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The Wentworth of East Mill Creek

Based on 24 reviews | Highly Rated Community in Salt Lake City

1871 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT, 84106

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The Wentworth of East Mill Creek is a assisted living community located in Salt Lake City that offers senior living and care services.

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    The Wentworth of East Mill Creek Price

    Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,320

    The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

    Compare costs for The Wentworth of East Mill Creek

    Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
    Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$2,950/month
    Salt Lake City average cost of assisted living$2,950/month
    Utah average cost of assisted living$2,950/month

    FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of The Wentworth of East Mill Creek assisted living Facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Wentworth of East Mill Creek is 113% the cost of assisted living in Salt Lake City and 113% the cost of assisted living in Utah.

    Detailed Information

    The Wentworth of East Mill Creek, Salt Lake City UT

    The Wentworth of East Mill Creek is a senior living community offering personal care services for people who need help with their daily activities. Their staff understands that everyone’s retirement journey is unique to them and no two people have the same care needs. Using a person-centered approach to care, they work one-on-one with residents to create individualized care plans, designed to perfectly meet each person’s distinct needs. 

    As a Wentworth of East Mill Creek residents, people receive as much or as little care as they need. Caregivers are available around-the-clock, offering twenty-four-hour care every day. Each person’s care plan is different and it changes as the person’s needs do. Wentworth of East Mill Creek’s services include (but are not limited to): 

    • Personal care/assistance with activities of daily living 
    • Medication management 
    • Transportation to appointments 
    • Housekeeping 
    • Laundry and linen services

    The community appreciates each resident’s individuality, treating them with respect and dignity during their stay. They encourage residents to interact with their peers and establish close friendships with their many wellness programs,  amenities, and social activities. The community offers a new calendar of social events every month, giving residents an endless selection of fun activities to participate in during their stay. Examples of community events and social activities at Wentworth of East Mill Creek include: 

    • Game nights, featuring Bingo, checkers, and card games 
    • Bible studies and devotional time 
    • Arts and crafts sessions 
    • Classic movie screenings 
    • Casino outings 
    • Group hikes 
    • Ice cream socials
    • Continuing education opportunities, like lectures and guest speakers

    Incoming residents can choose from three spacious floor plans, including studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. Studio units are excellent for older adults who want to downsize, while the one and two-bedroom apartments offer the added privacy of dedicated bedrooms. 

    Each apartment is unique with its own personal charm, but each comes standard with: 

    • Kitchenettes, featuring full-size refrigerators, microwaves, and cabinet storage 
    • Private bathrooms 
    • Large windows with great views 
    • Emergency call systems 
    • Individually-controlled air conditioning and heating 
    • Cable and internet hookups 

    Each apartment is tastefully decorated, with expansive windows offering outstanding views of the residence’s beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a soothing, comfortable living space. Residents may live alone, with their spouse, or with a roommate depending on which lifestyle best suits their needs. The community is pet-friendly for small, well-behaved cats and dogs, giving residents a chance to bring their furry friend with them when they move into a senior living community. To learn more about the community’s specific pet requirements, use the link above to make an inquiry. 

    Residents are welcome to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily in the community’s beautiful on-campus restaurant. The kitchen staff prepares fresh, tasty meals daily, including classic favorites and seasonal tastes like pot roast with gravy and mashed potatoes, spaghetti with meat sauce, and sweet and sour pork chops. Vegetarians, people who eat kosher, and people with food allergies are welcome to request meal substitutions as needed to accommodate their special dietary needs. 

    Like the community’s events calendar, Wentworth of East Mill Creek posts their monthly menu on their website. Most residents enjoy their meals in a communal setting, but room delivery is available for people who are unable to go to the dining room on their own, but the community encourages everyone to eat in the communal setting for daily social interaction. 

