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Symphony at Centerville

Based on 18 reviews | Highly Rated Community in Dayton

7383 Paragon Rd, Dayton, OH, 45459

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Symphony at Centerville is a assisted living community located in Dayton that offers senior living and care services.

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    Symphony at Centerville Price

    Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,600

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    Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,600/month
    Dayton average cost of assisted living$3,600/month
    Ohio average cost of assisted living$3,600/month

    FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Symphony at Centerville assisted living Facility in Dayton, Ohio. Symphony at Centerville is 100% the cost of assisted living in Dayton and 100% the cost of assisted living in Ohio.

    Detailed Information

    From The Owner

    Symphony at Centerville is the new standard of excellence in memory care for those who are experiencing memory loss. Our In the Moment Memory Support program uses a unique approach to caring for those with memory loss. Rather than rely on pre-determined activities each day, our signature In the Moment Memory Support Program engages residents in the moment they are experiencing and provides a compassionate and meaningful interaction. Our In the Moment® program is thoughtfully designed as a team-approach to care delivery. We describe what we offer as Memory Support because we’re intentionally shifting away from outdated Dementia care practices and into a hospitality model. We recognize that each person we are privileged to serve is both unique in their life history, as well as their Dementia journey.  We understand the importance of a scheduled rhythm to each day. However, we also encourage our team members to slow down and embrace the impromptu moments that happen as well.  We find it’… Keep Reading

    Contact Information

    Community Website

    (937) 813-6182

    7383 Paragon Rd, Dayton, OH, 45459

    Rankings & Reviews

    FamilyAssets Reviews for Symphony at Centerville

    We have 18 review(s) for this provider.

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    Local community member

    15 Aug 2019

    Symphony at centerville is a wonderful place for those needing long term care. I have seen beautiful amenities, caring staff, and amazing activity programs for residents. You can tell the directors of the building truly take pride in their work along side the caregivers and nurses. I cannot say enough about activities! This is truly what blows me away about Symphony. Zoo trips, museum tours, and weekly lunch outings connect residents with their community and the daily activities keep residents stimulated and entertained. I have personally seen many different long term care facilities and how they operate and this one definitely stands out from the rest. If you are looking for a place that will love and care for your loved one as their own, this is the place. God bless

    Review avatar

    Caitlin Morns, LPN

    08 Aug 2019

    The teamwork from the ED, DHW, Nurses, and Aids are seamless, we all work together well. Our building is new and well kept. Lots of fun activities for our residents including trips out into the community.

    Review avatar

    A. Campbell

    08 Aug 2019

    Working at Symphony has been an amazing experience. Out team effort and ability to work as a team provides excellent care. Our management always goes over and beyond to ensure our residents and their families receive the best care and quality of life we can offer. Being an STNA and now a nurse, I can say honestly that this is a beautiful facility with an amazing team that always remains professional at all times. I am 100% pleased with my work environment and happy to come to work. Symphony reminds me why I enjoy being a part of the nursing world.

    Review avatar

    C.F. Johnson

    07 Aug 2019

    As a medical professional and long time colleague of the management staff of Symphony , I would without any hesitation feel comfortable referring this facility to anyone in search of quality care for their loved one. They completely understand what is required to care for folks suffering from all types of dementia . They have professional services in place to address whatever the needs are of that specific individual(True resident centered care !) Their Chef is amazing(have you ever attended one of their EVENTS??? AMAZING!!!! Their activity calender is like no other! Fishing,the aquarium,the zoo,visiting miniature ponies and llamas!!!! Music Music Music!!! Quality.....But most importantly,there is "Magic" there ,between the staff members and their resident's , that is contagious . I challenge anyone reading this to tour and see for yourself!!

