The Wentworth of Willow Creek

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8325 South Highland Drive, Sandy, UT, 84093

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The Wentworth of Willow Creek is an assisted living community located in Sandy that offers senior living accommodations and services.

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The Wentworth of Willow Creek Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,687

The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,841/month
Sandy average cost of assisted living$2,950/month
Utah average cost of assisted living$2,950/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of The Wentworth of Willow Creek assisted living Facility in Sandy, Utah. The Wentworth of Willow Creek is 125% the cost of assisted living in Sandy and 125% the cost of assisted living in Utah.

Detailed Information

The Wentworth of Willow Creek, Sandy UT

The Wentworth of Willow Creek is a premier senior living community in Sandy, UT offering everything a person needs to live their life to the fullest during their retirement. With assisted living and memory care programs, the community is equipped to help older adults with a wide spectrum of needs, offering around-the-clock care and a wide variety of amenities. 

The community works with each person one-on-one to develop individualized care plans, taking their everyday challenges and personal preferences into consideration. Caregivers understand everyone’s personal retirement journey is distinct and encourages each person to openly express their questions and concerns while receiving long-term care. 

The community’s personal care programs are extensive, including (but not limited to): 

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, etc.) 
  • Medication management 
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments 
  • Around-the-clock care 
  • Laundry and linen services 
  • Housekeeping

In addition to the Wentworth of Willow Creek’s outstanding long-term care services, residents love the communities wellness programs, amenities, and social activities. Staying active, expressing one’s identity and making friends are important parts of a healthy retirement and the community encourages residents to get up and go with an ever-changing event schedule. Wellness programs, social activities and events at  Wentworth of Willow Creek may include: 

  • Painting lessons 
  • Bingo and board game nights 
  • Classic movie screenings 
  • Happy Hours in the restaurant 
  • Casino outings 
  • Devotional time and prayer groups 
  • Exercise programs and fitness classes

The community’s events are open to all residents, including those in short-term respite care. By offering community events, Wentworth of Willow Creek stimulates their residents’ minds and helps them define their retirement with new hobbies, creative interests, and meaningful, long-lasting friendships. 

When residents apply to Wentworth of Willow Creek , they can choose from three apartment layouts. The community offers one studio floor plan and two one-bedroom floor plans. The studio offers a spacious living area that doubles as a semi-prive bedroom, saving on costs for incoming residents who want affordable senior living. One and two-bedroom apartments have private bedrooms and manageable square footage, making them an excellent choice for someone who wants to downsize. 

Each Wentworth of Willow Creek apartment is unique with its own personal charm, but each unit includes: 

  • Kitchenettes, featuring full-size refrigerators, microwaves, and cabinet storage 
  • Private bathrooms 
  • Large windows with great views 
  • Emergency call systems 
  • Individually-controlled air conditioning and heating 
  • Cable and internet hookups

The community is pet-friendly, and allows one small, well-behaved cat or dog per unit. Residents can live alone, with their spouse, or with a roommate, depending on their preference. To learn more about Wentworth of Willow Creek’s living arrangements and pet-friendly policy, use the link above to schedule a tour. 

Some residents like to prepare meals in their apartments, while others enjoy homestyle, professionally-prepared meals in the community's on-campus restaurant. The restaurant staff prepare meals daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The community posts its monthly menu online so residents can plan their meals ahead of time, which may include classic selections and seasonal tastes like baby back ribs, teriyaki chicken with rice, or roast beef and potatoes. Meal substitutions are available for people with special dietary needs, like vegetarians, people who eat kosher, and people with food allergies. 

To learn more about the Wentworth of Willow Creek, use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. Touring the community is an outstanding way to see what it offers, like its spacious apartments to its beautiful restaurant and common areas. The staff are happy to answer questions about the community, its person-centered approach to care, and its recreational programs, and they can explain how Wentworth of Willow Creek compares to other assisted living facilities and independent living communities in the vicinity. Tour guests are welcome to a complimentary meal in the dining room, giving them a closer look at what it is like to be a resident. For more information, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I know if the Wentworth of Willow Creek is right for me? 

No two people are exactly the same and everyone’s long-term care needs are distinct to them. It is important for people who need long-term care to choose the right facility to guarantee their happiness and sense of wellbeing. 

Wentworth of Willow Creek offers a spectrum of non-medical services for people who need mild to moderate personal care. Their community is suitable for people with a wide range of care needs, offering assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, and dietary planning. However, as an assisted living community, the Wentworth of Willow Creek is not equipped to provide skilled nursing care and is not licensed the same way as a nursing home. To see if Wentworth of Willow Creek may be a suitable choice for senior living, prospective residents can ask themselves the following questions: 

  • Are they confined to their bed? 
  • Do they need ongoing medical attention? 
  • Do they have memory impairments, Alzheimer's or dementia? 
  • Do they need rehabilitation?