    To learn more about the  Wentworth of East Mill Creek’s around-the-clock care services, individualized care programs amenities, and wellness programs, use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. Touring the community is the best way to see everything it has to offer, giving guests an inside look at the apartments, the gardens, and the common areas. The staff is happy to answer questions about Wentworth of East Mill Creek and explain how it compares to other assisted living facilities and independent living communities in the area. Guests are invited to a complimentary lunch during their stay in the community’s restaurant. For more information, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: How do I know if the Wentworth of East Mill Creek is right for me? 

    As individuals, everyone’s care needs are different and unique to them. Some people need more assistance with their daily activities than others, and certain care programs are more suitable for individuals than others. Before considering the Wentworth of East Mill Creek for senior care, it is important for prospective residents to consider their care needs and the community’s available long-term care services. 

    With around-the-clock care and on-campus meals, the Wentworth of East Mill Creek helps hundreds of older adults with a lot of the natural challenges that come with aging. However, personal care services are not suitable for everyone, particularly those with chronic illness or injury. Interested parties should ask themselves a few questions to see if the Wentworth of East Mill Creek is a viable choice for care: 

    • Is the person ambulatory? 
    • Does the person need continual medical attention? 
    • Does the person have memory loss or dementia? 
    • Does the person need rehabilitation? 

    A person must be ambulatory to live at the Wentworth of East Mill Creek. People who are permanently confined to their beds long-term may not be admitted to the community, as per their admission requirements. The same standards apply to people who require ongoing medical assistance. the Wentworth of East Mill Creek is not a nursing home and does not provide skilled nursing care. A person who lives with chronic illness or injury may have a better experience at another community. 

    Schedule a tour using the link above to learn more about the Wentworth of East Mill Creek. 

    Q: How do I know if Wentworth of East Mill Creek’s In the Moment® memory care program is right for me or my family member?

    Learning to live with memory impairments, Alzheimer's disease and dementia can be challenging. As the symptoms progress, people may need help with their day-to-day activities, making senior living a popular option for people living with Alzheimer's disease short-term memory loss. Fortunately, Wentworth of East Mill Creek’s In the Moment® memory care program offers tailored Alzheimer's care for people who need help adjusting to life with memory loss. 

    Caregivers assist memory support residents with their activities of daily living, provide medication management, and offer housekeeping to make their lives simpler and worry-free. They work with each person one-on-one, getting to know them personally so they can provide compassionate, individualized care. They use structured activities and state-of-the-art treatments to bond with residents and stimulate their minds, simultaneously managing their symptoms and helping them navigate their dementia journey. 

    To learn more about Alzheimer's care and the In the Moment®, use the link above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. 

    Q: Does Wentworth of East Mill Creek offer short-term care programs for people who receive in-home care?

    Yes, Wentworth of East Mill offers short-term care. When people receive in-home care, they may need a substitute caregiver on occasion while theirs is away.  Thanks to the Wentworth of East Mill Creek’s respite care program, older adults who receive in-home care can stay at the community for up to 30 consecutive days to receive professional care. 

    To learn more about respite care at the Wentworth of East Mill Creek, use the link above to make an inquiry. 

    Q: How much does Wentworth of East Mill Creek cost?

    Each person’s monthly fees vary according to their care plan and their apartment. The community charges a base rental fee that includes a person’s room and board, housekeeping, and meals, then assesses additional fees according to each resident’s care needs. To get a personalized quote from Wentworth of East Mill Creek, use the “Get Pricing” tool above. 

    From The Owner

    The Perfect Mix of Care and Hospitality The Wentworth at East Millcreek is a state-of-the-art assisted living provider located in Salt Lake City, UT. Our Senior Living in Salt Lake City, UT, offers the perfect mix of personal care and hospitality tailored to meet the individual needs of residents. At The Wentworth at East Millcreek, we believe in giving residents control over their lives and encouraging independence and socialization all while providing exceptional care. Our range of services extends from more independent living to traditional assisted living services such as bathing, dressing, and medication management. All these services are housed within a safe and attentive atmosphere complete with a 24-hour personal call system and around the clock staffing. You can take comfort in knowing help is always available at The Wentworth at East Millcreek! Call us today for your personal tour! Keep Reading

    Contact Information

    Community Website

    (435) 256-8401

    1871 E. 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT, 84106

    Rankings & Reviews

    FamilyAssets Reviews for The Wentworth of East Mill Creek

    We have 24 review(s) for this provider.