    Review avatar

    Simply Anonymous

    07 Aug 2019

    You cannot find a facility is that is more genuine with a 100% focused on quality of care. This staff is customer service oriented towards their residents and families of those that reside there. The facility and grounds are well maintained. The rooms are spacious and beautiful. Maintenance is well versed in their craft and expedite any potential issues that may arise. Nursing care is 100% directed at quality of care/life. The staff is very patient and well-trained in their field. Management is responsive and quick to tend to an potential issue that may present itself. Could not be happier and I offer for anyone considering placement of a loved to tour Symphony at Centerville.

    Review avatar

    Carrie Cook

    07 Aug 2019

    Its an honor and a privilege to work in such a compassionate setting. Our care staff is patient and kind to our residents, they do such a great job! We are truly a team, making sure our residents feel special. We take a holistic approach to care, we want to know their likes and dislikes. Activities and meals are thought out and delivered with pride. Love coming to work everyday!

    Review avatar


    07 Aug 2019

    I am truly thankful that I was able to find such a wonderful facility for my mother. All of the staff at Symphony have been very compassionate and have taken their time explaining things to me, so I can rest assured that my mother has the highest level of care. I toured several facilities in the area prior to chosing Symphony and found that no one could outshine their empathy, staff, activities, rooms and not to mention their reasonable rates. I am truly blessed to have the Symphony family in my life, without them I don't think that this would have been such a seemless transition for my mother and my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Review avatar

    Cynthia Rush

    06 Aug 2019

    Six months at Symphony eroded my hubby's fragile self esteem and increased his anxiety. I am resentful and angry at their treatment of him and of me. Despite having multiple traumatic brain injuries, my husband is able to discern when reality doesn't line up with the fiction he's being fed. His so-called “private” room was not private. Aids entered without knocking (until my complaints helped train them). A nurse came into his room one night while he was sleeping and cleaned between his toes! (And then she documented this!) My husband woke up and yelled at her to get the hell out of his room! Another time, an Alzheimer's resident climbed into his bed with him and wouldn't get out of the bed (a nurse confirmed this to me). Alzheimer's patients often wandered in and out of his room (I witnessed this.). My husband's memory problems come from traumatic brain injuries, not Alzheimer's. He cannot always articulate that things upset him. Staff repeatedly put dead hearing aids in his ears although the devices blocked what hearing he does have. I repeatedly told them to change the batteries every two days (this was in their notes). They rarely did. Hubby would later pull the hearing aids out. Workers kept putting them back in without asking if they worked (documented). My opinion is, the staff was creating an adversarial relationship with an impaired person (my husband), making him feel like a sack of potatoes. He acted out – screaming a lot when he had to wait for his (delicious) food. Then he began to fall a lot. Finally Southview Hospital admitted him for a UTI and sepsis. Did Symphony say, “We're sorry – this was bad behavior related to UTI.” No. Staff continued putting his dead hearing aids in and he kept ripping them out. (This is documented.) As he got more frustrated, they asked me what they should do. I said the obvious: “Ask him???” (Also documented.) During my first contact with Symphony, they said, “Our people have been trained to work with the dementia population.” The Ombudsman's office confirmed that other families heard a similar story. I later learned Symphony sometimes (often?) hires untrained workers. The Patients Bill of Rights (a federal document), created so the individual won't feel bullied or violated, says a patient can refuse care. Workers are then supposed to go away and come back. With good care, an aide says, “May I pull this down? Is it okay for me to wipe you?” An aide persisted and persisted in changing my husband. He protested. She “ignored” him (her words). He protested. She persisted. He hit her. She kept chatting with him and later told others she had no need for medical care. When the Director of Nursing learned the aide had been “assaulted,” Symphony brought in the police and filed a police report! Symphony refused to allow me to ask questions of this aide (who I saw at every visit) and they wouldn't show me reports, giving me few details about the event, as if hubby had arbitrarily and spontaneously assaulted this aide. The police report (public document, folks) showed, in her handwriting, he only hit her after repeated protests where she “ignored” his unwillingness and persisted. During a care conference, when I suggested the hearing aid issue may have contributed to what happened, the Executive Director strongly disagreed. He was then put on a psychotropic drug, making him barely see his own feet or string together a paragraph. But he wasn't yelling or screaming! I got him off the drug when I could. I want him human and real. When I asked the Director of Nursing to have aides speak to him more respectfully (“May I...”) or to help him brush his teeth daily, I was informed that it's difficult to get aides to do something if you're not watching them. End of discussion. Hubby was hauled off to the ER repeatedly for so-called “behaviors.” Several Southview ER professionals said Symphony had a pattern of “dumping” dementia patients on the ER for dementia behaviors because they didn't know how to deal with dementia patients. One day after I left my purse in hubby's room, a nurse brought me my wallet with keys and credit cards etc in it. An Alzheimer's resident had had it. No one ever invited me to file a police report. As an assisted living facility, Symphony is not listed at the Medicare.gov website where ratings are assigned to Medicare eligible facilities, and government officials provide reports about the treatment of this fragile population. The website for Milestone, Symphony's parent company, implies that Sunday religious services will be made available to residents. Symphony does not have any kind of religious services on Sundays. About our tab: the law says I have a right to know what I'm paying for. I tried to get an answer about charges for services after they jacked up my monthly bill by $1,200 a day after hubby “assaulted” the aide. Symphony sent me generic information about items listed, using terminology different from item names on my bill, not answering my questions. After repeated attempts at clarifying where my money had gone, I gave up.

