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Windchime of Chico

Based on 28 reviews | Ranked #1 of 8 communities in Chico

855 Bruce Road, Chico, CA, 95928



Windchime of Chico is an assisted living community located in Chico that offers senior living and care services.

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Windchime of Chico Amenities

  • Memory Care

Windchime of Chico Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,580

The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
Average cost of assisted living within 20 miles$3,550/month
Chico average cost of assisted living$3,573/month
California average cost of assisted living$4,000/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Windchime of Chico assisted living Facility in Chico, California. Windchime of Chico is 100% the cost of assisted living in Chico and 90% the cost of assisted living in California.

Detailed Information

Windchime of Chico Chico CA

Of the senior care and dementia facilities in Chico, California, the Windchime of Chico assisted living community is one of the most highly-rated. Their senior living programs offering varying levels of care, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care for people with Alzheimer's disease. To learn more about the Windchime of Chico long-term care facility, prospective residents and their family members can schedule a tour to see it in-person. The community's caregivers are happy to answer questions about how they help residents with their activities of daily living, the cost of assisted living, or to explain their Alzheimer's and dementia care programs. By touring the facility, prospective residents and their family members can see what it means to live an inspiring life at Windchime of Chico, and understand how the community promotes an improved sense of well-being among its residents.

From The Owner

At Windchime of Chico, we want our residents to live their lives to the fullest. With quick access to medical services and spectacular views of California Park Lake,our location is ideal for seniors and their families. Our “assistance as you need it” options offer the peace of mind of a helping hand and the independence to still do what you want, when you want. If you’re looking for a senior living community with flexible care plans that are built with you in mind, we look forward to meeting you. Our warm, inviting community is ready to welcome you into our family. Call today to learn more or schedule a tour. Is it time for a visit? Click below to get directions to Windchime of Chico, directly from your doorstep! Keep Reading

Contact Information

Community Website

(530) 566-1800

855 Bruce Road, Chico, CA, 95928

Rankings & Reviews

FamilyAssets Reviews for Windchime of Chico

We have 28 review(s) for this provider.

Floyd at 19 Nov 2018:
My dad's been there a little over a couple years and he seems happy with caregivers. They always check up on him and are friendly too. Housekeeping is great. As far as I know they take care of everything; I don’t see anything missed. The dining is pretty good; he's satisfied with food and the variety they offer. The management team is good, and the maintenance staff is good too. Everything seems good.

James at 19 Nov 2018:
My father-in-law was in other communities before and really unhappy with those situations, but now he is really happy at Windchime of Chico. He thinks the meals are great, he hasn’t complained about it once. They seem to cater to the residents, and they deal with special dietary needs without complaint. I think he likes the Friday night men’s get together and the calendar shows plenty of activities are available. The Med Techs are great, always ion time, and very friendly. Any issues we've needed straightened out they have straightened out right away. All the common areas look clean and well kept up. We always see the maintenance staff vacuuming the hallways and washing the carpets. Every time we've come in his room housekeeping has nicely taken care of it. Laundry has been great, not complaints. The price is fair; my father-in-law is safe and comfortable. The managers are doing a great job. They are friendly, kind, and take care of business. This is the happiest I've seen my father-in-law in a long time.

Millie at 12 Nov 2018:
I moved in a few months ago, and as far as I know everything is going well, it's running smoothly and I think everybody's happy. Housekeeping is very good, excellent, and everything is good with maintenance. The activities are good. They have a form in the lobby and every day they update the activities going on. I like my apartment, and people are always impressed when they come here and see what a nice place it is. Food is fine. Everything is fine here, I'm very happy. Everybody is so friendly and helpful and kind. I'm very happy with it. Windchime is a great place to call home. Everything is great, I've got no complaints.

Margaret at 19 Oct 2018:
The price at this community is in the ballpark for the kind of care my mom is receiving. The food seems to be fine. The residents seem to get enough food and there are always aides floating around during the meals to help out the residents. I have been impressed in the diligence of the employees and their patience. I am impressed with their optimism as well. I have seen the activities offered here and have seen residents participating as much as they are able. My mom's carpet in her room was recently replaced and the building is in very good condition. My mom slipped off a chair and got a little contusion on her face. The heath care staff contacted me four times over two days after that incident. I was impressed with that.

Elvar at 16 Oct 2018:
My father has lived at Windchime of Chicao since March of 2018 and I like a lot of things about it. Management is respectful and responsive, the food looks pretty good and they work hard with taking him on bus trips or doing trivia. The laundry is excellent and I appreciate the housekeepers very much, the maintenance department is absolutely wonderful too. Regarding his care, the healthcare staff works hard and tries their very best so all in all, we're pleased with the experience and services he is receiving at the community.

Alan at 14 Oct 2018:
I toured a couple others and when I came to Windchime I liked the way the lady talked to me and helped me understand things. My husband was here for a short respite stay. We enjoyed dinner in the dining room, he seemed to always enjoy the food. The maintenance team was quick to help set up his TV and the building here is very well kept. I have Windchime on my list of places to use again if the need arises.

