment. I'm Vice President of the Resident's Council, and I'm on the Food Committee. I have a lot to do; I can go and do what I enjoy.

None on 06/Apr/2018:
I live here at the community and I everything I need, I get. The housekeepers do everything excellent. They do everything the way it should be. Everything we need, we get in terms of activities. There's a good variety of activities and they offer outings. Everything's perfect.

None on 13/Mar/2018:
It's comparable to other facilities. It's a nice place, so he's going to pay a little more. Management is great. I haven't had any problems with them, and any problems I had I resolved. He loves the food there and the activities staff really tries to keep him going. All in all, the care services are great.

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