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McLoughlin Place

Based on 40 reviews | Highly Rated Community in Oregon City

1153 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, OR, 97045

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McLoughlin Place is a assisted living community located in Oregon City that offers senior living and care services.

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  • Memory Care

McLoughlin Place Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $4,195

The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$2,861/month
Oregon City average cost of assisted living$2,861/month
Oregon average cost of assisted living$4,065/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of McLoughlin Place assisted living Facility in Oregon City, Oregon. McLoughlin Place is 147% the cost of assisted living in Oregon City and 103% the cost of assisted living in Oregon.

Detailed Information

McLoughlin Place, Oregon City OR

McLoughlin Place is a senior living community in Oregon City OR offering personal care services, wellness programs, and amenities for older adults looking to live their lives to the fullest. Their staff is available to assist twenty-four hours a day, giving residents peace of mind knowing they can access around-the-clock care whenever they need it. 

McLoughlin Place staff work residents one-on-one to get a strong understanding of their care needs. They create dynamic individualized care plans for each resident, distinct to the person’s abilities and preferences. Each resident receives as much or as little care as they need, depending on their health conditions and self-sufficiency. For example, one person may get help dressing and bathing, while another may request assistance as needed. 

Everyone’s care plan is unique to them but may include services like: 

  • Assistance with daily activities (bathing, eating, dressing, etc.) 
  • Medication management 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Laundry and linen services 
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments

In addition to McLoughlin Place’s long-term care programs and individualized care plans, they offer a wide variety of wellness programs and amenities to help residents stay active, explore their identity, and meet their peers. The community hosts different social events and activities every day, offering a multitude of selections so everyone can find something they will enjoy. To help residents plan their schedule, the community posts an events calendar monthly on their website, offering an ever-changing selection of events for residents to experience. These events may include: 

  • Ice cream socials 
  • Continuing education opportunities, like guest speakers and lectures 
  • Classic movie screenings 
  • Bingo and board game nights 
  • Casino outings 
  • Pet therapy 
  • Happy hours 
  • Live musical performances 
  • Devotional time and prayer groups 
  • Arts and crafts sessions 
  • Exercise programs and fitness classes

When residents want to see their friends on a daily basis they can do so at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, held daily in the community’s exceptional on-campus restaurant. McLoughlin Place’s restaurant staff prepare nutritious three times a day featuring an ever-changing menu of classic favorites and seasonal tastes. Popular meals include baked tilapia, turkey with gravy over mashed potatoes, and beef stir-fry. The kitchen staff is happy to accommodate vegetarians, people who eat kosher, and people with food allergies by offering meal substitutions for residents with special dietary needs. 

McLoughlin Place posts their monthly menu on their website to help residents plan their meals. Prospective residents can check out the online menu to get a better idea of the delicious recipes they can try as members of the community. 

If residents want to prepare their own meals, they can do so in their apartment’s spacious kitchenette. The kitchenettes feature microwaves, cabinet storage, and full-sized refrigerators so residents can prepare meals as they please. Additionally, each unit comes with: 

  • Kitchenettes, featuring full-size refrigerators, microwaves, and cabinet storage 
  • Private bathrooms 
  • Large windows with great views 
  • Emergency call systems 
  • Individually-controlled air conditioning and heating 
  • Cable and internet hookups

Incoming residents can choose from six floor plans, including studio, one and two-bedroom apartments. Studio apartments are available in private and semi-private settings, where people can live with a roommate if they wish. Many older adults like studio apartments for their manageable size and affordability, while others prefer the added privacy of a dedicated bedroom. 

To learn more about McLoughlin Place, interested parties should use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. Touring the community is the best way to see what it has to offer and it gives prospective residents a chance to meet the staff in person. The staff is happy to explain more about their individualized care routines, their person-centered approach to care, the community’s memory care program and answer any other questions guests have about the senior living community. All guests are invited to a complimentary lunch in the dining room as part of their tour. For more information, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: How do I know if McLoughlin Place is right for me?

Everyone’s care needs are different, so it is important for them to find the senior living community that best suits them. McLoughlin Place offers a comfortable, secure environment for people who need mild to moderate care, giving them a place to enjoy their retirement with the peace of mind that comes with around-the-clock care. 