    Review avatar

    Scott Ratcliffe

    26 Jun 2019

    I want to take a moment to talk about the Lifestyle and Leisure Director at the Wentworth At East Millcreek. Her name is Tara Pahoulis and she is a very special lady! We moved my mother from an independent living facility nearby, and both of us wondered how everything would feel at her new home... this was a big change moving to assisted living! Well... what a pleasant surprise. We have Tara :) there is a calendar posted on the wall that is the size of a small desk because it has to be that big, to fit everything! There is a wonderful mix of regular recurring activities, that promote interaction, motion and some creativity… There are all sorts of special things mixed in there too like wonderful talent coming visit to entertain, others are brought in so residents may worship right on site if they wish, there are many outings planned to get folks out of the house and to see the world outside, to be able to do shopping, and to be able to enjoy some special treats and events that our beautiful and vibrant area has to offer. So many things that Tara plans are really major undertakings, getting folks on and off of the transportation bus, making sure everyone’s safe and secure, and even more so, that everyone is included and enjoying themselves :) Tara is just a tiny little person but her heart is 10 times bigger than her entire physical presence, she truly cares with every grain of her being, and this comes out in so many ways both overtly and covertly. She truly is a gem and puts her heart and soul into everything she plans and everything she does, and you can tell she truly enjoys doing this for the residents. She never seems exhausted or put out, there is no end to the passion and energy she puts in to what she does, and you can see it in her interactions with each individual resident. Just little things that really touch peoples hearts… Like on a recent drive up the canyon, they must’ve passed by some patch of absolutely breathtaking flowers, someone spoke up about how pretty they were and she found a way to park safely, get out, and get a beautiful flower for everyone on the bus. It really is touching, these things come very natural to her, she’s been known to gather pretty flowers from the property itself and have them on the tables in the dining area as well :) She is a genuine kind soul, and she not only is an employee of the facility, she truly is the creator of the community in which all the residents live, not just “exist”, but truly live. Everyone is encouraged and included, regardless of physical ability, personality, or comfort level… I will cite my own mother as an example... she would frequently stay holed up in her apartment and only come out for an occasional meal time, but would rarely ever participate in much else. Since moving to East Millcreek, and having Tara at the helm, my mother comes out and participates almost daily, and something… Anything… And she is making friends, is networking, and she is literally blossoming. My brother and I had thought on multiple occasions she had climbed on board the coach and was starting her journey out of here... she had lived her life and she had had near enough… Oh no no, not anymore!! Tara makes it very comfortable for people to peek out of their little safety zone, come out and just sit with others, maybe play a game with a small group, win some candy, just cool things like that. My brother and I see a tremendous difference in my mom, and as grown children, there is no way to describe how wonderful that feels, knowing she is happy and doing well. When visiting, you can see Tara doing all sorts of things, at meal time she is helping out in the kitchen and dining area both serving and tending to everyone’s needs then even cleaning up… She pitches in and helps out anyway she can. She is literally a dynamo with an amazing heart, a sweet smile, a very charming and kind demeanor, she is silly, thanks to one of Tyler’s recent videos, we got to see she can also dance... :-) Tara is an important part of the heart and soul at the Wentworth at East Millcreek and her attention to care, and connecting with each individual resident... the value and importance of this can not to be underestimated. When having a loved one living at an assisted care facility, there’s no such thing as showing to much caring for the residents. As a family member, one could only pray for something so special for their senior parent. :) To quote my mom in describing Tara, here are four simple words: “She’s a class act”

