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Brentwood St. Petersburg

Based on 37 reviews | Highly Rated Community in Saint Petersburg

6280 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL, 33707

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Brentwood St. Petersburg is a assisted living community located in Saint Petersburg that offers senior living and care services.

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    Brentwood St. Petersburg Amenities

    • Activity Rooms
    • Barbershop & Beauty Shop
    • Exercise Room
    • Individual Climate Control
    • Levels Of Care
    • Library
    • Main Dining Room
    • Memory Care
    • Restaurant-Style Dining
    • Spacious Closets

    Brentwood St. Petersburg Price

    Estimated Monthly Cost of $2,740

    The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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    Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
    Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,113/month
    Saint Petersburg average cost of assisted living$3,113/month
    Florida average cost of assisted living$3,045/month

    FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Brentwood St. Petersburg assisted living Facility in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Brentwood St. Petersburg is 88% the cost of assisted living in Saint Petersburg and 90% the cost of assisted living in Florida.

    Detailed Information

    Brentwood St. Petersburg, Saint Petersburg FL

    Brentwood at St. Petersburg is a senior living community offering a wide variety of senior care services in St. Petersburg, Florida. The community's nurturing environment is a safe and comfortable place for residents to enjoy their retirement, receiving exceptional long-term care during their stay. 

    The community's wellness programs and personalized services are extensive, creating a new standard of excellence for senior living. Skilled professionals assisted each resident one-on-one, providing personal care services like: 

    • Medication management

    • Assistance with each resident's activities of daily living

    • Continence care

    • Housekeeping 

    • Laundry services

    Incoming residents can choose from a handful of floor plans, picking out the perfect senior apartment for retirement. The assisted living, independent living, and memory care apartments are similar, offering: 

    • Private bathrooms

    • Kitchenettes

    • Walk-in closets

    • Emergency call systems

    The community's staff are the heart of their excellence, using their years of experience to treat each resident with personalized care. Staff members work closely with each resident to improve their quality of life, providing care as-needed for each person. 

    In addition to compassionate staff with years of experience, Brentwood at St. Petersburg's amenities are a popular draw for older adults in Saint Petersburg FL. Their amenities include: 

    • Nutritious meals served multiple times daily in the dining room

    • Outdoor courtyards for residents to unwind and enjoy their surroundings

    • Social activities, like arts and crafts sessions and game nights

    Like many retirement communities in Saint Petersburg FL, Brentwood's skilled professionals specialize in community-based personal care. They are not licensed to provide skilled nursing care on-site, although the community's wellness programs offer residents an opportunity to learn life-changing health habits that can reduce their need for medical attention. Older adults who require skilled nursing care can speak to the senior living community's care advisor to find a primary care clinic in the area, or speak to human resources about their options. 

    Whether a person has Alzheimer's disease, needs assistance with their activities of daily living, or wants the peace of mind of twenty-four hour care, Brentwood St Petersburg can provide. The community's personalized services make it a popular choice among local seniors who want to experience the newest standard of excellence for retirement communities. 

    To learn more about Brentwood at St. Petersburg, prospective residents and their families can speak with a care advisor or human resources to schedule a tour. Guests are welcome to enjoy a complimentary delicious meal in the dining room during their tour, or stroll through the courtyards to see the beautiful grounds that surround the facility. By touring the community, incoming residents can see Brentwood's nurturing environment in-person and ask questions about their independent living programs and options for people with Alzheimer's disease. 

    From The Owner

    You’re asked to wear a lot of hats in life: your career hat, your parent hat, your friend hat and now, you might find yourself wearing another hat, one as caregiver for your parent or grandparent.  As a caregiver, you often balance on fine lines, like being available to keep an eye on your father in case he takes another fall, but giving him the privacy that he wants in his own home. Showing compassion and respect to your mother with memory loss, but making sure she’s eating, even if she doesn’t want to. Chances are, you’ve asked yourself things like:  We understand that these are things you worry about, and we want to help. Our Assisted Living and Memory Support services offer peace of mind for you and your family, and exceptional care for the people you love most.   A move to a Brentwood at St. Pete,can be the solution to give your mother or father the help they need, along with the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.  At Brentwood at St. Pete, staff are on-hand to help 24 hour… Keep Reading

    Contact Information

    Community Website

    (727) 513-0918

    6280 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL, 33707

    Rankings & Reviews

    FamilyAssets Reviews for Brentwood St. Petersburg

    We have 37 review(s) for this provider.