As an assisted living community, McLoughlin Place exclusively offers non-medical care. Non-medical residential care is not a substitution for skilled nursing care for people living with chronic illness or injury. There are a few questions people can ask themselves to determine if assisted living is a viable option, depending on their level of care: 

  • Is the person confined to their bed, or are they ambulatory? 
  • Does the person require ongoing medical attention? 
  • Does the person have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or short-term memory loss? 
  • Does the person need therapy or rehabilitation?

If a person is non-ambulatory or permanently confined to their bed, McLoughlin Place may not be a suitable option for care. The same principle applies to people who require ongoing medical attention: McLoughlin Place does not have the same resources as a nursing home, and cannot provide similar types of ongoing skilled nursing care. 

However, thanks to McLoughlin Place’s In the Moment® memory care program, people with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s and dementia are welcome at the community. The Alzheimer’s care staff provide non-medical treatments for people living with Alzheimer’s to create a safe, secure place for them to thrive. The community’s memory care services treat a wide range of memory impairments and their staff is equipped to help people living with all stages of memory loss,  Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

To learn more about the community’s memory care community and level of care requirements, use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour to ask the staff directly. 

Q: How do I know if the McLoughlin Place In the Moment® memory care program is right for me?

If a person is living with early to late-stage Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or mild to severe memory loss, the McLoughlin Place In the Moment® program might be a suitable choice for care. The program offers specialized memory care services for people with memory impairments, creating a safe, secure environment for them to live and thrive. The staff uses structured activities to stimulate their minds and help them live with memory loss, along with assisting them with their daily activities. 

To learn more about the community’s care options for people with memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia, use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. Seeing McLoughlin Place in person gives prospective residents a chance to speak with the staff and ask questions about the community’s memory care program. The caregivers may explain how their Alzheimer’s care programs differ from other communities in the area and discuss how they use activities to help people living with Alzheimer’s. 

Q: Does McLoughlin Place offer short-term care programs for people who receive in-home care?

Yes! In-home care recipients can stay at McLoughlin Place for up to 30 consecutive days as part of their respite care program. Respite care residents stay in the same beautiful apartments as assisted living residents and enjoy many of the same amenities, wellness programs, and social activities. To learn more about McLoughlin Place’s respite care program, use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour! 

Q: How much does McLoughlin Place cost?

McLoughlin Place does not offer a “one-size-fits-all” price for residents. The residence assesses a base rental fee for each resident, which includes their room and board, housekeeping services, and on-site meals. The community charges additional fees for people who need add-on services that are not included in their base rental agreement, and two-bedroom apartments typically cost more each month than one-bedrooms or studios. 

To learn more, prospective residents can use the “Get Pricing” link above for a personalized quote or use the “Get Inquiry” link to ask questions about fees and discounts. 

From The Owner

At McLoughlin Place Senior Living, we’re proud to be the small, local choice, and as the local choice, we understand the needs of Oregonians and are here to help. One of our resident’s family members put it best when he made a point to tell us, “You might not be the newest building, but the reason I moved my loved one here is because this is the type of place where I can kick off my shoes, put up my feet, and call this home.” If you’re looking for a local senior living community based on the principles of compassion and respect, we’d love to meet you. Call us today to schedule a tour. Keep Reading

Contact Information

Community Website

(503) 610-4132

1153 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, OR, 97045

Rankings & Reviews

FamilyAssets Reviews for McLoughlin Place

We have 40 review(s) for this provider.

DeAnn Chambers

19 Aug 2019

I stopped by to see if "The McLoughlin Place", would be a good fit for my Mother. Mary O'Dell greeted me and took me to see her only available room. Mary was wonderful. She was very informative and engaging. She was very knowledgeable with all the details about what paperwork we would need and how all of my Mothers needs would be met. As I watched all the interaction with the Residents and the management I could see that this was a loving and inviting place for my Mother to stay. She will be moving soon. I feel so happy that knowing she will flourish while living at McLoughlin Place. DeAnn Chambers

Audrey Spring

Verified Review
23 Nov 2018

What I do like about it is they seem to have long term employees. She has been there over a year and a half and I am seeing a lot of the same people and I like that. I eat in the dining room occasionally and usually just have a salad or something. Mom likes it most times and says it is pretty good. The housekeeping is pretty good. It looks clean when I go in there to visit mom. The care staff comes to her twice a day and bring her her meals if she doesn't go down to the dining room to eat. The new person that took over the care of the residents is doing a good job.

