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Symphony at Mentor

Based on 34 reviews | Highly Rated Community in Mentor

8155 Mentor Hills Dr, Mentor, OH, 44060

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Symphony at Mentor is a assisted living community located in Mentor that offers senior living and care services.

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Symphony at Mentor Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,600

The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,413/month
Mentor average cost of assisted living$3,600/month
Ohio average cost of assisted living$3,600/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Symphony at Mentor assisted living Facility in Mentor, Ohio. Symphony at Mentor is 100% the cost of assisted living in Mentor and 100% the cost of assisted living in Ohio.

Detailed Information

Symphony at Mentor, Mentor OH

The Symphony at Mentor is a memory care community located in Mentor, Ohio. The community serves hundreds of residents, offering exceptional dementia care programs for older adults with memory loss. Their Alzheimer's and dementia care services include: 

  • Housekeeping services

  • Medication assistance

  • Assistance with activities of daily living 

  • Life guidance from a care advisor

  • Laundry and linen services

Like most memory care facilities in Ohio, the Symphony at Mentor is not licensed to provide skilled nursing care. The community's programs are designed for older adults living with Alzheimer's and the facility is not equipped to provide skilled nursing care. However, the community's long-term care services are extensive, offering premium senior living options for older adults in central Ohio. 

For people living with Alzheimer's disease, moving to an Alzheimer's care community can be stressful. The unfamiliar environment can cause the resident confusion or frustration as they adjust to their new surroundings while coping with memory loss. The community's staff understand how Alzheimer's disease can make the transition to long-term care challenging, and making each incoming resident's sense of well-being their priority. 

Independent living and assisted living care lifestyles have their benefits, but may not be the right choice for people living with Alzheimer's and dementia. At the Symphony at Mentor, each person's health and well-being is the community's focus. By offering a variety of social activities and life guidance opportunities, the community aims to make everyone's experience at the facility fulfilling and engaging. 

To learn more about the Symphony at Mentor's senior living options and Alzheimer's care programs, prospective residents can tour the facility. By touring, families can learn how memory care facilities like Symphony at Mentor compare to nearby assisted living facilities. Touring also gives an inside look at the community's various senior living care lifestyles and apartments, showing prospective residents what they can expect. The staff are happy to answer questions about the Symphony at Mentor and how it compares to other memory support living communities, and all guests are invited to join residents for a complimentary lunch during their tour. 

From The Owner

As soon as you step into Symphony at Mentor, an inclusive Alzheimer’s and Dementia community, you will immediately know why this is the place for your loved one to call home. Here you will find a warm, intimate, home like setting that will welcome your family member. On hand, we have a dedicated staff that will treat your loved one as one of their own. Each staff member trained in understanding the various stages of Alzheimer’s that will allow them to care for each resident with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Through our In The Moment® memory care program, we tailor a plan that is unique to that individual, allowing our residents in our care to experience life, laughter, and joy through routine, personalization and flexibility. We also believe in giving our residents a voice. Through our resident inspired activities calendar, your loved one will be able to participate in the planning of the upcoming month’s activities based on what they want to do, inspiring them to be active, e... Keep Reading

Contact Information

Community Website

(440) 390-4236

8155 Mentor Hills Dr, Mentor, OH, 44060

Rankings & Reviews

FamilyAssets Reviews for Symphony at Mentor

We have 34 review(s) for this provider.


03 Jul 2019

I just started working here. The building is very well taken care of. The staff is extremely kind and caring. The residents come first here!! I am very excited about this opportunity and will do everything i can to make this building better for the residents, staff and loved ones. I am so happy to be here.

Megan Corrigan

02 Jul 2019

Great staff and management team! Longevity in the team is a true testament of the commitment to providing great care. With the three neighborhoods, the community represents every person on their journey. The community has presented new updates and the feeling of a homelike setting has really been brought to the forefront!

Corinne Branthoover

05 Apr 2019

Symphony at Mentor, there is so much I can say about such a great place! I absolutely love working here! The fact that my staff and I can prepare and provide delicious, nourishing meals that the residents love is the very best to me. Food is so important to our day for so many reasons! Nutrition, hydration and comfort to name a few. Our signature "Taste and Tell" program is so much fun. The residents learn how to make different dishes as we reminisce about what they enjoyed cooking or eating throughout their lifetimes. So many of the family members enjoy a meal with their loved ones while visiting and stop me in the halls to tell us how much they and their loved ones enjoy the food. This is why I love what I do! Besides providing food, I love our "In The Moment" memory care program. Where else would I have an opportunity to not just cook but spend time with the residents enjoying my hobby as well! I love to quilt and sewing with the residents and watching them sit at the sewing machine or hand sewing a project, to see them loving the class makes it so much more rewarding for myself. The thing that most impressed me when I first came to Symphony was the home like atmosphere and how all of the employees were genuinely compassionate and caring. I honestly can say I love my job!!

