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Atrium at Serenity Pointe

Based on 28 reviews | Ranked #1 of 3 communities in Hot Springs

2803 Albert Pike Road, Hot Springs, AR, 71913

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Atrium at Serenity Pointe is a assisted living community located in Hot Springs that offers senior living and care services.

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    • Memory Care

    Atrium at Serenity Pointe Price

    Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,550

    The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

    Compare costs for Atrium at Serenity Pointe

    Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
    Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$2,615/month
    Hot Springs average cost of assisted living$2,849/month
    Arkansas average cost of assisted living$3,133/month

    FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Atrium at Serenity Pointe assisted living Facility in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Atrium at Serenity Pointe is 125% the cost of assisted living in Hot Springs and 113% the cost of assisted living in Arkansas.

    Detailed Information

    Atrium at Serenity Pointe, Hot Springs AR

    The Atrium at Serenity Pointe is a premium senior living community in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Voted "Best Retirement Facility" in the Sentinel Record's 2017 Reader's Choice Awards, the community offers exceptional long-term care services, including assisted living, independent living, and memory care. Located in beautiful Hot Springs, residents can enjoy unparalleled views of Lake Hamilton or the Ouachita Mountains from the community. Combined with a wide variety of senior living options, exceptional services and amenities, and compassionate care, the Atrium at Serenity Pointe is one of the area's most popular assisted living communities.

    The Atrium at Serenity Pointe's assisted living options are extensive, offering different degrees of senior care. Their assisted living services including medication management, housekeeping, and help with each resident's daily activities. Assisted living and independent living services are similar, with independent living offering a more hands-off approach to senior care. If a person wants to live in a senior living community for peace of mind but wants to live with minimal assistance, independent living may be a suitable option.

    In addition to a wide variety of assisted living services, the Atrium at Serenity Pointe offers amenities to encourage social interaction and life-long learning among residents. These services and amenities include:

    • Medication management
    • Recreational activities (arts and crafts, game nights, free classes, etc.)
    • 24-hour staff, providing peace of mind for all residents
    • Physician's visits from nearby doctors' offices

    In addition to their assisted living options, the Atrium at Serenity Pointe provides dedicated memory care for people living with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Older adults who live with Alzheimer's disease, short-term memory loss, and dementia may find traditional assisted living environments challenging. The memory care community offers a safe, comfortable place for people living with Alzheimer's to live and receive treatment. The Alzheimer's care staff is specially trained to assist with memory loss, Alzheimer's and dementia, and they provide personalized, compassionate care to each resident. Like assisted living caregivers, they help residents with their daily activities and provide medication management. The caregivers make it their goal to make the transition from in-home care easier for residents with Alzheimer's and dementia, creating a nurturing place for them to live at the Atrium at Serenity Pointe.

    To learn more about the Atrium at Serenity Pointe's long-term care programs, respite care options, or Alzheimer's disease and dementia community, schedule a tour of the facility. The staff are happy to answer questions about the community, the cost of assisted living, or the Alzheimer's care program. By touring, families can understand what it means to be a resident at the Atrium at Serenity Pointe and see how it compares to other assisted living communities in the Hot Springs vicinity.

    From The Owner

    The Atrium at Serenity Pointe is proud to have been voted Best Retirement Facility in The Sentinel-Record's 2017 Reader's Choice Awards! The Atrium at Serenity Pointe is a beautiful Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care provider located in Hot Springs, AR, offering unparalleled views from the peninsula on beautiful Lake Hamilton. The Atrium at Serenity Pointe offers the perfect mix of personal care and hospitality tailored to meet the individual needs of senior living residents in Hot Springs, AR. Keep Reading

    Contact Information

    Community Website

    (501) 214-7732

    2803 Albert Pike Road, Hot Springs, AR, 71913

    Rankings & Reviews

    FamilyAssets Reviews for Atrium at Serenity Pointe

    We have 28 review(s) for this provider.

    Bill Wray

    Verified Review
    19 Nov 2018

    I think my dad's apartment layout is good it makes sense. I like the bathroom being in the middle. His living space is great and the bedroom is very spacious. The food is pretty good and the dining staff is really helpful and nice. I like the tablecloths, cloth napkins and silverware. That is nice. I think there are good activities here. The head lady in activities is always very nice. She is patient and works with dad and I really appreciate that. He adores his housekeeper. His place always looks good and they do his laundry for him. The workers in maintenance have always done a great job for me.