    Alice Kaminski

    Verified Review
    26 Nov 2018

    The management has been great. They have been very, very helpful. She seems to enjoy a few of the things they do. As long as she is being active I am happy. The people who do the activities seem to be very caring. The place is spotless. Her room is spotless. We asked maintenance to do a couple of things for us and they were there immediately. The room is set up and she is happy with it. We are really happy with it. The common areas are kept up very well. The staff is a bunch of caring people and I feel really good about her being there. I am ecstatic with everyone. They have been wonderful.

    Caroline Blackman

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    My loved one is very active. She participates in a lot of activities and is somewhat of a cheerleader, so I think that's great. Sometimes they go to baseball games. The caregivers seem to be very on-top of it. My loved one is well cared for. The doctor routinely sees her there in the Memory Care unit. I've never had an issue with housekeeping, her room is always cleaned, her laundry is always clean, and it always come backs to her. I know my loved one is eating very well and she's happy. I’ve never really had an issue with any manager over there, they're all quite responsive. The building looks fine. Nothing appears to be out of order, it seems well-maintained. Her space is very room, very comfortable, no complaints. I think that for the care provided, the cost is very, very well-balanced. My loved one is well taken care of, I'm very happy with the community.

    Juana Dalmau

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    I chose this community for my mother because of the location. The care staff has been great as far as giving my mom her meds and coming to get her if she's not down in the dining room. Management is fine, the employees are great and they treat my mom very well and are very nice to her. Houskeeping came the week after she got there and did her laundry and brought it back right away, the laundry service is fine. In addition, her refrigerator was missing a part and maintenance came to fix it right away.

    Ralph Ackroyd

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    When you walk in the people are the front desk are usually smiling or joking with you. You can go to them or any manager for anything you need. They have all been very helpful with anything we have needed. The food from the dining room has been wonderful. The activities department put on a Casino night and it was tremendous. I know they have a lot of entertainment for my husband and the residents. Everything in the building is clean and they have a patio area that looks real pretty. My husband has used the transportation service offered it has worked out really well.

    John Overcash

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    I was very impressed with how the staff treated my husband and I when we visited Brentwood at St Petersburg for the first time. One of the things that I like about management is that it doesn't matter what role they hold, if they can help you then they will help you. The dining is A+, the cook there isn't just a cook, he is a Chef and he is outstanding so we probably get better meals than some restaurants. I was really surprised that my husband went to several activities and participated, he is not a social person and so the fact that he did that impressed me. I am satisfied with his apartment cleaning and maintenance is always are right there, Johnny on the spot. When I call down to the front desk with a problem, they're usually there within 10 minutes. All in all, it's been a good experience and I tell everybody you better go there just for the food.

    Georjean Schueler

    Verified Review
    04 Nov 2018

    Maintenance was very helpful, they do a good job. I think the food was okay. I do feel everyone tried to make things work for mom.

    Marilyn Race

    Verified Review
    30 Oct 2018

    My loved one has lived here for about seven months. The aides that provide care are wonderful during week. The maintenance guy is right there to help us with any need. They are always pleasant when I run into them in the hallway. The laundry service has been excellent. Everything comes back neatly folded. It is usually done within the day. I have looked at the calendar of activities and wish she could participate. It seems to me there are a nice variety of things going on. The bedroom in her apartment is so huge and her living room is small. She likes it. It is bright and airy. She has a balcony and she is happy with being able to open the door and listen to the birds.

    Robert Welch

    Verified Review
    16 Oct 2018

    Since my mother has lived at the community, I think the cost is reasonable. She seems to enjoy the dining and there always seems to be a varied menu. I think Rachel is wonderful, from the activities department. She's very special and does wonderful things with Memory Care, games and activities. When we first moved in, the maintenance man was very nice and took care of things immediately.

    Carol Brown

    Verified Review
    14 Oct 2018

    I think it was very reasonably priced, we looked around a lot and this worked out really well. The management seems to be very hands on, the Executive Director met with us individually, even on a weekend, which I was really pleased with. My mom talks about how nice everybody is and people are coming and getting her if she doesn’t come for a meal which is what we wanted to make sure of. I think my mom is getting the individual attention here she wasn't getting at the other place and that's good. Everybody knows her name already and that kind of thing, that's really what drew us there, I think for someone in her situation it's a really great place.