Wayne Louis II

05 Apr 2019

Being home-like has nothing to do with the design of a building, it's a feeling. For our residents, being safe and comfortable surrounded by people who truly love them is what makes it feel like home, not the décor. Families members are comfortable here, the staff is approachable and kind, the day just flows. I am very proud of the team at Symphony and the difference they make everyday.

Marie Grimes

Verified Review
12 Nov 2018

I was really happy with management and the grounds were very nice, clean and well kept. The caregivers were very nice, respectful and helpful, my mom was very safe and secure during her time there.

Very Unhappy

07 Nov 2018

Staff is always turning over and not trained. Mgmt doesn't follow up on resident family complaints; staff does whatever they want on 2nd/3rd shift and doesn't take care of the residents properly. Incontinent patients are neglected. If given a change to the care, the change is not documented, shared or followed by the LPN's. Getting ready to sue them.

Frank Anton

Verified Review
07 Nov 2018

I was impressed, it's a comfortable looking place, the size of the room was really good compared to other places that I saw, the fact that it had a fridge and a sink was definitely a plus. The bathroom itself was big and I really liked that. Everyone I've ever run into has been so nice, supportive and welcoming. The first one that I dealt with was Karen and she was terrific, she was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. Wayne was very good; he explained everything to me and answered any questions I had. I knew Sandy, the receptionist, from before because she was the receptionist when my husband's mother was in care. If I give them my name, they immediately know who I'm there for, I'm very impressed. Everybody that I've met has been really good, extremely professional and very friendly and outgoing. I've got the monthly schedule and it seems like they have a lot of activities. The driver that took him to his doctor appointment was really good, friendly and professional. It was excellent, they were right on time. It was very good. The healthcare staff has been fabulous, any time I call and check on him, any time I've stopped in to see him, they have been so good. I really like them all. I'm really happy with where my husband is, for what he needs, he is exactly where he needs to be.

Carol Krause

Verified Review
07 Nov 2018

Location was the biggest factor, it's close to my dad, so we moved mom in. It’s a fair value; the caregivers are haven been accessible and always respectful to mom and us. We didn’t deal with maintenance directly, but we requested specific things before moving in and everything was asked for was done, so we're satisfied with mom's apartment. My dad has eaten there when he visits my mother, and he says the food is good. I remember seeing a calendar as we moved in, a lot of activities going on. They managers have been excellent, and I think the safety in the Memory Care Unit is fine, I have no concerns. It's been great at Symphony at Mentor.

Dorothy Komat

Verified Review
07 Nov 2018

I thought everything was very well run, the residents received individual attention as well as group attention and I was really very happy with it. The food looked appetizing and I think the staff there made every resource available to the residents to just get out of their rooms to go to the TV room and participate, whether it was an entertainer coming in or a craft or activity. Her room was always clean, her bed was always made, her laundry was always done and folded and put away, it was always consistently clean in the morning and the evening. Occasionally we would go on bus trips that Symphony would take us on, different outings, so we did take advantage of that whenever we could. A caregiver or nurse's assistant would always be there to assist her; I think the nursing staff was terrific.

Dennis Brady

Verified Review
07 Nov 2018

I chose this community for my husband because it was recommended to me. I came to visit it and two people I didn't know walked by me and told me how much I would like it here. I liked the help and it seems like a nice place to be. Management has been so helpful with everything. My husband says that the food is good. The staff keeps the residents really busy in the mornings and they have things during the afternoon which is great. Their schedule shows great balance. My husband’s toilet seat broke and he told the maintenance staff and they put a new one right back on. The caregivers are very helpful and nice so far. He has been there for a little over two weeks and so far everything has been fine. Everybody has been really nice.

Don Repasky

Verified Review
09 Oct 2018

The biggest reason that I chose this facility for my father is because it is a Memory Care facility.The management staff has been super super nice and helpful. The calendar is super full, they try to get him involved, they have a lot of different stuff, it looks great. The best thing is that the healthcare staff is very caring, I think it's worth it.

Mary Lee Roberts

Verified Review
04 Oct 2018

The only concern I have is communication among shifts.