    Velda Holmes

    Verified Review
    16 Nov 2018

    My mom's apartment is perfect. Management is always super helpful and super friendly. If they cannot answer my questions, they call me right back. She loves the food. She has gained about 20 pounds since she got there. This community has a big array of things to do and housekeeping is great. Maintenance does a great job and she adores Doug, the maintenance man. The caregivers are wonderful. They are so patient with her and call me or my brother with heads up on things. I rest comfortably knowing that her day nurse, Sherie is in charge. She is wonderful and I adore LeAnn. I am very thankful for all of the staff and the hard work that they do. Jacob, the new director has been very responsive and I couldn't be more pleased.

    Iris Butler

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    Management has been very helpful and very considerate of everyone. The dining staff is really good and they offer my mother choices for all of her meals. The staff always seems to try to include everyone in the activities and they always have something going on in the building. Any problems I've had, maintenance has been wonderful in helping us. I love the care staff and I love the bus driver, the transportation service has been great.

    Patsy Nolan

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    It provided everything that our mother needed and it also is very nice and it is well kept. You can tell that people are happy over there. The staff is really good to my mom. I am very pleased with the accommodations; there is a lot of light and it is large. The management is excellent. They have all been very informative. Everyone has been wonderful. They all stressed that if I had any concerns to contact them. They are all very professional. The food has been great. We have eaten there three times and it has been excellent service. Everything looks clean and is clean. Thomas in maintenance was great helping me get some stuff in. They always offered to help. If we needed help we got help immediately. The grounds are beautifully maintained. The care givers are wonderful and are very helpful. They have a good attitude and answer questions that I have.

    Carolyn Baker

    Verified Review
    26 Oct 2018

    My mom has lived her for about two and a half years. She says that if she can't live at home then this is the place she wants to be. The care team know she has a tendency to fall and so when she pushes her button they get down there pretty responsively. The servers in the dining room are great. I love the fact that they learn all of the people’s names. There are times when people sit at the table and forget what they are to do and they are good about guiding them along by knowing their preferences. The activities director is really good. They have enough activities to participate in . The maintenance man, Gary, and the guy that works with him are exceptional. They get there right away and fix it. The girl who drives the van is helpful, conscientious and friendly.

    Don Bardwell

    Verified Review
    26 Oct 2018

    The food at this community is wonderful. Stephanie, the new memory care coordinator, told me that my dad has been going to happy hour and eating in the dining room on Friday nights. I am pleased with that. The grounds are beautiful and well kept. Mary, the day nurse, is fabulous. The caretakers give my dad great care.

    Martha Coble

    Verified Review
    25 Oct 2018

    We chose the Atrium at Serenity Pointe because my mom was selling her property and her apartment is very nice, clean and has a great view. Management has been outstanding in helping her in any way they can so that she is comfortable, so we're satisfied with their respectfulness and accessibility. I have eaten there a few times with her already and all of the food I have had has been excellent, including the wait staff. Before move-in, maintenance did everything to satisfaction and evertything at the community is well kept, you never see trash on the ground and it always looks freshly mowed so it has been a good experience thus far.

    Jeanette Davies

    Verified Review
    25 Oct 2018

    I had looked at the Atrium as far back as May of 2016 and I spent almost two years looking at facilities, I've always been impressed with the facility. They have pet therapy going on today and I see they're taking them out for lunch today if they want to go, there's always something to do. The maintenance have been really responsive and the nursing staff I've interacted with has been good. Overall, everything seems to be in good shape.

    Charles Davis

    Verified Review
    25 Oct 2018

    I chose it for my father because I have a personal relationship with one of the sales girls. You get what you pay for, for sure. It is very expensive, but the fact that everything is covered is really nice. The fact that housekeeping and laundy is included is nice. He doesn't have to do anything but enjoy himself. In terms of care, if I need anything I can text Kayla and I really like that.

    Bonnie Hardin

    Verified Review
    19 Oct 2018

    The price at this community is very comparable to other places in the area. Management is great. They take really good care of my mom and everyone who works there knows her by name. The food is good and the wait staff is excellent. They take good care of her and they have a pretty good variety in their menu. This community has a lot of activities and she enjoys playing bingo and the card games. They have somebody playing music or singing every Friday. Her apartment is always spotless and in very good shape. The whole building is beautiful. The caregivers take great care of my mom. They are really good.

