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Sienna at Otay Ranch

Based on 21 reviews | Highly Rated Community in Chula Vista

1290 Santa Rosa Drive, Chula Vista, CA, 91913

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Sienna at Otay Ranch is a assisted living community located in Chula Vista that offers senior living and care services.

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Sienna at Otay Ranch Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $4,000

The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$4,000/month
Chula Vista average cost of assisted living$4,000/month
California average cost of assisted living$4,000/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Sienna at Otay Ranch assisted living Facility in Chula Vista, California. Sienna at Otay Ranch is 100% the cost of assisted living in Chula Vista and 100% the cost of assisted living in California.

Detailed Information

Sienna at Otay Ranch, Chula Vista CA


From The Owner

At Sienna at Otay Ranch, we want our residents to live their lives to the fullest. With quick access to medical services and a short drive to Cottonwood Park, our location is ideal for seniors and their families. Our “assistance as you need it” options offer the peace of mind of a helping hand and the independence to still do what you want, when you want. If you’re looking for a senior living community with flexible care plans that are built with you in mind, we look forward to meeting you. Keep Reading

Contact Information

Community Website

(619) 597-1451

1290 Santa Rosa Drive, Chula Vista, CA, 91913

Rankings & Reviews

FamilyAssets Reviews for Sienna at Otay Ranch

We have 21 review(s) for this provider.


07 Mar 2019

I really enjoy the meals and the food is very good. I really enjoy the outings we do a lot we get to visit a lot of different places. The girls that work here are very pleasant and very friendly, I enjoy walking around and seeing them always smiling and enjoying what they are doing. Everything is so positive in the community, the staff is always friendly and I also LOVE the fact that they are able to take us to church on Sundays. I feel very safe at Sienna, I have a sense of security. I enjoy the book club very much, I enjoy Lynn she is so friendly and very approachable.

Mr. Sherwin

07 Mar 2019

I really enjoy the care and service Sienna provides, the care they provide for me. The care partners are always ready and available when I need them. When the family members come in they are always greeted and given service with a smile. The food is excellent the portions are the size they need to be. The variety of activities are always mentioned as to what will happen throughout the day. I love that they have so much going on and that they interact with all residents. They keep us busy with a lot to do.

Ms. Delores

07 Mar 2019

Staff is very pleasant to interact with, they are there when you need them. At times if they do not know the answer they will research it for you. They are very compliant, the kitchen food is really good. Staff sometimes hesitates to give you an answer if they are not sure of it until they find the correct one for you. They dress very professional and are very tidy and with their attire. They are always aware of the correct way to handle procedures and are aware of the safety that residents need. They have a very positive attitude and are always happy to be working. Sienna is a very high quality community, they are always ready to complete new tasks. They are always very friendly towards me and always are there to help. The staff as a whole always seems to know the community in and out, the staff communicates to us residents the procedures that need undertake to keep us safe.

Miranda L

07 Mar 2019

There are many activities for the residents to do here at Sienna. All activities fit each individuals passions and interests. Some of the activities that are offered here are gardening, scenic drives, happy hour, movie night, and so garden club, book club, knitting club. Programs that are also offered are manicures and so much more. Sienna is a community were residents are always kept busy in many physical activities. We also have a mile club were residents have the opportunity to complete a mile a day or more to keep them active. They really enjoy and are involved in may activities around the community.

Pricilla Aguirre

Verified Review
16 Jan 2019

As soon as I walk in it feels like a very positive environment and the employees are very friendly. As for the residents once you see them smile you feel a self accomplishment.

Miranda Lopez

Verified Review
16 Jan 2019

What I like about Sienna is that it doesn't feel like a community but a home for whoever is looking for family care. As an employee, the staff is very compassionate and are very caring, it isn't just a job for the directors it's how they are compassionate about how they feel and carry out tasks in a professional matter. Brittany is willing to go out of her way to help everyone. Jennifer our director of health and wellness I always feel comfortable approaching her with any concerns. Ms. Anna is always available,

Paola Serralde

Verified Review
16 Jan 2019

As an employee it has been a positive experience, I have worked at other communities and by far this is a great place. Sienna outshines and accommodates residents needs. The directors are very accommodating to our needs and work environment. They always strive for the best. They are very friendly.

Elvira Becerra

Verified Review
16 Jan 2019

Everyone at Sienna works as a team, upper management really takes good care of their employees and everyone is really friendly. Our residents really appreciate us very much. Sienna is a place that you always see kept up and clean all the time. Its a beautiful place for our residents to live and feel like is a vacation.

Jeremy Franklyn

Verified Review
16 Jan 2019

Sienna is a great environment to work in and live in, everyone is always friendly and helpful. Employees are always smiling.

Leland Rabeneu

Verified Review
15 Jan 2019

Three things I enjoy about Sienna are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Great place to walk around, I enjoy discovering different places in the community. Friendly people that work here are great, it's a beautiful community.

Lupita Ritzo

Verified Review
15 Jan 2019

Sienna is a place where I feel at home and I feel very safe and it has been a blessing to be able to be here. The food is excellent the kitchen does a really good job. From portion controls to meeting all our needs for us residents. Sienna is very clean has a friendly atmosphere and everyone is very friendly. I enjoy the hugs the smiles.

Tina K

Verified Review
05 Jan 2019

Staff is very considerate and patient.

Maria U

Verified Review
05 Jan 2019

Staff is really polite, they respect you and treat you as an equal. I highly recommend Sienna to any family who decides to have their family move to a retirement home.

Elvira B

Verified Review
05 Jan 2019

Upper management and staff are very compassionate and caring. They are always their always there to help with concern that we may have.

Delores Odell

Verified Review
04 Jan 2019

Sienna is an exquisite community it is a beautiful place and they did such a wonderful job in the construction the staff shows a careful understanding of who we are. They take pride in their responsibilities and have an optimum understanding of us residents. They take such good care of us and the care of everyday living. The care that they have put forth has been carefully planned, visually and the activities are great!!. I really enjoy them all the activities director does such a great job. There is a clear understanding of the needs of the residents. The goals Sienna has set are so positive and have been rewarding. The community is high quality and clean, everyone does a really good job at all the tasks they are given or what their responsibilities are they carry on to the fullest. I am so glad Sienna is here for residents such as me.

Edward Vasely

Verified Review
04 Jan 2019

It is a great place to live at. FANTASTIC!!! I really enjoy living here.

Maria Urena

Verified Review
04 Jan 2019

I would highly recommend our community, you can trust Sienna with your loved ones and the directors are always willing to step in and help.

RJ Bernales

Verified Review
04 Jan 2019

Awesome leadership, great culture and location.

Anna Kepple

Verified Review
04 Jan 2019

I love how how all employees work together and the directors are always willing to help if I have any questions or concerns.

Kristina Kastlie

Verified Review
04 Jan 2019

Staff and directors are very welcoming in making their loved ones feel at home.

Lidia Miller

Verified Review
04 Jan 2019

FamilyAssets Score

Feb 1, 2019

FamilyAssets looked at 2 reviews and calculated that Sienna at Otay Ranch has a weighted rating of 4.463 which makes it the #30 ranked community within 25 miles of Chula Vista, California.

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Sienna at Otay Ranch is top rated assisted living community in the city of Chula Vista.

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