Norma Peterson

Verified Review
20 Nov 2018

In regards to the management, we had to go through getting her on Medicaid and they were very helpful. The dining is working out really well. My mom is gluten free and they have been able to accommodate her. My mom attends the church on a regular basis. They have been able to get her to do more activities then the other place. She has gone to some of the functions which is actually huge. My mom is enjoying the activities so I am happy about that. She doesn't go to everything but they are getting her to go to more things. They went all out for the Halloween party. The housekeepers are good and the gal is very nice and very kind. She interacts with my mom, just doesn't come in and just does the work; she spends time with my mom. The maintenance staff seems to respond quickly. The care givers are great. That is why we ended up going to McLoughlin Place. We spent almost two months trying to find a place and when we went in we just knew when we saw what they were doing.

Theda Jackson

Verified Review
19 Nov 2018

I would say it is a pretty good value. I think management is doing a good job. Mom says the food is great. The staff seems pretty respectful and helpful. They are more than willing bring you anything you ask for. I know they have quite a few different activities there and Mom has participated in a few. I have been there a couple times when they have come in to do the laundry and take out the garbage. I think they are keeping up with what they are supposed to be doing. The maintenance department had the apartment ready for her when she moved in. The building seems pretty clean as well.

Charles Libby

Verified Review
19 Nov 2018

The management is good and responsive. They seem to be doing a good job. My dad is happy with the food. We are satisfied with the activities being offered, the housekeeping and maintenance service. I think they are doing a really good job with his care.

Selma Johansen

Verified Review
19 Nov 2018

One of the reasons we chose it for mom was that while some communities have an odor, we've never experienced one at McLoughlin Place. Location also, it's close to our house. The people were nice and friendly, place looks and smells clean, and the residents seem well taken care of. The managers have been really good and the Memory Care service seems to be going over well. I popped in this morning to take mom to an eye appointment and she was clean, dressed, the room was clean. The caregiver staff does a good job, everybody is friendly. I got personal help with the main maintenance man hooking up her phone, maintenance has been good. Everything looks good around the community, it’s awesome. The housekeeping is really on point. I met the housekeeper and she is super-sweet and very attentive. I haven’t heard anything negative from mom about the meals or from the staff, so it seems mom’s enjoying it. The CNAs are good serving her. I think my mom’s in a good place and I would definitely recommend it, we've had a good experience so far.

Quinton Million

Verified Review
17 Nov 2018

The Executive Director is an awesome lady. They have good service and the food quality seems to be really good, the staff in the dining room is doing really good. Everything seems to be on the up and up, everybody is nice and pleasant and fun to work with, and they have a good attitude. Humor is the best thing you can ask for and there is a lot of that going around; I'd live there.

Patricia Richardson

Verified Review
14 Nov 2018

McLoughlin Place is what we really wanted for mom. It was clean, and the staff was very approachable when we came and asked questions. Management worked with us and are keeping us informed, and the care giving staff also has definitely been keeping me informed. My mom says the meals are great, and the staff makes the activities accessible. They make sure there is a good variety, and they're really good at reminding mom and getting her involved. Everything is always picked up by housekeeping, the trash is taken out regularly, and everything is clean. Maintenance is fabulous. Anything we asked, hanging pictures and such, they were Johnny-on-the-spot and helped us with that. I am 99.9% pleased with everything; they are so good and really good with mom. I really have no complaints. I appreciate all that they do.

Dee Overacker

Verified Review
29 Oct 2018

My brother-in-law is getting his care, his food, his meds, and they're nice; it's a nice place. After almost three years, the caregivers know him and have always been friendly and seem to understand my brother-in-law's disability and know to ask him questions. Once they understood, they’ve been good. He's always been able to go someplace, or do the bingo or different activities downstairs. It's been kind of nice. They take trips, go to the library, and have lots of things in-house. I think maintenance addressed an issue when he moved in right away, they've always been quick to address things. Housekeeping and laundry are the same. It's always been clean; everyone has been very nice and welcoming there. All-around it's been a very good place for my brother-in-law.