    Review avatar

    Scott Ratcliffe

    22 Apr 2019

    Having a parent who lives in a senior living residence, you want to be confident that it’s a wonderful place for them to live, and that they are surrounded by wonderful people that truly care. Additionally, when your parent is already in an independent living facility, and the decision is made to move to an assisted living facility… These are difficult challenges where there are many questions, many emotions surrounding the decisions and you want to be confident that you’re doing the right thing, and it becomes even more important to know that the people that will help care for your parent will have her well-being at heart. I cannot say enough positive things about the Wentworth at East Millcreek, having come from another Milestone property it was an obvious choice to move within the family... From the very first phone call I made, just to start asking some questions… Everyone has been attentive, willing to take the time, very patient and very accommodating, and took a process that was honestly quite scary and made it very easy for us. we arranged a tour to bring my mom to see the property and we spent all the time we needed, looked at a model unit, looked at what would become her own unit, talked about all the neat things that we do at the property, met a few people that would be giving her care… Right away we felt like arms had been extended and that we were getting a hug from a new family. All arrangements that needed to be made to go through the process were made as simple and easy as possible, generously offering help at any point through the process, we arranged a move-in day, and were literally welcomed from the moment we stepped foot in the door. Once moved in, we were immediately introduced to some other people that they thought my mom would enjoy knowing, and this has been the beginning of some wonderful new friendships. All of the caretakers that pop in and tend to her needs are warm and wonderful, very patient and caring, always have a smile and always make you feel very comfortable. Everyone who helps manage the facility is kind, personable, professional, and very approachable, you can see since this is a smaller property that at many times everybody pitches in to help out with all sorts of things like at meal time, during events, and just in general, everyone works together to make living at the Wentworth at East Millcreek a quality experience. Even since my mom moved in I’ve had various questions about different things And everyone is very welcoming and is very informative, once again taking a journey that seemed a little scary and making it all very comfortable and letting me feel confident that we are all doing the right thing and that my mom is in a wonderful, wonderful place. Thank you to everyone who operates the Wentworth at East Millcreek, and all of the wonderful residents that have welcomed her, all of the neat fun activities that take place, and the general feeling of warmth and comfort we all enjoy as her family :)

    Review avatar


    17 Apr 2019

    The Wentworth at East Millcreek is a home-like environment with staff that really cares. The rooms are more than adequately sized with huge closets. The food is prepared by a trained chef and served restaurant style. The activities are well thought out and the residents look forward to them. I would recommend this community to anyone looking for a little extra help for an aging loved one.

    Review avatar

    Shelley Tanner

    16 Apr 2019

    It's a small community so all the residents know each other. There's plenty of activities to keep busy. Staff is friendly and they care about all the residents deeply. Rooms are a good size and they are clean. There's a big yard in the back for family and friends who can visit outside in the summer time.

    Review avatar

    Jean Wildfoerster

    Verified Review
    15 Nov 2018

    I feel really comfortable having my mother there; I have all five years she's lived there. Whenever issues come up management has gotten in touch with us, they're really good at working with mom. The caregivers are very good also. Everybody seems to do a good job there, a very good job. She uses the bus for trips and shopping. They take mom some interesting places, and the in-house activities are also very good. If there's something mom isn’t aware of, the come looking for her in her apartment and ask if she's interested. The young lady who heads the department is really nice. I think the food's just fine. Mom has no complaints and I've eaten there myself a couple of times. We have no complaints about maintenance or housekeeping, we feel very good about mom being there. We've just been really pleased with the care mom gets there, the nature of the community, and all the people there have been good to my mom.

    Review avatar

    Leonard Park

    Verified Review
    15 Nov 2018

    My loved one was there for a short while and moved to be closer to his kids. I had another loved one who lived there for a year and I cannot say anything even remotely negative above the staff at Wentworth. The management is phenomenal. They treated my loved one with great respect. The meals were good, portions were good, I think the food there was good for him. The quality of the building was fantastic, it was very clean. The value at Wentworth is good; I've recommended two people there.