    Florine Engelhardt

    Verified Review
    08 Oct 2018

    Mom has lived in this community for almost five years. She likes how the management is helpful and informative about things going on in the community. She loves going to the movies, the music, boat rides and special holiday activities that are offered from the activities department. The maintenance team is a big help and usually responds pretty quickly to any work request that she has.

    Joyce Allen

    Verified Review
    08 Oct 2018

    My mom has lived here for over three years and her apartment is really nice. The food and service from the dining room is great. They do a good job with the activities, especially the Happy Hour type. I think the maintenance and care services have been really good also. Jacob, the new director, is doing a good job so far. All in all, it has a reallt good value.

    Clara Howard

    Verified Review
    20 Sep 2018

    I am really happy with having my sister there. Everyone is nice and professional. Everybody knows everyones names. That is a really neat thing. It makes them feel people are connected with them. I hope that she can live as many of her days out as she possibly can. The kitchen does a good job and the quality of the food is good and the selection of meals is good. She enjoys the bingo and her friends enjoy the bingo. She doesn't go to a lot of things but the couple that she likes keep her happy. Maintenance is really good. She has been there close to two years now and I have called maybe three or four times for things and it was all taken care of. I hear a lot of conversations about other facilities and I mostly hear that this is the nicest one.

    Gail Ethridge

    Verified Review
    20 Sep 2018

    My mother moved into this community in February 2018. I am very satisfied with the management and my mother is very happy with the dining. Gary, in maintenance, is a good guy. I like him a lot and we love my mother's apartment. The vehicles are well kept and I have no issues with the caregivers.

    Indie Sheets

    Verified Review
    17 Sep 2018

    This community regularly posts the schedule of activities in a number of places throughout the community. The community always looks like it is in a good state of repairs. The caregivers generally are very good. They are prompt and courteous. The staff on her floor are attentive and know the resident's routines which is great.

    Barbra Kay

    Verified Review
    13 Sep 2018

    The building is absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't been there it is something to see, chandeliers as big as your car and six foot paintings down the hall. It is an outstanding looking property. The management team is very helpful and accommodating. Mom really like the activities they offer, such as ,bingo, boat rides and ice cream socials. They go to town three or four times a week.

    Diane Monroe

    Verified Review
    11 Sep 2018

    We chose the Atrium because it's what she needs and so far we have been satisfied with the services and accommodations provided. Management explained what all is involved and they seem to be very understanding with the transition. The dining room is wonderful and fabulous, but the entire building is in good shape and the grounds are beautiful, it looks like a 5 star resort. Stephanie tells me that my sister is doing the exercise classes when she never did that and the Nurses and aides are wonderful and very well trained because you can tell. All in all, so far so good.

    Randell Snipes

    Verified Review
    11 Sep 2018

    My dad is taking advantage of everything the activities department offers here. He has done tai chi, yoga, water aerobics, theater events just to name a few. The maintenance department responded quickly and set my dads apartment up just the way we needed it. The managment team responds quickly to my phone calls and texts. Everyone has been great and eager to help anyway they can.

    Joe Bobo

    Verified Review
    11 Sep 2018

    My dad chose this community because he liked the location on the lake. Management was very good and helpful. The food and dining atmosphere is excellent. This community offers a variety of activities for different people. My dad just called me a few minutes ago to tell me he went to the ice cream social and he liked it. Maintenance has been very helpful. They helped set up his TV and helped us move some things. The building and grounds are well maintained. The caregivers have been excellent, friendly and very efficient. They take an interest in the residents. All in all, the cost is excellent in comparrison to other places.

    Loyce Mayberry

    Verified Review
    31 Aug 2018

    When we looked to place my mother in law this was somewhere we looked extensively. We chose this place because of all the amenitities it offered. Everything looks really nice in the builing. She has been participating in happy hour and says that the food is good. She has really been enjoying things here and she is feeling better than she has in years. I credit that to her being able to get the help she needs when she needs it.

    Fae Pate

    Verified Review
    13 Aug 2018

    It's a clean place and it smells good. Everything seems to be taken care of. The management is real good.

    John Heaton

    Verified Review
    21 Jun 2018

    Management is great and Dakota, at the front desk, is really helpful. Katie helped us get my cousin in there and she was very responsive with anything that I've needed. The food is awesome, especially the special stuff you ask the Chef to cook for just you. There is good variety and it's very healthy. The activities are good and there is a lot offered, I haven't seen so much going on in my life. He uses transportation for activities and the vehicles are always clean and maintained. The healthcare staff is very respectful.