Paul Hansen

Verified Review
22 Oct 2018

My brother has been there quite a while, three or four years. The management team is A-#1 at McLoughlin Place, and housekeeping does a pretty good job keeping everything clean. The caregivers are responsive to my brother's needs, the food's fine, and the activities people always get the people busy. They're always playing bingo or other games with them. You never see anything broken. Randy's in charge of maintenance and he does a good job. My brother's happy, he hasn’t fussed about nothing.

Juneann Wagner

Verified Review
22 Oct 2018

I'm very satisfied with mom's apartment, that was something of a draw to having her move in there almost three years ago. The maintenance team are responsive, quick, go out of their way to help and problem solve, and they always do it in a happy way. My mom likes the bingo, and I know she's safe and comfortable there. I've been in many other communities in the area and McLoughlin place has always been better.

Lila Libby

Verified Review
22 Oct 2018

It was a very open and friendly place compared to some places that we visited. The staff have a tough job and I think they do an awesome job there. I thought the activities were great. The maintenance people are super. Every time she had a little request they were very responsive. Everything we saw and the people that we got to know around there I think it was a very good place. I would recommend them unequivocally.

Carolyn Smith

Verified Review
15 Oct 2018

My mother-in-law has lived here for a year and I think the layout of her room is perfect. The residents all seem happy with the dining. When I am there they seem to always have an activity going on. The building is always clean on the inside and outside. They are on top of it. If something breaks they get it fixed. Overall, I think it's a good operation.

Helen Williams

Verified Review
12 Oct 2018

It was recommended by the social worker at Providence Hospital. The management staff is great and from what I can tell, they try to do their best to keep everybody active. I think the caregivers have been responsive and she seems to be okay with the food. In terms of safety, they seem to keep it locked down well.

Betty Moore

Verified Review
09 Oct 2018

I took my mother and we were really happy about what they had to offer. The management have been very personable, they've been very open to my needs and my mother's needs, I feel really happy and good about it. The staff there in the dining room are very wonderful, there's not one person I talk to around there, maintenance or a caregiver, that isn't the most friendly person, it's just really nice. It's very nice and clean, it always smells good when you go in there. Her apartment is always very clean, I'm always very happy.

James Thompson

Verified Review
09 Oct 2018

My dad just moved in, he chose McLoughlin Place because of the location, and it came highly recommend by people who knew the industry. They've gone above and beyond, they take good care of him there. The caregivers are so good with my dad. And they are professional and kind. My dad is enjoying the food, maintenance has been very helpful, and with housekeeping, everything's been well. It's a very safe environment. I feel we are definitely getting what we pay for compared to other communities out there.

Orvetta Stockslager

Verified Review
25 Sep 2018

The care staff is doing an awesome job with my Aunt, they do a great job of paying attention to her, they know a lot about her and they do a great job of keeping us informed. Everything at this community seems to be very well taken care of. The housekeepers are there regularly and they do a good job cleaning her apartment. They offer quite a few activities for the residents to choose from and I think that's great. They treat my Aunt very well. We always wish things were cheaper but we want to give my Aunt the best that we can and I think she's getting great care at McLoughlin Place.

Wanda White

Verified Review
23 Sep 2018

My mom has lived at McLouglin Place for almost 3 years. I volunteer with the ladies at the community because I love them all. It's a great group of women. Everyone at the front desk and in management are excellent. If I do have a problem, I can go to them and they fix it. I have to give a high five to Julie, she's awesome and Shelby in the front is great as well. Shannon, in housekeeping, does a great job and my mom's apartment is always very clean. Randy, the maintenance guy, will help the ladies with everything. Everyone loves Randy! I would certainly recommend this community to others.

Otis Helman

Verified Review
19 Sep 2018

My father in law has been there since April two years back. Management does a good job as does maintenance and housekeeping, and the food is pretty good. The caregivers seem to be fine, they also do a good job. McLoughlin does a good job. He’s comfortable there.

Elsie McConnell

Verified Review
19 Sep 2018

I like that I can go in anytime of day to check on my mom I don't have to fit my visit in any designated visiting hours. The care teams do a great job with bathing and dressing her, she is always clean and looks nice. The activities department have a lot of things going on each day, two choices in the morning and two in the afternoon. The cleaning lady does a great job of keeping moms room looking clean. The maintenance guy, Randy, is very helpful and the building is always awesome looking. Overall, my mom has lived here two and a half years and we've never had a problem.