    Carolyn Green

    Verified Review
    12 Oct 2018

    The management staff is wonderful and the building is so well taken care of. My sister says the food is very good and the one time I ate there it was wonderful. My sister says she is happy and she likes it there. Everybody has just been wonderful to me.

    L and

    Verified Review
    12 Oct 2018

    The gal in charge, Kelly is very friendly. I have seen her jump out of her chair and help someone who is struggling. Everyone else that I have asked questions of have been friendly and nice. Basically, I have been very happy with the response that I am getting. They have tons of activities. They have at least five or six things going on every day. Every morning at breakfast they have a calendar of what is going on. I think the care givers have been wonderful. I am very happy with the place and I am very comfortable. If there is problem the staff is very willing to respond. I like the fact that the staff is ready to take action if you have a problem.

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Verified Review
    12 Sep 2018

    My mother-in-law is a big joker and the staff here are all very good about playing along with her. She really enjoys going on the outings and particpating in the sing alongs and says that the activity staff treats her real well. As far as the dining department goes, they have good choices, plenty of food and the people that work in there are very cooperative with her because she tends to be slow in making decisions. The caretakers are very good and prompt about giving her her medicine. They've called me when they ran out of medicine. I think it is a fair value.

    Dan Manter

    Verified Review
    11 Sep 2018

    My loved one recently moved into this community. His apartment is so dang nice. You couldn't have found a spek of dirt when he moved in. Everything was pristine. The management are very family oriented and when I walk into this community every staff member greets me. That makes a world of difference. The administrator and director of nursing are very nice. The food itself is absolutely delicious. The dining room is like a classy restaurant and that is how they are serve you. It is very nice. The laundry is excellent. There are no wrinkles and the clothes come back very nice. They bring his laundry back the same day they take it. The maintenance could not do enough for me when my loved on moved in. One gentleman in maintenance stayed later in the evening to help me move my loved on in and I thought that was wonderful. I am totally comfortable with the staff there. I cannot say enough about the staff there. I would recommend this community in a heartbeat.

    Leon Waiters

    Verified Review
    11 Sep 2018

    What I saw on Brentwood's website was what they showed me when I went there, and I moved my daddy in this August. It's good, great. I couldn’t have asked for any better. The apartment space is gorgeous, great. The caregivers are informed. When my daddy rings his monitor, it don’t take them long to get there. He gets his meds on time. If I ask a question about my daddy's ability in improving himself they knew exactly what I am looking for and explain it to me so I can understand it. My daddy, he goes to exercise class and bingo, he goes down for karaoke. They're keeping him busy. Dining is very good. The food is excellent, they serve it patiently and very professionally. Any questions I've got, the managers answer it, and they speak to the point. Generally they are available and responsive to questions. I can sleep at night. What he's getting is worth the money they're asking for.

    Mardelle Gow

    Verified Review
    30 Aug 2018

    Since my mom has been there she has seen a 360 degree turnaround. I would say we are very pleased. Every time I'm there everything is nice and clean. She really likes the bus driver. She is a really nice lady and is very courteous. I would say that the caretakers are excellent. They administer her the medication and we’ve never had any problems. They keep in constant contact with her doctors and they always call me if a problem arises. She likes the food pretty well. Breakfast has always been her favorite. She seems to enjoy everything there.

    Wilma Hoff

    Verified Review
    30 Aug 2018

    I am very satisfied and very happy. The management is very approachable and when I have dealt with them on different things they have always responded well. The housekeeping is really good. They have a daily routine that they have and once a week they do a more thorough cleaning. Every day they empty garbage and make her bed. The maintenance team is so good with my mom and they are good for me. They make things understandable and make her feel comfortable asking for help. During the hurricane they took extremely good care of my mother. I was so impressed. I would recommend it in a heart beat as long as they had the services that someone would need. The front desk staff is outstanding as well as the staff. Jackie Taylor was outstanding. It's been a good experience.

    Elaine Brown

    Verified Review
    19 Aug 2018

    I think the prices are fair. One of the things that I like the most is that I feel very safe and very comfortable. I don't even lock my doors all the time. They pay a lot of attentiion to that. We have a really good maintenance team. They are prompt and they know what they are doing and they are pleasant. There never has been unresolved issues. I think the healthcare here is wonderful. I have my meds supplied to me. They are always on time and I always get proper dosages. When I need to go to the nurse I get the attention I need and when I need it. The transportation is great, they always get me to where I need to go. I participate in a lot of things. We have a schedule and the weekly schedule is repeated over and over during the month. They're doing a great job here.