Shelley Perry

Verified Review
03 Oct 2018

This place is the best - mom always seems happy. Love Traci and Crystal.

Loretta Adams

Verified Review
02 Oct 2018

The deciding factor for moving my mom here was that Symphony was all memory care. I figured this would give them the edge on the types of things that alzheimer's patients go through. Management is nice and they tried to do everything they could to help us get my mom there. Maintenance was more than helpful in moving us into her room and the caregivers are very good.

Amy Purcell

Verified Review
25 Sep 2018

Angela Clark

Verified Review
21 Sep 2018

This community has an amazing program for people struggling with Alzheimer's or other dementia diagnosis. The team is fantastic!

Jackie Pevec

Verified Review
19 Sep 2018

My husband was there before he passed away and now my mother's there, and she's been there almost three years and it's been a good time. I've had a lot of interaction with Wayne, the Executive Director. He's always been very helpful and handled all my issues. The entire care staff is responsive. Housekeeping and maintenance have been good. I would say Symphony at Mentor is a good value. Caring for my mom is something we tried to do at my home for her, but my father and I couldn’t handle it. They do a good job.

Margaret Hankins

Verified Review
05 Sep 2018

When mom was moving out of skilled care and into assisted living I found Symphony. I was amazed at the price that they charged for what they offered and felt I couldn't do any better. They were just very responsive, very concerned. Anything I brought to their attention was quickly taken care of. The dining services were second to none and in fact we are still in awe at the food that was offered compared to other communities. We would let Mom move back in a heartbeat if she was well enough to do more things for herself. The morale of the people that live there is awesome and they are treated with respect.

Phyllis Tomaselli

Verified Review
28 Aug 2018

I can't even put into words how wonderful the staff was. There's no words. If there's any way I can let the higher ups know, they need to know that. This is the most incredible facility I've ever seen. The value was excellent. Wayne was just phenomenal. I just can't say enough good about all the people there. Let me put it this way, members of the nursing staff drove over an hour to attend her wake. That's how special those people are. They really and truly cared about my mother. The activities were great. They even gave me a picture of my mom, making pottery, then the actual piece of pottery that you made. That was so special. The food was exceptional, even I would have eaten there! The service was outstanding. There was even a girl that worked in the kitchen that wanted to forward me a picture she had of my mother…That's not normal, in a good way! That was just excellent.

Mary Elaine

Verified Review
16 Aug 2018

They are wonderful. They are very personable. "It always seems clean." "They always have people coming in and doing activities with them which I think is great."

Virginia Cole

Verified Review
07 Aug 2018

I'm very impressed with the community. "Excellent, they are all very helpful and friendly, they answer all my questions." "The staff is very good, very helpful."

Barb Polcar

Verified Review
05 Aug 2018

We moved my mom into the community because my wife used to work there, so we always knew the food was good. Since being at the community the management team has always been cooperative and helpful. They take the residents who are able out to places like Dairy Queen and there's always something going on. We get the monthly calendar and it looks quite full. The housekeeping, laundry and maintenance departments are all excellent. The healthcare staff contacts me when they need approval to do things and seem to take the appropriate reactions. Overall, it's been great and it’s a well maintained place.

William Green

Verified Review
07 Jun 2018

It has been a year since my dad moved in and I think everything is good. The meals are delicious, everything is wonderful, including the ladies that serve meals. His room is always clean and the building is beautiful. Hospice is awesome, and they're there every day. Everything is going well!

Joseph Potpan

Verified Review
10 May 2018

It feels so homey; it kind of looks like a house. The management staff was ever so friendly and kind of Johnny-on-the-spot with information and getting us what we needed as well as follow up. They did a really good job. I think they really got it down, they're really in tune. Even though they're management, they check on the residents and know what's going on, which is really nice. They have a lot of different activities they offer. They have a lot to keep residents interested. Every time we go there it’s clean. The staff keeps it spotless and clean. If there's an issue maintenance takes care of it right away. The caregivers are all so very patient. They all deserve a medal, people who work in that field.

Ann Meehan

Verified Review
03 May 2018

My sister feels safe and comfortable living at the community. Maintenance is very good. The caretakers seem to do a decent job. I visit probably every five days. There are minor issues, but I would recommend them without any qualms.