Dolores Dow

Verified Review
19 Sep 2018

My mother loves it there. She likes the dining area and she thinks the food is good. Anytime I have dropped in for a meal myself it has been good. The housekeeping services have been great and my mother has been pleased with going on the outings. She's safe and comfortable living at the community.

Dorothy Vandiver

Verified Review
17 Sep 2018

My mom has been a resident at McLoughlin Place for almost 3 years. The front desk people are wonderful. Housekeeping and laundry do a nice job and Randy does a great job in maintenance and transportation. Peggy, my mom's aide, is one reason why we're there. She helps my mom out so much. She puts fresh flowers from her garden on my mom's table and she brings joy to my mom and everyone that works and visits there. Peggy is absolutely wonderful and a very kind lady.

Helen Brannan

Verified Review
17 Sep 2018

I think the McLoughlin Place was the best place I could have found for my mom. They provide a lot for her that she doesn't always take advantage of. The cooks do a phenomenal job at making recipes and Randy in maintenance does an amazing job. Randy is very responsive and his team of guys work really hard to keep things going. I'm impressed with the nursing staff's patience. I know this can be a hard and thankless job and I really appreciate the people that can commit to doing this job and doing it well with respect for the residents. I would say McLoughlin Place is a good value for what you get. Not everyone can live in a nice place like this.

Eveline Temple

Verified Review
11 Sep 2018

I think it's great that my mother-in-law is able to be in there for the price she is in there for. I like that they have their own private bathroom. She is in a shared room so I think it's done well as far as the space available and how they have it arranged. The management is always willing to help you do whatever you need to do and there's always someone there to talk to you and how things are going. They seem to be on top of the way things are happening around here. They offer all kinds of activities every day and I think there's quite a variety there too. It looks really nice, both inside and out. It's all clean and the landscaping is manicured. The inside is vacuumed and kept nicely, it looks great. She's doing really well there. I'm happy with the way she's being handled.

Georgia Chandler

Verified Review
22 Aug 2018

My mom loves living at McLoughlin PLace. She seems very satisfied with the dining and she says the food is very good. She's always late to meals but they still server her, so that's very nice. My mom isn't much of a social person, but I know she really enjoys doing the art with the new person they brought in. Housekeeping has been fine, and maintenance has been helpful with any pictures that needed to be hung. I think the care is fine too. She is happy there.

Margaret Shoop

Verified Review
22 Aug 2018

So far, if management can't answer my questions they'll find me someone that can. The activities director is wondrerful. She has good people skills and she goes down everyday to get my mom to join in the activities. There are a lot of activities there and mom goes to a lot them. As far as my mom's room, it looks like they keep it pretty clean. I think my mother seems very happy there and as far as care wise they do a darn good job. If ever something happens, the caregivers have been quick to call us, which I greatly appreciate. All in all, my mom seems to be doing well and that's a very good thing.

Edith Howard

Verified Review
08 Aug 2018

The management is very approachable and The food is good. They have my mom participating in as many activities as she wants to. The Activities Director is very good. They are doing her laundry and I think they do a great job. There haven’t been any issues I know of other than the closet doors would fall off the runners. They fixed it. The outside of the building looks very nice, the inside is very clean. My mom considers it her home, that's a good thing. We're getting bang for our buck, even though she's on Medicaid.

Jean Plaisance

Verified Review
07 Aug 2018

While my mother was at the community I can say with confidence that they provide a lot of good service for the fees charged. Management is pretty responsive and I was always able to get messages to them. They had activities 7 days a week and usually had 6 different activities each day. I would say with my mom, when she would eat, she enjoyed the food, and she was normally a picky eater. They did a nice job of working with the residents in the Memory Care unit. The caregivers did a good job and were nice to just about everyone. It's a good place and I've already recommended it.

Yvonne Larson

Verified Review
06 Jul 2018

I think the price is within the range of other places we looked at. We wanted to give my friend the best we could within her financial restraints. I think it was a good choice. I think that management does a good job. The servers are very courteous. I think that the housekeeping is exceptional and her room is clean. She has used transportation for doctor appointments and it was good. She likes the drivers. They're very nice and courteous. The vehicle is clean and orderly. It offers everything that is needed in Assisted Living. I feel confident in recommending it and I don't do that lightly.

