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3625 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY, 40219

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Franciscan Health Care Center is an assisted living community located in Louisville that offers senior living accommodations and services.

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    Franciscan Health Care Center Amenities

    • 24-Hour Emergency Response System
    • Care Innovations – Quietcare, Electronic Medication Administration Record
    • Physical, Occupational And Speech Therapy
    • Psychiatry Services
    • Resident Ambassador Program
    • Saint Louis University Hospital
    • Volunteer Opportunities

    Franciscan Health Care Center Price

    Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,300

    The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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    Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
    Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,950/month
    Louisville average cost of assisted living$3,300/month
    Kentucky average cost of assisted living$3,300/month

    FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Franciscan Health Care Center assisted living Facility in Louisville, Kentucky. Franciscan Health Care Center is 100% the cost of assisted living in Louisville and 100% the cost of assisted living in Kentucky.

    Detailed Information

    Franciscan Health Care Center, Louisville KY

    Welcome to Franciscan Health Center, a retirement living community in Louisville, KY offering assisted living and post-acute health care services. 

    At Francisican Health Care Center, knowledgable staff assess residents to identify their unique level of care to create a customized service plan that puts each person’s needs at the center of their daily routine. Staff members assist with a diverse range of daily living activities and medical needs, depending on each person’s level of care, creating a safe and secure atmosphere where residents thrive. 

    Assisted Living in Louisville, KY

    Franciscan Health Care Center offers personal care services through their assisted living programs, helping residents manage daily activities like bathing, grooming, and dressing. 

    Assisted living residents are invited to relax and let the community’s staff manage activities like housekeeping and trash removal. With more time to spend having fun, residents have an opportunity to live the active, vibrant retirement lifestyle they’ve always wanted. 

    Dining at Franciscan Health Center

    Each day brings new dining options for residents of Franciscan Health Center, with chef-prepared meals served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the community’s restaurant-style dining room. 

    Dedicated culinary staff craft recipes from fresh, nutritious ingredients, keeping each resident’s allergens and special dietary needs in mind. Residents are invited to share meals together with their peers when they gather in the dining room, making meals an exciting social opportunity each morning, afternoon, and evening. 

    To learn more about the upcoming dining options at Franciscan Health Center, please chat with us below. 

    Life Enrichment at Franciscan Health Center

    Franciscan Health Center offers exciting life enrichment programming for residents, creating ongoing daily opportunities for fun and excitement right from home. 

    Each morning, afternoon, and evening bring new chances for residents to explore new interests and hobbies, bonding with their peers over arts and crafts, musical performances, classic movie screening, outdoor activities, and more. In the past, residents’ favorite events have included group outings to nearby points of interest and lifelong learning opportunities on-campus. 

    Families can learn more about the upcoming life enrichment opportunities at Franciscan Health Center by chatting with us below. 

    Post-Acute Health Care in Louisville, KY

    Franciscan Health Care Center offers a range of post-acute healthcare services on campus for individuals seeking ongoing medical attention and care outside the scope of assisted living. Post-acute healthcare at Franciscan Healthcare Center is available for long-term residents as part of their continuum of care and for short-term residents as a respite care program, providing a diverse range of services in their beautiful community. 

    Rehabilitation Services at Franciscan Health Center

    Post-acute health care services at Franciscan Health center include skilled nursing care and rehabilitation programs like physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. For more information, please chat with us below about the rehabilitation services available at Franciscan Health Center. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: Does Franciscan Health Care Center accept Medicare or Medicaid?

    A resident's ability to pay for care at Franciscan Health Center with Medicare or Medicaid will depend on his or her needs and coverage.

    Medicare will not pay for non-medical services offered through assisted living programs, however, they may pay for post-acute healthcare like skilled nursing services and rehabilitation.

    While Medicaid will cover many post-acute healthcare services available through Franciscan Health Center, the program does not pay for non-medical care or housing costs. A resident may qualify for a Medicaid waiver, which allows the use of Medicaid funds toward personal care. However, a Medicaid waiver does do not pay for room and board.

    For more information about paying for Franciscan Health Center with Medicare and Medicaid, please chat with us below.

    Q: How much does Franciscan Health Care Center cost?

    Monthly fees for Franciscan Health Center’s residents vary, taking each person's unique level of care into consideration to create fair monthly rates. For more information about how Franciscan Health Center sets their rates, please chat with us below or use the “Get pricing” link above.

    Q: What levels of care does Franciscan Health Care Center provide?

    Franciscan Health Care Center offers nonmedical retirement living through their assisted living program, and skilled nursing services through their post-acute healthcare program.

    Post-acute healthcare at Franciscan Health Center includes skilled nursing care and rehabilitation, like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

    For more information about the levels of care Franciscan Healthcare Center offers, please chat with us below.

    Q: Does Franciscan Health Care Center allow pets?

    Residents may inquire about the pet policy at Franciscan Healthcare Center by chatting with us below.

    Q: What coronavirus precautions does Franciscan Health Care Center take?

    As a Trilogy Senior Living Community, Franciscan Health Center is committed to keeping staff and residents a from the novel coronavirus disease by implementing a range of precautionary measures as advised by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the state of Kentucky.

    For more information about The Franciscan Health Care Center’s coronavirus precautions and their vaccine protocol, please chat with us below.

    Q: How do I find more information about Franciscan Health Care Center?

    Families may request more information about the Franciscan Healthcare Center by chatting with us below, or by taking a virtual tour on the community's website. As of Summer 2021, the community is welcoming guests back for in-person tours. 

    About The Community

    They say there is only one constant in life: change. At Franciscan Health Care Center, we’re ready to adapt to what every new day brings, while staying true to our mission of providing compassionate care. This means that no matter what’s going on in the world outside, we’ll keep you safe, we’ll keep you connected, and we’ll keep you close to our hearts. You’re our family, and we’re proud to be Where Family Comes to Live – Today, Tomorrow, and Always. Keep Reading

    Contact Information

    Community Website

    (502) 369-7834

    3625 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY, 40219

    Rankings & Reviews

    FamilyAssets Reviews for Franciscan Health Care Center

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    18 Sep 2020

    Horrible experience. Management not available or working nights and weekends. Have to wait till Mon morning for care issues reported Fri evening. Physical Therapy doesn't work weekends and even insisted they gave PT today, a Friday, when the patient insisted they didn't. Was then told the records would be updated on Mon that gave therapy today, which is basically back dating. When I mentioned that I going to pull the patient out due to several reported issues they threatened it would be against medical advice. So basically he is being held hostage and not receiving the therapy he needs to be discharged. Sits in chair with nothing to do and not allowed out of room on nights and weekends. I treated pets better than this. Meanwhile Medicare is footing the bill. Would be better off with homebound PT. Avoid at all costs. I ignored the warnings from relatives and other negative reviews about this place, sadly they were right all long.

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    Feb 1, 2019

    FamilyAssets analyzed 61 reviews and evaluated Franciscan Health Care Center as a highly rated community within 25 miles of Louisville, Kentucky.

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