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42165 Patton Avenue, Murrieta, CA, 92562

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Heartfelt Homes is a assisted living community located in Murrieta that offers senior living and care services.


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Heartfelt Homes Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,275

The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,157/month
Murrieta average cost of assisted living$2,977/month
California average cost of assisted living$4,000/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Heartfelt Homes assisted living Facility in Murrieta, California. Heartfelt Homes is 110% the cost of assisted living in Murrieta and 82% the cost of assisted living in California.

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(951) 304-0086

42165 Patton Avenue, Murrieta, CA, 92562

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FamilyAssets Reviews for Heartfelt Homes

We have 2 review(s) for this provider.

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Sally Highland

26 Jan 2020

My husband’s mother was placed at Heartfelt Homes about a year ago. We have been happy and feel blessed to have our mother in their care. We don’t worry about her. The staff is very friendly, caring and loving to our mother and to all the other clients that are living there. We’ve talked to a lot of our friends that have placed their loved ones in assisted living facilities and have heard not so pleasant things. We can go anytime day or night and feel very comfortable every time we arrive. You can feel the love and professionalism and see not only how our mom is taken care of, but we see it in all the clients as well. They all seem friendly and happy. Anytime things go on out of the normal with our mom , we are called right away with any concerns or needs that our mother may need. My husband and I feel comfortable if we go out of town that our mother is taken good care of. We have had nurses and physical therapist out to visit from Kaiser Facilities and they seem very comfortable and confident with our mother’s care as well. Over this past year, there have been get togethers around the holidays. Crafts, games along with good food and company from other client’s family and friends as well. If we ever have concerns or questions about anything, the team immediately is there with great concern and the upmost caring welfare for our mother. Thank God we have found a place to give us peace of mind when we can’t be there. Thank you all at Heart Felt Homes. We are very thankful for all of You. Dave & Sally Highland

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23 Jan 2019

The term "death trap" does not do it justice. When my mother told me she found a wonderful place to care for my dad that was certified, staffed with professionals who provide care for dementia patients, I Yelp'ed the establishment. I found not so positive reviews. I actually brought those actual reviews up for discussion with the owner of this establishment and she of course made light of them and talked her way out of them. I blame myself because I believed her. I did search the California Dept. of Social Services site for any reported violations and nothing came up. Nothing came up because the name of the business that they are registered under is slightly different then "Heartfelt Homes". They are registered under "A Heartfelt Homes II" and have 23 Type A violations and 14 Type B. Type A violations are the most serious type of violations which there is immediate risk to the health, safety, or personal rights of those of those in care. Please refer to the California Social Services site: secure.dss.ca.gov/CareFa… In summary, from the day that we took my dad to this hell hole there was red flag after red flag, which I addressed one by one as they happened. Each was made light of by the owner. I was told I simply do not understand the illness and that I should just leave and help my poor mother who is the real victim. They wanted me out of the picture. My dad was only there for just over five weeks. From the day he got there he absolutely spiraled in his illness. This establishment is not and was not equipped to care for a dementia patient. From day one he was put in diapers. Prior to that day he never once had a problem. He sat in the living room for 24 hours his first day in a diaper and they allowed this. His first night he suffered from an injury to his hand when he attempted to pull the television cable from the wall, or so I was told. Following this injury, he complained of back pain and could not sit still for more then 20-30 seconds. When I asked the caregiver what was happening to help him, they looked at me and said they did not know what I was talking about. They said all dementia patients have problems sitting still. This was absolute negligence. I watched as my dad totally shut down and was in real pain. I cannot explain why my mom allowed this to continue but she did. She was the POA. The final straw was when I came to visit my dad on a Friday afternoon at 2PM only to find him with a black eye and a gash over his eye. His nails were torn and bloody. No one told me. I came in and greeted my dad who was full of love and happiness. I didn't see the injury until we sat outside. The inside of this hell hole was too dark and I could not see his face clearly until we got outside. Once I saw it and asked him what happened he could not recall. When I asked the caregiver what happened, she said she did not know. She said she told my mom and no one felt he needed to be seen by a doctor. She also told my mom on the phone that it was much smaller than it was and that she cleaned and bandaged it up. It was never cleaned, in fact it had already scabbed over. She told me it happened that same day early that morning. I learned later that day only after I called 911 and had him evaluated that her story changed and he was injured 36 hours (3 days) prior. Once the paramedics evaluated him, they insisted as did I that he go to the hospital for further evaluation. My dad was 84 year old. I went with the authorities to the ER and had my dad fully evaluated. The paramedic, firemen, doctors and nurses all stated he should have been seen three days ago when this happened. The caregiver still stating that they felt it was not necessary. They should have been shut down that night. Thankfully we left the hospital with all tests coming out negative; however they did diagnose him with a bladder infection, which might explain why he had such back pain for the previous several weeks. No need for me to go further with the details, but suffice to say I moved him out, along with the help of other family members. I filed my complaint with the state who are actively investigating Heartfelt Homes, aka A Heartfelt Homes II. There is a special place in hell for these subhuman creatures. Karma is a gift.

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Feb 1, 2019

FamilyAssets looked at 8 reviews and calculated that Heartfelt Homes has a weighted rating of 2.533 which makes it the #161 ranked community within 25 miles of Murrieta, California.

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Heartfelt Homes is top rated assisted living community in the city of Murrieta.

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