Maurice at 08 Oct 2018:
I feel the managemnet is very good and communicating. My dad seems to be really happy with the dining atmosphere and the table mates at his table and they have a great variety of activities for him to participate in. The healthcare staff all very good and professional, they keep me and him informed so I think they're doing very well.

Joan at 08 Oct 2018:
My mom has been there for three years, and in that time she's never lost a single article of clothing with laundry. Housekeeping takes care of her apartment, they take care of her clothes. I am very pleased with the Director, the dining staff are just wonderful. My mom appreciates the activities and I think there is a good variety. She does enjoy all the daytime ones, the exercise, and the outings. The Med Techs and aides are wonderful. They’re nice, make sure my mom is on schedule. The layout of the building is also perfect for Assisted Living. There's always people in the common areas, lots of chances to get to know other residents. My mom has a chance to be social there. My mom loves it there. She's totally happy with the apartment. She has everything she needs, and I think it's perfect. For Assisted Living, what Windchime provides is perfect.

D at 25 Sep 2018:
I moved my parents from Prestige who had put them in Memory Care a year ago, and when we came here they went into Assisted Living. The price is right in line with, or even less expensive than everybody else. The Memory Care caregivers are good, they're amazing. It’s like every day you go in and they seem so excited to help out people with memory issues. There is nothing bad you can say about them. Housekeeping has been great. The place is always clean and taken care of, and the building’s great, grounds are beautiful, and I like the new floors. My parents call the place home and have settled in nicely. They are pretty darn happy.

Mary at 25 Sep 2018:
My mother has been at Windchime of Chico since last year and when I decided on it, the factors included were aesthetics and the gorgeous view from her room, she loves it. In terms of services, the food is good and my mom is pleased, she always enjoys the exercise classes and she really likes when Windchime makes an effort to bring entertainment. She has no complaints with housekeeping and maintenance is on top of evertyhing, so we have been satified with the price, services and accommodations provided so far.

Roma at 19 Sep 2018:
My mother is very happy here in this community. She goes on trips with the activities department. The care staff are right there anytime she pushes her call button.

Carol at 19 Sep 2018:
I have lived at the community for a little over a year now and I like to participate in the exercise and musical shows that are put on here. I think management, housekeeping and maintenance have all been very good too. In terms of services, I am satisfied and I feel safe and comfortable living here.

Laura at 13 Sep 2018:
I like the personale very much. I haven't met anyone at Windchime that was absolutely on top of something so they really have wonderful staff. It's a beautiful place with the view, so they do very well. Brenda at the front desk is super wonderful and management is always helpful and polite. The staff go above and beyond with coming to get her out of her room, the bus driver is very polite and even though the healthcare staff has one of the hardest jobs there, they keep track of all my mothers medications and call me so that's good. All in all, they're just all really great people.

Barbara at 27 Aug 2018:
My mom loves her apartment, it's really nice, it feels like home, and she's very comfortable. The activities are one of the best features there. It's phenomenal they have volunteers come in. She plays bingo a lot and she wins often, so really likes that. She just participates in what she likes, I'd say she's comfortable as is.

Alvin at 27 Jul 2018:
The management staff is so helpful and friendly. The people at the front desk are so wonderful. If we have any questions about billing they are so willing to help. My father-in-law says the food is great. The activities are wonderful. From what I can see on the calendar they look great. There is a ton offered. The cleaning is fine. The laundry seems to be going well. Maintenance is wonderful and they respond so quickly and Matt is great and will answer anything for him. The building is gorgeous. If he has to be anywhere, he is glad to be here.

Robert at 27 Jun 2018:
They've been very responsive to any crises we've had or any issues regarding dad's health or billing issues. The management staff always seems to be available and ready to help. The food is generally very good. If we have any issues in the room the maintenance department gets to it real fast. My dad's room is a little stuffy and I saw they had the air pumping, I was happy with that They always seem to be very attuned to dad and his needs and what's happening. Generally when I call they know where is and what he's been doing. We're happy with the current price for what he is getting.

Heinz at 08 Jun 2018:
I think I am satisfied with the price for the services my father is receiving at the community. The food and activities are good. He has not complained about housekeeping and the building always looks good to me. Transportation can be limited, but it seems okay. I would recommend the community.

Marian at 30 May 2018:
I guess the value being received is fair. The dining staff is doing a great job. They get the food to my mother-in-law and they even get snacks to her. The care staff just let her unwind as she needs to. For instance, if she isn't making it for breakfast, they are not beating her up about it. They just wait for lunch and bring her down for lunch. They read into who she is and what she needs and then address it that way. When I've been there, the activities have seemed pretty nice. They had a lady come in and do nails! Music comes through and all sorts of stuff. I think everyone is doing the best job they can.