    Doris Fuhrer

    Verified Review
    19 Aug 2018

    When we have to deal with the management they are very helpful. My aunt is very happy wtih the food and the selections. Maintenance has been wonderful. Transportation is fine. The caretakers have been consistent in watching out for her. They seem to be on top of the health care. It's been good and is we have any issues or questions we know we can go directly to the management.

    Claire Gore

    Verified Review
    07 Aug 2018

    The Executive Director does a good job. She's the best we've had. They have a great staff now, really, everybody is so nice and concerned about you. It's really nice. They do a lot of activities. Housekeeping is great. It's all done proper and quick. Maintenance is very attentive. When you're walking around they'll say hello, very friendly people. The caregivers are good. I think the value is fine, I'd say it's one of the more reasonable communities.

    Eloise Anderson

    Verified Review
    07 Aug 2018

    One of the main reasons we chose Brentwood was because they have so many activities. She's been really pleased with the ability to get out and do things. She loves the housekeeping, she says the people are very friendly and accommmodating. We had an extraordinarily positive working relationship with the sales person, Jamie Silver, and that was one of the reasons why she selected Brentwood, she really liked the way Jamie explained everything. I really feel like people at Brentwood have bent over backwards to welcome and incorporate my mother in everything.I greatly appreciate there is a place like Brentwood.

    Andrew Ceresia

    Verified Review
    07 Aug 2018

    It's like they're your new family. You get a good feeling of warmth and some love. They have good employees that really make you feel like he's at home. My dad's a good eater and he seems to be happy with the food, so that's good. He went to an exercise class and he goes to his physical and occupational therapies, which is really good. I like him there for the interaction that takes place. I think the care, from what I've seen, is very good. He gets his medications, which is very important. Overall, it has been really good and my dad has really settled in well there.

    Edward Jones

    Verified Review
    07 Aug 2018

    I'm satisfied with the value. If you ask me on a scale of 1-10, I'll give you a scale of a 10 as being the best all the way across the board. I have not had a bad experience at Brentwood at this time period. The cleaning service is outstanding.

    Honora Bradley

    Verified Review
    07 Aug 2018

    I do recommend the community because I think it's very convenient, I think the overall care is superior to any other facility and I checked them all out. The director has been very supportive of my concerns. I ate there once and my meal was perfect. My sister loves the activities that are offered. As far as I know the laundry is being done on a regular basis. Her room is always clean. I have never seen any dust or dirt or anything, everything is always picked up. I am more than happy with Brentwood overall. My sister loves it.

    Eva Judith

    Verified Review
    25 Jul 2018

    When it came down to it, we chose this community for the location. I appreciate their efforts. It's a tough job across the board, none of which are easy to do. Management has always been responsive and helpful. The maintenance team does great and they seem nice and friendly. I'd recommend it.

    Carol Mallah

    Verified Review
    09 Jul 2018

    Everything has been great and it's been a very good transition. The care staff is just stellar and is very sweet. Maintenance just fixed my mom's toilet, toilet paper holder, and a light bulb. They were very quick to do it. Housekeeping is wonderful, everything gets changed and washed; buckets are emptied, very good! The activities are wonderful. Gloria who is her activity director, and Cindy who is the overall activities director, are both wonderful people. They really encourage people to participate. The staff members whom are there during the day are very nice people. There is more than enough offered for the residents. I think the staff and administrative people are excellent, my mom has had a great beginning. I've met everyone; I know them all by name. They are very, very professional.

    Catherine Proteau

    Verified Review
    07 Jul 2018

    I feel safe having her there. I would say I'm very satisfied with the administration and they're a good staff. They usually take good care of the residents. They have good activities and people seem to enjoy them very much. The nurses' aides try hard and do a good job.

    Arlene Unger

    Verified Review
    07 Jul 2018

    Everybody is just so nice. They're really trying hard to keep it in shape and they seem to be really interested in making it work. The food is excellent and I go there myself sometimes if I know what is on the menu. Maintenance was very good when we moved in. My mother used transportation once to go to the Doctor and it was very good. The care is usually pretty good and it's getting better.