Donna Fowler

Verified Review
19 Jun 2018

When I have a question, Amanda gets back to me and stays on it until it gets resolved. There's a good variety, its good quality, and it's not institutional food. There are always choices and they always have great desserts. The maintenance guy there is fantastic. There have been a couple issues and he's always gotten right on it. He goes the extra mile for everyone. Everything seems to be running very well. What my mom pays is fair for all of the things she gets.

Donald Leiby

Verified Review
12 Jun 2018

My dad has been there for a little over a year. I think the staff is doing well and he says the food is okay. They're doing a nice job cleaning, and he looks presentable when I see him. I think all around they do pretty well.

Debra Marshall

Verified Review
12 Jun 2018

They have a really good chef, and my mom enjoys the food. They have a new Activities Director. She's kind of young and hasn't gotten to the full program. It's getting better; she's doing more activities with them. The building is clean. It's nice and there are no odors. They take really good care of my mom. They take care of everybody there.

Betty Yoder

Verified Review
08 Jun 2018

The facility is better, the care is better, and my wife enjoys it a lot more. I like the community there. The cleaning is excellent, the lady who gets in there is excellent. The gal, they just have the one in Memory Care, is in there cleaning every day. She's a neat lady and does a good job. I think the staff is all accessible and responsive.

Harry Todd

Verified Review
31 May 2018

My husband has been at the community since April of 2018. Mary who runs it is excellent, she was so nice. I've eaten there several times with him and they have very good food. The maintenance men are wonderful, they've been very helpful anytime you need anything, and they’re very good. As for the healthcare staff, I don't know how anyone can be that patient. They are very, very good at what they do.

Tom Miller

Verified Review
01 May 2018

From the comparisons I have done, I would say it's a good value. I have made friends with some of the workers there, and one of them is the woman who cleans. She has always been so helpful. My husband's clothes seem to be clean and well taken care of. I did observe a group of men were explaining the tools they had used, and the residents were talking about the tools they used in the past. I was impressed with that, and in fact, that is one of the things that made me think it would be a good place for him. He is taking his medication as far as I know and I think he is doing well in that regard.

Roger Flagg

Verified Review
24 Apr 2018

Overall, I really love the place and I think the people care. I am very appreciative of them. The things that I have reported have been taken care of in a timely manner by maintenance. The distribution of the medications is pretty stellar. From my vantage point I would be very happy with the activities. My husband doesn't have many expectations of the activities. He is not a joiner. They do occasionally have an activity or two that he would like to join in on but I have to point it out to him. I am really quite happy that he is there. I know that he is loved there.

Teri Burke

Verified Review
24 Apr 2018

Since my mom has been at the community I think the services have been good. The dining service is good; they are really friendly and nice. She has fun with the activities she participates in. The cleaning is mostly good. The laundry has been great. The care staff is really great with her.

Diane Harr

Verified Review
12 Mar 2018

It's pretty fair; it seems to be pretty in line with other facilities I checked into. I looked at quite a few and talked to quite a few so I think it's pretty good, it's reasonable. I think everything for the situation and the lifestyle the elderly have, it's very clean and modern, it's a very nice place. The maintenance man Randy is awesome, he does great. So far, the caregivers seem to be attentive to my mom's needs and it seems like they're good. The apartment has been perfect for her.

Ann Siemens

Verified Review
28 Feb 2018

It's the best place she's been at. We've been very pleased and my mother is happier than she's ever been. I think they have activities but we can't get her to go do them. I think they have many things they encourage her to do. She definitely has some aides she just loves. I have no complaints!

Arlene Sprenger

Verified Review
28 Feb 2018

I don't have a lot of interaction with the folks in management, but when I have called in, they have been very responsive. I have never had a single concern about any of my interactions with any of the staff. My mom partakes in some of the activities, and she seems to be happy with that. She seems to becoming a bit more solitary than wanting to participate, and she doesn't really go out on any of the excursions anymore. You know, when you start to get memory loss, you get a little more nervous about unfamiliar places. I go to her room and visit her, and she still has the crafts sitting around and tells me she made them at craft time, so I think she enjoys the one she is going to. She loves the socials

FamilyAssets Score

Feb 1, 2019

FamilyAssets looked at 52 reviews and calculated that McLoughlin Place has a weighted rating of 4.425 which makes it the #35 ranked community within 25 miles of Oregon City, Oregon.

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