    Review avatar

    Mary Dewitt

    18 May 2019

    I had heard amazing things about Symphony at Centerville, good food, great activities and especially amazing aides, unfortunately I didn't get to experience any of that, I didn't even make it past the incredibly rude concierge. I stopped by the facility on my lunch break only to get some literature as I didn't have time for a complete tour, as I entered the lobby I thought to myself how beautifully it was decorated and made my way towards the front desk.The woman working the desk didn't even acknowledge my presence, in fact she didn't even look up from the binder she was working in to greet me. After a couple of minutes I asked "Excuse me do you have any literature I could take with me?" her reply set me back " I don't have any information I'm just the scheduler." While I was surprised by her response I was still interested in information as I was looking for an amazing home for my aunt and uncle so I asked "If it was possible for me to leave my phone number for someone to contact me?" She threw a notepad on the counter and pointed to where the pens were all the while never looking up from the binder she was working in. I was disgusted at that point and walked out, if this is who they have working to greet clients and someone who is supposed to be the first impression of a business, then I don't know who they have working for them behind closed doors.

    Response From Management: Hi Mary, I’m Katie, I work at Milestone Retirement’s Support Center. First, thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We take feedback like this very seriously, and reassure you that the behavior you witnessed is not an acceptable example of our culture of caring. I’ve shared your review with Symphony at Centerville’s Regional Director of Operations for further investigation. We would like to encourage you to revisit us or call Carrie our Director of Sales at 937-212-9414. Thank you again – Katie, Digital Marketing
    Review avatar

    Joanne Britain

    Verified Review
    12 Nov 2018

    I think they're doing a really good job with the dining. My mom seems to like the meals, they help her cut things up and I think she enjoys the taste of the food so I think they're doing a good job and they've been very friendly. Their Activities Director is amazing, I've never come and found my mom sitting in her room watching TV ever, and she’s always participating. The healthcare staff has done really well, when I walk in, they'll talk to me about how she's doing or what's new or different or anything like that so they've done very well, they've all been very friendly and open with me.

    Review avatar

    joanne yon

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    Most of what we looked at for my wife was less expensive, but didn't offer the accommodations that we liked about Symphony like the private room and things like that, so you get what you pay for. We like the newness, layout and things like that here, so the community is very nice and it's nicer than most that we looked at. So far management is very good and the dining experience overall has a good variety and is very acceptable. I also think the activities are really good; they're well planned and consistently offered to the residents at the community, so it's been a good experience for my wife so far. Maintenance as far as moving her from one room to the other was satisfactory and the healthcare staff is real good, they're respectful, knowledgeable and accessible to the residents.