Joan at 21 May 2018:
Windchime of Chico has a view of the lake; it's very pleasant and quiet. I liked it from the moment I walked in. It's turned out to be a good fit. We liked the facility, and the management seemed to be on top of things, aware of things going on. They inform you, when you ask them a question they respond. They seem proactive, they want to help. The housekeepers do a good job on keeping it clean. The hallways, downstairs, dining room is clean, there's never a mess around. The caregivers are doing a good job, they're on it. They're friendly, and they know her. When I come in to visit my mom the Head Nurse makes a point to stop me and tell me what's going on. I don’t even have to ask, she volunteers. My experience so far has been excellent.

Kaye at 18 May 2018:
We shopped around when we first looked and it was okay. I think we're doing okay, price wise. They've got some cool stuff going on; it's a real social atmosphere. My mom's gone on trips on the bus; we take her out for the doctor or errands. Transportation's pretty good; I don't think there are any issues there. We were having a good experience before, and are still having a good experience.

Rita at 10 May 2018:
Shawn was a part of recruiting new people in and Janice is a nurse there. Both of them were very helpful and not pushy but guiding. All of the people in the facility seemed to be handling themselves with courtesy, care and patience. I'm very pleased. The food is amazing there. It's well cared for and taken care of. I think they bring community people into the facility for activities, which I like, and have residents organize and provide services as well for their peers. Housekeeping is always good. Every time I go in, it's taken care of. Everything is tidy and neat. I don't expect perfection and we're getting close to it, so I'm very pleased.

Helena at 23 Apr 2018:
I am happy with the way they treat my mom and the care that she is getting. I would have to say that the food, atmosphere and service are all excellent. I have nothing but good things to say about the dining department. Housekeeping is very good and they also do a good job with the laundry. The med techs do a good job and they are very caring and much focused on what they are doing. I think it is considered that best facility in the area.

D at 23 Apr 2018:
The social director is notably delightful. The staff in the memory area is amazing. They deal with the patients so well. My parents like the food and they're totally happy. Mike does a good job with the repairs. He'll hang a picture if you want. If you have something wrong, he's just on it. The place is great. The housekeeping and laundry is so seamless I'm not even aware of it, hardly. The healthcare staff has to do so much stuff and they get it all done. I see a lot of activities. Since they moved to memory care, it's good because they make Dad do it. They get him going on stuff, which is pretty amazing. And when he goes, he enjoys it. Mom, of course, loves the activities.

Helen at 11 Apr 2018:
I'm very happy. I have total peace of mind. They seem to have good people here. I have nothing but good things to say so far. The accommodations are great. All-in-all, I think for what we get, it's a good value. Everybody was very professional. Shawn, the marketing person, was very understanding and reassuring with what was going on with my mother. She expedited my mom to be seen by the primary care doctor to complete the paperwork. The messages they send is don't hesitate to call with any questions. They're very responsive to us, which is nice. The dining room is like a little café with white tablecloths and a menu set out. It really feels like a fine dining experience. There's a good choice and variety. They really knock themselves out to please. They provide excellent activities. Musicians come. Every night on the big screen they watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. They do cooking groups. She especially enjoys the music. The day that I moved her in, the maintenance fellow, Matt, helped me so much with setting the TV up, mounting pictures and mirrors, touching up paint, and also fixed the toilet. The nurse is great. Very responsive. Very caring.

Joan at 12 Mar 2018:
We knew the admissions coordinator Sean and the location and the services. I think it is pretty reasonable and I am pleased with the care that she is receiving and the price that we are paying for it. Sean, in management, was great with the move in. I think they have enough activities offered and the staff is encouraging. The medtechs try to communicate the best they can. Everyone is very receptive when we ask.

Don at 09 Mar 2018:
The benefits are that I am closer to my father and they give him better care here. The management staff works with me anytime I have an issue that I need to talk about. I really like Windchime. He really likes the dining. He doesn't participate much, but he gets out there occasionally. They do a lot for the residents. In terms of care, they take great care of him. He can be a challenge at times, but they do a good job.

Genava at 06 Mar 2018:
It is a nice place. The staff is nice and they treat the residents well. I feel comfortable and safe with my mom living there. They have activities going on all the time. I think the caregivers have been accessible and responsive.

Barbara at 09 Feb 2018:
I think the price definitely fair. I don't even want to say this, but they could probably charge more and I'm glad they don't. The community is in a very tough spot and it's a hard job. I don't know how they do it. They have some great activities available and maintenance has been incredible. The Executive Director has been great. Overall, it's been a good place for my mom.

FamilyAssets Review at 2018-07-01:
FamilyAssets looked at 35 reviews and calculated that Windchime of Chico has a weighted rating of 4.592 which makes it the #1 ranked community within 20 miles of Chico, California.

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Windchime of Chico is ranked 1 out of 7 total assisted living communities in the city of Chico, 1 out of 8 communities within 20 mile radius and 202 out of 1935 communities within the state of California.

1st out of 7
Chico Assisted Living
Top 14% of 7 assisted living facilities in Chico
1st out of 8
Assisted Living within 20 miles
Top 12% of 8 assisted living facilities within 20 miles
202th out of 1935
California Assisted Living
Top 10% of 1935 assisted living facilities in California

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5.00 average score on other platforms from 2 total reviews

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