The Wentworth of Willow Creek requires all residents to be ambulatory. They are not prepared to help older adults who are permanently confined to their beds, and may not admit applicants who are bedridden for the person’s safety. The same principle applies to people who require ongoing medical attention - the community is not licensed to provide long-term skilled nursing care and may not admit residents who need ongoing medical attention. 

People with Alzheimer's disease or short-term memory loss may consider the Wentworth of Willow Creek for long-term care, thanks to their Alzheimer's care services. The Wentworth of Willow Creek’s In the Moment® memory care program takes each person’s individual dementia journey into consideration, creating a care routine that fits their personal needs and preferences. The community is designed to help people with all stages of Alzheimer's disease, giving people a place to thrive and feel secure as they learn to live with memory loss. 

To learn more about  the Wentworth of Willow Creek’s memory care community and available long-term care services, use the link above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. 

Q: How do I know if Wentworth of Willow Creek’s In the Moment® memory care program is right for me or my family member?

Living with Alzheimer's and dementia can be challenging. Fortunately, Wentworth of Willow Creek’s In the Moment® dementia care program offers compassionate solutions for people living with Alzheimer's, creating a safe and secure place for them to enjoy their retirement. 

The In the Moment® Alzheimer's care program works similarly to assisted living, offering personal care services, housekeeping, and medication management. The staff add special activities to each memory care residents routine, designed to stimulate their mind and boost their mood. All of the memory care community’s services are exclusively non-medical and are suitable for people living with all stages of Alzheimer's and dementia. 

To learn more about Wentworth of Willow Creek’s Alzheimer's care services, interested parties can use the link above to make an inquiry or stop by the community for a tour. The staff can answer questions about the In the Moment® program and explain what sets their Alzheimer's care routines apart from nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. 

Q: How much does Wentworth of Willow Creek cost?

There are no “one-size-fits-all” cost estimates for residents at Wentworth of Willow Creek.The community charges a base rental fee for each person according to their desired apartment layout, which includes their room and board, housekeeping, and daily meals. Any additional services are added to a person’s monthly fees accordingly. 

To get a personalized cost estimate for Wentworth of Willow Creek, use the “Get Pricing” tool above. 

About The Community

As Active as You Want to Be! The Wentworth of Willow Creek is a state-of-the-art assisted living and memory care provider located in Sandy, UT. Our senior living offers the perfect mix of personal care and hospitality tailored to meet the individual needs of residents. At The Wentworth of Willow Creek, we believe in giving residents control over their lives and encouraging independence and socialization all while providing exceptional care. You'll love how our friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to meet new friends and fill your day with a number of fun and engaging activities. Our range of services extends from more independent living to traditional assisted living care such as bathing, dressing, and medication management, as well as a specialized memory care program attending to the needs of those living with Alzheimer’s or other memory impairment. Residents live in a safe and attentive atmosphere complete with a 24-hour personal call system and around-the-clock staffing. …

Contact Information

Community Website

(435) 256-8329

8325 South Highland Drive, Sandy, UT, 84093

Rankings & Reviews

FamilyAssets Reviews for The Wentworth of Willow Creek

We have 4 review(s) for this provider.

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25 Jan 2021

I am compelled to let others know the complete incompetence we have experienced in dealing with this facility. My father had been residing here for about a month and a half when writing the first review and we began looking for a different placement. Within the first 2 weeks, the facility sent a text telling family members to come pick up our father because they couldn't handle normal Alzheimer's behaviors. My father was attempting to break out of the window in his room and later figured out how to trigger the door to unlock of their secure facility. They began heavily medicating him and never consulted with family regarding these changes. They offered zero assistance in finding a new facility. It is a difficult decision to place your parent in a home and I think it's important that other's know our experience to avoid problems like we've experienced. This is even more complicated with the pandemic and need for COVID testing. Update: Since writing this review, our family made the decision to move my father to a different facility that specialized in Alzheimer's. The option given to us by the facility was to pay more for 1:1. He was tested for COVID out of protocol to enter the new facility. It was then we learned that he was positive and this was confirmed with two rapid results tests. My brother that went to help with the move saw him and he was in a wheelchair and could barely move on his own because he was so weak. He overheard a worker state that he had been that way for a few days. We were not informed about this severe decline in his health, and had we not been transferring him, who knows how long his condition would have bene undetected. This occurred on a Friday afternoon. Over the weekend, we were not allowed updates on his health except to one family member "because of HIPPA." We later confirmed family members should have been granted access. The updates we were given were inaccurate and led us to believe he was doing okay. On Wednesday afternoon, we received a grim update informing a quite different picture of his health. A plan was made to group text updates daily. That evening when facetiming him, we learned his fever was 103 when we had been told it was managed with Tylenol up to that point. The worker informed us this is how he had been all along. On Thursday, I text at noon asking to address the temperature in the update we still hadn't received. We were given an update again that it responded to Tylenol. Two hours later we were told he was having complications and to expect to hear from his hospice nurse. He was pronounced dead in the early hours of the morning. We buried our father today and have not even been outreached by the facility with condolences, a card or flowers. I can not emphasize enough how much we regret bringing my father to this facility and how helpless we felt with him in their care. Please look elsewhere.