    Elma Bjerke

    Verified Review
    10 Jun 2018

    The management staff are constantly texting me pictures of my mom. They treat their residents like they are all family. She sat down with me and helped me with the paperwork. They advised me in every step. My dad passed away a month after they moved in and the management helped me through that and advised me on what to do. The nurses’ station has been so faithful to keep in touch with me and to let me know about her appointments. They are really quick to pick up on issues and they call me about them It is literally like a five star restaurant. You have a menu you choose from that has a lot of choices on it. There are linen table clothes; you have real dishes, a waitress or waiter. It is like resort living there.

    Beverly Fain

    Verified Review
    10 May 2018

    I think they really do care about the people there. Gary went way above and beyond. He is very compassionate. He went way above and beyond his maintenance job to take care of my mom and it really meant a lot to me. I think Debbie does a fantastic job; there are really high quality people in the top positions. Anything that Debbie or Lisa lead was really fun and the entertainment they brought in, they brought in a singer. Debbie does a great job with all the activities and decorations. It's all really great. I met the chef and he takes a lot of pride in what he does, I thought the food was outstanding. I was totally impressed with everything about them. I'm very impressed with all the management there. Jason, the new guy, came out and spoke to the crowd and I thought he was great. The head nurse and head of maintenance are fantastic. I'm really impressed with everyone there. There are super high quality people there.

    Duane Taylor

    Verified Review
    24 Apr 2018

    The staff does an excellent job. My father really feels comfortable with the caretakers. The food and the atmosphere in the dining room is good and the servers are all very kind. The floors always look good and the landscaping outside is very pretty. He participates in all that he can, and he really enjoys what they offer. He does the tai-chi and they've been going out on the lake in the pontoon. I think the value is excellent for the care and attention he gets.

    Charles Ashmore

    Verified Review
    18 Apr 2018

    My father's happy and that's all that counts, I think it's fine. The transportation seems all good. They are good about getting him to his appointments on time. My dad doesn't like to participate, but that's just him. The activities people work to reach out to him. The building is well kept, everything seems fine.

    B and

    Verified Review
    18 Apr 2018

    I think it's great they have three levels of care here. In our cottage we've got two bedrooms, a full kitchen with appliances and a pantry, and our own washer and dryer. Val, the Executive Director, I'm very well pleased with her. Instead of staying in the office she's out checking around and seeing how things are going. She gets active herself and makes sure things are going right. We live right on Lake Hamilton and now that the weather is nicer they will take us out on it. They take a bunch of us to the race track and if some want to leave after say the fifth race, they will come pick them up, and come back for the rest of us later. Housekeeping is excellent. Everything's been fine.

    A and

    Verified Review
    13 Mar 2018

    When we first decided on the Atrium, we had some people go to their house and measure the furnishings and the wall space at the apartment. I was amazed at how much of their furniture we could get into their apartment. They do a very good job in management. We are trying to get my mother more acclimated to wanting to get out a little more, and she is doing it. My dad stays out all the time: you can't keep him back. Just looking at the activity board, it looks like there is always something to do. Everything always seems in place and cleans. It smells clean. The caregivers are real friendly and they administer the medication daily. If they see a problem, they take care of it. They seem to have no problem with the staff there.

    FamilyAssets Score

    Feb 1, 2019

    FamilyAssets looked at 39 reviews and calculated that Atrium at Serenity Pointe has a weighted rating of 4.767 which makes it the #1 ranked community within 25 miles of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

    Compare Atrium at Serenity Pointe to Nearby Facilities

    Atrium at Serenity Pointe is ranked 2 out of 4 total assisted living communities in the city of Hot Springs, 1 out of 3 communities within 20 mile radius and 3 out of 32 communities within the state of Arkansas.

    2nd out of 4
    Hot Springs Assisted Living
    Top 50% of 4 assisted living facilities in Hot Springs
    1st out of 3
    Assisted Living within 25 miles
    Top 33% of 3 assisted living facilities within 25 miles
    3rd out of 32
    Arkansas Assisted Living
    Top 9% of 32 assisted living facilities in Arkansas

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    4.90 average score on Caring.com ® from 13 total reviews

    4.00 average score on Facebook.com ® from 2 total reviews

    4.90 average score on other platforms from 8 total reviews

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