    Review avatar

    John Hanna

    Verified Review
    08 Nov 2018

    After looking at many places my brother and I felt this was the best place for him. I think the value was in the ballpark. The management was out and about in the community and greeted me when I came to see my uncle. They were very approachable with any concerns. There is a nice variety of activities to participate in here. The houskeeping does a good job and the maintenance responds quickly to any request. The transportation service worked out well when he needed to use it. The care staff did a good job of medication management as well.

    Review avatar

    Joan Galligher

    Verified Review
    07 Nov 2018

    I work with Tyler a lot and I love Wentworth at East Mill. I love working with their community, I've had a couple of families move in there. The community fee was really a deciding factor, my clients liked that it wasn't a first month's rent equivalent where some communities charge up to $2,000-3,000 so a community fee has been a big deal for families I've worked with. Communication is awesome with management; I really like the homelike environment there more so than other communities. The activities are strong, there is a strong calendar, at least five or six activities, there's always something going on, they hit the mark there. East Millcreek is always clean, it looks really good in the lobby area, and my client has been impressed with the housekeeping. My client used the transportation services for a doctor's appointment and they accommodated the time, got her there safely, and everything went smooth. I love the East Millcreek community.

    Review avatar

    Martin Eastwold

    Verified Review
    25 Oct 2018

    The caregivers are great, they're very personable, my dad likes all of them and gets along with all of them. In terms of activities, it sounds like, especially with Amy as Activities Director, she keeps it versatile and brings in as many entertainers as she can. She does her best to include everyone. Transportation is also Amy from Activities. All I have to do is make an appointment with her and she's very accommodating. Whenever there's been an issue, the maintenance person is good about looking into it. If there is an issue I just ask and housekeeping handles it. My dad seems to really enjoy the food and dining at East Millcreek. Dad is safe and comfy, and I'd say the value for us is good.

    Review avatar

    Jordanne Davis

    Verified Review
    21 Oct 2018

    The staff was great! We went to look at places for my mom and out of all the facilities we looked at, wentworth at mill creek was by far the best.

    Review avatar

    William Wilkinson

    Verified Review
    18 Oct 2018

    Wonderful building went to visit a grandparent and liked what I saw they were doing a foreign food activity while I was there and it looked like a lot of fun!

    Review avatar

    Thomas Potter

    Verified Review
    17 Oct 2018

    Wonderful Community the staff is great and everyone is so helpful!

    Review avatar

    Jeanette Dallin

    Verified Review
    14 Oct 2018

    My sister was there for two months of a respite stay, and it was a fair price. Management was very nice, apartment cleaning was good, and the building was kept up nicely. Amy was very good with activities. They had shopping and trips out to lunch, and going for a ride up in the canyon. The experience was very nice.

    Review avatar

    Ruth Dame

    Verified Review
    28 Sep 2018

    My mom likes it there and her sister is there too, which is great. Compared to other places, the price is fair. To me, dining is the highlight of my mother's day to get out of her room, be with people, and eat. I think she enjoys the food. As far as service, the food, the atmosphere, it's excellent. I does look like they have a good variety to me. Sal does my mom's meds, and she is the most caring person. She's kind and caring and will listen. Another aide, Sonja, she's a sweetheart, really good to my mom, and she's been there a long time. She’ll just do anything for you, she's very, very good. Most of the aides are good. They handls things professionally, and never make mom uncomfortable.

    Review avatar

    Virginia Lindsay

    Verified Review
    20 Sep 2018

    It has been just over a year since my mom moved into the community. They have a good menu variety and my mother seems to enjoy the activities. She enjoys the people who play music and sing. She is very happy with the activities. Housekeeping has been excellent. They keep everything nice and tidy. The guy who comes in to clean is so friendly and cordial. He always makes sure he is not inconvenienceing her. He does a good job. The laundry is fine. The maintenance guy keeps an eye on everything and is just wonderful. Everything seems to be in fine shape. The caregivers are really good. We just resolved an issue regarding a perscription medication that was not filled on time. The caregivers worked tirelessly with my mother's doctor and the pharmacy to get it refilled. They are top notch.