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Suzanne Nikolaisen

16 Apr 2019

We have been so grateful for the Wentworth and for all that your community has done, and continues to do, for our family. My mom has been welcomed into the community with open arms and endless patience. We have been nothing but impressed with the helpful staff and with the patience of the Chef (and the staff) with my mom's continual suggestions. Thank you!

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Teri Wood-Elegante

04 Apr 2019

Charles has been to 3 other facilities before we found The Wentworth. This facility has a good mix of care and community for him. He has always been a little rebellious, but when he is comfortable and happy, he’s like a lamb. Kelsey is a goddess in my eyes. By that I mean, she magically makes things happen. She is so personable and kind with Charles. I am surprised she answers the phone when I call, because it’s always about Charles and his care! She not only takes care of him but is so happy and professional that it inspires all of the aides, CNA’s and Nurses. I am grateful for the cleanliness of the facility, the food is excellent and the open seating promotes a family atmosphere. I loved the space right away; it is very elevating. I am so excited for the new activities and reading that is taking place. My only complaint is that I cannot speak with my husband EVER. I think this is wrong. If I need him to hear the sound of my voice, it is just as important as medication. I feel alienated by this, and I realize that there may not be an easy answer, but I would like it addressed. That is the only reason I couldn’t feel good about a five star rating.

Review avatar

Kristi Watabe

03 Apr 2019

My parents moved in to Wentworth Willowcreek 12 months ago. My father was on hospice, and passed several months after the move. My 76 year old mom has some memory issues, so we were looking for a place that wasn't going to be too large and overwhelming for her. It took about a month for her to get used to the layout of the place. It would have been much harder if we had placed her in a huge center with hundreds of residents. My mom has learned the names of most of the residents and staff, and she has made several good friends. She loves the activities, and we love the staff. There are a large handful of long-time employees that have known my parents from the beginning. They help keep my mom grounded. I would imagine that there can be a lot of turnover in assisted living centers - it's not always glamorous work. There has definitely been some turnover with the staff at Wentworth, but it really is no surprise in that line of work. The core group of techs and administration have been there for a long time. We adore the new director – he is one of the most caring directors we encountered on any of our tours of assisted living/memory facilities. My mom looks forward to the activities the most at Wentworth. She loves flower arranging and crafts. She likes going on scenic drives. She loves the cooking class activities and loves playing BINGO. She never was really a BINGO lover before, but the residents have a lot of silly fun when they play with the activity coordinator. Mom loves all of the talent that comes through to perform- they certainly keep the residents entertained in the afternoons. When I can’t find my mom when I pop in for a visit, I always check the library or the balconies first. There are some nice areas and nooks to curl up with a good book. I love that there is a small park immediately next to the Wentworth – I can take my mom on a short walk when I come for a visit, and because there aren’t any stores or distractions within eyesight, my mom has never ventured too far away (a relief!). If you visit the Wentworth, the first thing you will notice is the main entry living room is often full of residents sitting around the fireplace reading or chatting. It is a very welcoming environment. My mom appreciates that she can attend a brief church service on Sunday mornings at 11:00am. It’s just right for her. All of the employees are genuinely kind to my mom, and many give her hugs and social support on a regular basis. There is a large handful of that staff that I appreciate more than they know. My mom’s room is the perfect size – it took a few months, but she quickly started calling it “home.” I was so happy when that happened. What a relief – a place that feels like home in that stage of life is hard to find. If a light bulb burns out, we tell the desk and it is always changed by the time we visit next. We have never complained about the cleanliness of her room – the trash is taken out on a regular basis, and the bathroom is always clean. The entire facility has a pleasant smell, and there always seems to be someone cleaning something. My mom doesn’t get lost in the crowd at Wentworth. She is cared for, and I feel safe leaving her in their care. No place is perfect, but this place feels great to my mom and to me.

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