Judith Bauerle

Verified Review
01 May 2018

I think they're great and I'm glad my mother's there. Any time I've had an issue or complaint and went to management, they got the ball rolling and took care of things. All the wait staff is friendly. It's real food. It never looks like it was microwaved, it looks cooked from scratch. They offer a variety. Her room is always very clean whenever I go in. They keep things pretty clean. They do maintain everything real well. The nurses are very good. I feel like if you have a problem or question they're right there to answer it. The head nurse is Tracy, and she goes above and beyond. The price is where it should be. My mother is clean, happy, not lying about in her room.

Bob Jones

Verified Review
11 Apr 2018

The management staff made the process as painless as they could and we got my father in there and he's happy. I'm very happy with it. Every time I walk in the healthcare staff speak to me and let me know if there was any issues. They're very helpful and friendly people. There were several factors why I chose it, I liked the staff when I met them and showed us around. Everyone was friendly and I liked the facility, it was just like a big home, very clean, pleasant looking and odor-free. The location was good; it was right off Interstate 90 so that played a part in the decision. I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Grace Cunningham

Verified Review
11 Apr 2018

I chose the community for my mother because the location was great, and I really liked that they had a 'no cell phone' policy. One of the rooms has a picture window that looks out on the courtyard and there are birdfeeders and stuff. My mom used to have eight birds and she had birdfeeders all over her house, so this looked like it would be a good place for her. Management is very helpful and very friendly. Everything went very smooth during the move in. I like that she has choices in the dining room because she is picky, but there is always something there that she likes. She is still ambulatory and still with it so she is like their little helper. They keep her busy all day long. She helps set up or clean up, though I don't know how well she sits for the actual activity. The caregivers all love my mom. They think she is a hoot.

Lillian Banco

Verified Review
11 Apr 2018

Symphony at Mentor was wonderful. They were the only ones who provided transportation from the hospital to their place and that was a huge deal. Karen was absolutely wonderful. They let me know up front everything that was involved. They have been wonderful. The aides have been wonderful. The nurses have been wonderful. The move-in was very smooth. The room is always clean. Laundry is all kept up. She’s eating 100%. She loves the food. I highly recommend them, and I'm so glad I picked them.

Francisca Benitez

Verified Review
05 Apr 2018

I do like how it's all memory care there. People don't look at her like she's weird. I think she's in the right place. I really love the place. The management staff is doing a super job. I feel very comfortable that my mom is there. I feel that the people there really do care. She was in another place before and it was awful, you could tell the employees there were minimum wage employees. Here it's wonderful.

Karen Lardin

Verified Review
30 Mar 2018

They have a good staff, everyone is polite and conscientious, and that's important to us. They're always accessible, will stop and answer any question. My wife loves helping the Activities Director out, loves the bus trips. She loves to get out and about. The food has always been fairly warm, I've gotten to know the staff well, and they’re always respectful.

Dorothy Comella

Verified Review
28 Mar 2018

My mother has stayed in other facilities, but I wish we had found Symphony sooner. Whenever I have questions the management staff answers me right away. There's always someone around whenever I'm there, always saying hi. She enjoys the music. They just switched to a new director. I went to a party last week and it was great, they had a piano player, everyone enjoyed it. Now they're offering different clubs, like a sewing club. My mom's room is always clean. There's a nice wrap around porch, good décor, it's great for the residents. We asked them to change a light bulb and the maintenance staff took care of it right away. Every time I go there she's clean, washed, hair cleaned, teeth brushed, clean clothes. She's well taken care of.

Betty Latona

Verified Review
28 Feb 2018

I like that the management is friendly and care and seem like they really like their jobs. The activities keep them busy, I like that they don't just sit in their rooms like other nursing homes. One of the reasons we brought my mother here a year ago was because of the activities that was a big plus for us. Everything is always well kept, there's never anything out in the hallways, and it’s all been pretty good. The care department is wonderful. If we ask them to cut her fingernails they take care of it, any issues we come across they handle right away and they're very friendly.

Anthony Marcotrigiano

Verified Review
28 Feb 2018

I think the activities are great, they keeps the residents busy and have nice family affairs. I have no complaints about housekeeping and laundry, those services have been excellent. The maintenance man is great; he's helped my husband a couple times. He got him a newer lamp that worked; he's good and very friendly. The nursing department is friendly and keeps you informed, they're right on it. My husband just had a blood clot and Tracy was on it immediately and had him go to the hospital, they're excellent. Overall, we like the atmosphere, the feeling of home. We're very happy.

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Feb 1, 2019

FamilyAssets looked at 0 reviews and calculated that Symphony at Mentor has a weighted rating of 4.55 which makes it the #12 ranked community within 25 miles of Mentor, Ohio.

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