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300 Kildaire Woods Dr, Cary, NC, 27511

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Woodland Terrace is an assisted living community located in Cary that offers senior living accommodations and services.


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    Estimated Monthly Cost of $4,677

    The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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    Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$5,026/month
    Cary average cost of assisted living$3,000/month
    North Carolina average cost of assisted living$3,000/month

    FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Woodland Terrace assisted living Facility in Cary, North Carolina. Woodland Terrace is 156% the cost of assisted living in Cary and 156% the cost of assisted living in North Carolina.

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    Our principles,values & beliefs We created our principles, values and beliefs based on integrity, dignity and compassion. This belief system balances the needs of our residents, our employees and our business partners. . .

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    Community Website

    (919) 465-0356

    300 Kildaire Woods Dr, Cary, NC, 27511

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    26 Dec 2019

    I moved my mother here from another Independent Living (IL) facility in Apex. The previous facility was much less expensive, newer, and in many ways better. Woodland was $1050 a month more, but mother wanted the location. Even though it was not quite the good deal of the previous facility, the staff seemed good and the rooms were nice. We had a few issues with a night desk clerk whose name started with J, but it did not seem serious at first. After a couple months Woodland was purchased by Kisco. Things really declined at that point. All the management was replaced, but some of the lower level staff were retained. The new director, Mr. Towler, definitely acted like an absentee owner. While the directors at other facilities I have dealt with were always available and engaged, Mr. Towler seems to excel only at delegation. The second in command tried very hard and did the job of the director, but it is hard to overcome an extremely inept director. The atmosphere changed. The night clerk, "J," started to run a little gossip fiefdom at night. She would harass my mother to the point of real anger. When the poor woman finally reacted, the behavior was blamed on her dementia. Mr. Towler reacted by giving my mother a letter of warning. "J" would also harass my family members to the point that they would not visit my mother at night. I seriously believe "J" is under the impression she is more than a desk clerk. This verbal harassment mostly took the form of trying to pry personal information out of everyone. While a petty busybody like this would not usually bother me, we were all afraid "J" would take some sort of twisted revenge on my mother. My mother then had three falls on successive nights. I was unable to convince the hospital to keep her or help place her in a rehab facility temporarily. So I hired 24 hour sitters. Checking on this was made more difficult by "J," as the harassment did not stop. I was constantly given arguments about care and sharing information from "J." "J" even had the night security person call to ask about medications at 2AM. The facility was not dispensing meds, nor were they involved in any medical decisions. As I have had yearly HPAA training, I now think there could be some violations going on at this facility. I brought her behavior to the attention of management, but there was no change. On the third day of my mother's falling issues she fell when the 24 hour sitters were with her. At that time I received an email from Mr. Towler. This basically said that my mother 1.) needed 24 hour watching, 2.) that we needed to follow the doctor's orders, and 3.) that he would call Adult Protective Services (APS) if things did not improve. To answer the email issues: 1.) mother did have 24 hour watchers when she fell again 2.) we were following doctor's orders. I believe this accusation was made up by "J" as I had not shared any information with her at this time. Likely "J" was trying to look good to her incompetent boss. 3.) "J" attempted to tell me my responsibilities as POA many times. As this was my fourth POA in five years I really did not need her warped little lesson. I am not sure what this threat of APS was meant to accomplish or even imply. It is sad this was done, and disturbing that those working in elder care would so misunderstand what POA means. Particularly a director. I told him I would welcome help from APS or anyone else. I really could have used any help at the time. I was working hard to move her elsewhere but did not share this information with "J." Their threatening email was sent at a time when a caring facility would have reached out to the family with recommendations, or at least support. Overwhelmed families can really use a little understanding, not childish games and hollow threats. Mr. Towler really seemed to act like "J’s" little stooge. Most of the staff was great, but the two bad apples really ruin the business. My family is not the type to act special or entitled, so I seriously doubt we are alone in this treatment. Fortunately I found a spot in a much more caring and professional AL facility for a more reasonable price than Woodland Terrace in Cary. It was also $1500 less per month than Woodland's AL unit (mother was in IL at this time). It is easy to find something better than Woodland, but it would be hard to find anything worse. Look elsewhere.

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    Woodland Terrace is ranked 1 out of 9 total assisted living communities in the city of Cary, 1 out of 80 communities within 20 mile radius and 16 out of 345 communities within the state of North Carolina.

    1st out of 9
    Cary Assisted Living
    Top 11% of 9 assisted living facilities in Cary
    1st out of 80
    Assisted Living within 25 miles
    Top 1% of assisted living facilities within 25 miles
    16th out of 345
    North Carolina Assisted Living
    Top 5% of 345 assisted living facilities in North Carolina

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    4.60 average score on Caring.com ® from 18 total reviews

    4.20 average score on Facebook.com ® from 25 total reviews

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