    Larry Brooks

    Verified Review
    07 Jul 2018

    For what my brother is getting I think it's better than fair, it's a bargain, and it’s a good investment. He's had no problems at all. He says the dining is wonderful he always says it's the best he's ever eaten in his life. He thinks that the housekeeping and maintenance have both been great. He just really likes the staff there and I am a fan of the configuration of space at Brentwood.

    John Vos

    Verified Review
    20 Jun 2018

    For the money my father pays, he is in a very nice place. He gets good food. He really enjoys the outings especially the ball games. The housekeepers are doing a good job. They do as good of a job as they can with the laundry. There is no one better than Doreen. I am very pleased with her. They couldn't do a better job. He is very happy there.

    Sandy Klem

    Verified Review
    10 Jun 2018

    I think that management has been quick with responses, and they've been super supportive as well. As far as cleaning my mom's apartment, I know they come in every week or so. They've been very good and the cleaning lady has also been very friendly with my mom. When she first moved in maintenance did all the set up and that was good. It's mainly her sticking to herself at this point because it's a big adjustment for her, but they've been great. They've been very attentive. I couldn't ask for better from them.

    Selma Gaby

    Verified Review
    06 Jun 2018

    I think they are all doing the best that they can. They have a nice variety of food and offer substitutes, so overall I think that's a positive for them. Everything is clean and well kept, there are no lingering odors. You don't see anything amiss through the lobby or any of the rooms I've gone into. It's very well kept and maintained. There are always people walking around, they're keeping up on everything. The staff is very good.

    Wylene Stacey

    Verified Review
    06 Jun 2018

    The management staff is absolutely awesome. They are very attentive to our concerns and needs. My mom enjoys the food. They are very good with her. The food is hot or cold when it should be. There is a good variety of activities and my mom absolutely loves the music. Maintenance is good. Everything is running as it should be. The staff is right on top of things.

    Jewell Miller

    Verified Review
    03 May 2018

    The new management group is a little more attentive to listening and to the needs of the residents. Kelly and the staff are very receptive. The food looks to be okay. She seems to enjoy it. The service is fine. They do a great job with the music and the reading. They try to keep them occupied most of the time. Housekeeping is good. Maintenance is very good. The care is very good. They respond and get back to you. I've had no problems.

    Mary Galpin

    Verified Review
    03 May 2018

    Overall it is fair. Kelly, the manager now is pretty much on top of things and she gets back to me, I would say she is definitely an asset to the company. When I go there at lunch time she is always in the dining area talking to the residents and calling them by name. She seems like she genuinely cares about the people there. Overall, the housekeeping is pretty good. Anytime I have ever called the maintenance staff have come right up and fixed something. The building looks great.

    Mary Kent

    Verified Review
    19 Apr 2018

    We looked at a number of facilities before choosing this facility. Nothing compared in price or services. We were extremely happy that this facility's price fit into our budget. The management staff has always been very accessible and responsive. She has been very pleased with the food. They are very accommodating with her. She can be picky about what she wants to eat and they are always willing to make her something else to eat if she does not like what is offered. Bingo is one of her favorite things they do. She goes on a number of outings and she enjoys that. Her room seems to be clean. Her laundry gets done. When she needs transportation, they are available for her. She likes the driver. When she has a doctor's appointment, the caretakers make sure she has everything ready she needs to take.

    Jackson Reynolds

    Verified Review
    11 Apr 2018

    The facility is light and airy, the employees are very disciplined and do their jobs focusing on the patients, and the caregivers really work hard and care a lot. Management is very friendly, very accommodating, I got cell phone numbers so I can always reach them that was really important to me. Housekeeping and laundry are lovely and consistent. The aides are lovely; the nurse who doles out medication is good, very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Brentwood St. Petersburg. So far it's been a good value. I feel good about my husband being there.

    Arlene Cupp

    Verified Review
    21 Mar 2018

    I think the caregivers all really tried. They had some music programs and I could see all kinds of programs they had that my mother didn't care about going to. But they had a lot of programs. I think the food was pretty good. The management staff really went all out trying to accommodate my mom.

    FamilyAssets Score

    Feb 1, 2019

    FamilyAssets looked at 47 reviews and calculated that Brentwood St. Petersburg has a weighted rating of 4.592 which makes it the #26 ranked community within 25 miles of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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