    Review avatar

    Frank Arnold

    Verified Review
    20 Sep 2018

    The value of The Wentworth of East Mill Creek for the money, is well worth it. I am really happy with the new management team and they really added some nice new activities like a Veteran's club and a resident of the month. My dad's room looks very clean and the building always appears to look good. In terms of care, the healthcare staff is respectful, accessible and responsive so all in all, my dad's happiness in his last days is something just can't put a price on.

    Review avatar

    Elma Erickson

    Verified Review
    22 Aug 2018

    The management is really good and the food has a good quality to it. Maintenance is good. We don't have problems, but I have had a problem before and they do a good job as well as the building is really good, they keep it clean. They have a real good caregivers, anytime we have problems, they come in real quick and take care of it. It's been almost 8 years of my wife being there and I think that they're just perfect in everything they do.

    Review avatar

    Darrel Allington

    Verified Review
    06 Jul 2018

    They’re all respectful and knowledgeable here. They're really pretty excellent. I've gone to nearly every community anywhere around the whole of Salt Lake City. I've stayed in some, and my wife has stayed at others. I would probably recommend Wentworth over any others in that price range.

    Review avatar

    Effie Edwards

    Verified Review
    13 Jun 2018

    I like it because it's not very big and because of that, the residents get more attention. Overall, my mother likes it there and I am extremely pleased. Management has been good about letting me know when things happen. They got some new dining staff and they changed up the menu a little bit. They have a lot of activities going on and I think the Activity Director does a good job. My mother's apartment is well kept. Maintenance did help her with her TV. The building is in good condition and well kept. The healthcare staff does a good job. There is one gal that has been there a long time so I feel I can call and talk to her about things. My mother is on a different program and they check on her often.

    Review avatar

    Art Green

    Verified Review
    02 May 2018

    The healthcare staff is very kind to me and to my brother and I've seen them with other residents and they seem to go out of their way to take good care of everyone. The transportation staff takes him to his appointments, he just lets them know and they are prompt and take good care of him. They're wonderful. Everything they need is right there. He had some boxes delivered and they got them out of his way right away, they're very conscientious about things like that. They activities seem really diversified and there seems like there's something for everyone. I don't really interact with the administrative staff too much but they seem to manage the staff excellent.

    Review avatar

    Virginia Diegel

    Verified Review
    01 May 2018

    I've compared prices to a couple of other places and it seems to be the value is pretty reasonable. The staff is extremely friendly and polite. My experience with management has been quite good. One of the things that first attracted us to the place is how clean and bright the place is and how friendly the staff is. My mom's been on a few activities that seemed really good. She has gone out to a couple of meals out and a couple of outings to museums. The dining staff actually does a pretty good job given their constraints. I haven't heard any complaints and they always seem very polite and very friendly.

    Review avatar

    Mary Roskelley

    Verified Review
    11 Apr 2018

    I moved in because my brother lives just around the corner. I think transportation has been very excellent. The management staff has been excellent; they've been very cooperative and have been very understanding. The care staff has been fine and friendly.

    Review avatar

    Elizabeth Maguire

    Verified Review
    28 Mar 2018

    The price is comparable with other facilities. Maintenance does a good job and the building is beautiful. The med techs are very nice and make sure to deliver medicine on time. They have a good variety in the dining room. They have some new dishes and new seasonings. We are very happy having my mother there.

    Review avatar

    Patricia Egan

    Verified Review
    28 Mar 2018

    I do feel that it's a fair price. I think they do a really good job with the activities. It makes my mother really happy when we get her to go. The caregivers do a good job and I appreciate what they do, it's a tough job. The building is very nice; it's clean and smells good. The maintenance staff has been very responsive, especially since my mother is sight impaired. They do a really good job in dining. My mother loves the food.

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    Feb 1, 2019

    FamilyAssets looked at 20 reviews and calculated that The Wentworth of East Mill Creek has a weighted rating of 4.784 which makes it the #10 ranked community within 25 miles of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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