    Review avatar

    Rose Pierce

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    We had a family advisor for elderly, she was referred to us through St. Leonard's and she's the one that found the community and we've been extremely pleased. I think they do a lot of activities over there, they try to keep the clients active and busy and stuff like that. She had to go to the doctor and the transportation services have been right there. The nurses are all terrific; at this point in time we are very pleased.

    Review avatar

    Bob Werner

    Verified Review
    27 Oct 2018

    My wife has now been at Symphony for over three months and I am completely satisfied with the facility and the care she is receiving. In that period I have gotten to know all the management, nurses, caregivers as well as all the support staff and have found them to be skilled in their jobs and genuinely dedicated to the day to day caring of the residents.

    Review avatar

    Miriam Conklin

    Verified Review
    26 Aug 2018

    From what I've shopped around and the quotes I've gotten from other places I'm totally satisfied with the value here. The activities are awesome. I would not have the patience to take my mom places they do. The other day when I was visiting I saw thte maintenance team stripping floors, so it has been nice to see that they are doing stuff to the community. I just can't praise them enough. I brought my daughter up from Atlanta this weekend to visit with her and when we left she said that we made the right choice. Everybody we take there likes the place.

    Review avatar

    Glen Brogan

    Verified Review
    19 Aug 2018

    We're pretty pleased with the overall operation. They're doing what we're paying them for and they're taking care of him. He is seen regularly by a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor when he needs one, so you can't ask for more than that. I have only eaten there a couple times, but the food looks great and dad likes it so you can't ask for much more than that. We actually had a family Thaknsgiving there last year for dad and the staff was very accommodating, they did excellent. Maintenance seems to be excellent and we haven't run across any problems with anything. He used transportation when he first went there and it was excellent. They got him to where he needed to be and that helped us out a lot. The caretakers keep me informed with what is going with him and they have been excellent for the past year and a half. They're accommodating and work with me to get him to come around because he can be a very stubborn and obnoxious man, but they seem to handle that really well and he likes the staff. It's just been great.

    Review avatar

    James Malavazos

    Verified Review
    19 Aug 2018

    There seems to be a nice variety of food and the service is fine. We had one issue with his TV and mantenance was right there to fix the problem. My dad has gone on excursions with the bus months, they seem to have an easy time with getting everyone to get where they're going to and then everyone makes it back on the bus. Overall, I have been satisfied with the care he gets.

    Review avatar

    Linda Snyder

    Verified Review
    29 Jul 2018

    It seems like since the new management has taken over, things have stabilized where before it was an area of concern. There was constant turnover in staff, but it seems like they have stabilized things so I've been happy with that. The food seems to be okay, I know my wife has been eating regularly so she must like the food. She needed light bulbs changed and the maintenance crew took care of that right away. They do a good job of keeping things clean and orderly. I think she's happy there.

    Review avatar

    Edward Ansell

    Verified Review
    11 Jul 2018

    He was at another community and he was having difficulties there, which is when I received a call from Tiffany. We came in after an hour of talking to her and decided it would be a great fit if we could accomplish all the things she said. One of the things we really do appreciate is that management jumps in and helps when they need to. I really like that the staff in the dining hall really knows the residents and calls them by name. Within a day or two of being there, the staff all knows my dad by name and they cater to him. Housekeeping does a good job and they actually hang up his clothes right away. I like the Activity Director. She is very friendly with all the residents and she also goes out of her way. They even include the family members in activities and try to keep the residents engaged. They keep the place to where it is safe and repaired. Everyone there works so hard and they really make the residents feel at home.

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    Feb 1, 2019

    FamilyAssets looked at 15 reviews and calculated that Symphony at Centerville has a weighted rating of 4.338 which makes it the #34 ranked community within 25 miles of Dayton, Ohio.

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