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Harbour Pointe Senior Living

Based on 16 reviews | Ranked #21 of 341 communities in Mukilteo

10200 Harbour Pl, Mukilteo, WA, 98275

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Harbour Pointe Senior Living is a assisted living community located in Mukilteo that offers senior living and care services.


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Harbour Pointe Senior Living Amenities

  • Memory Care

Harbour Pointe Senior Living Price

Estimated Monthly Cost of $3,230

The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

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Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,230/month
Mukilteo average cost of assisted living$3,230/month
Washington average cost of assisted living$4,500/month

FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Harbour Pointe Senior Living assisted living Facility in Mukilteo, Washington. Harbour Pointe Senior Living is 100% the cost of assisted living in Mukilteo and 72% the cost of assisted living in Washington.

Detailed Information

Harbour Pointe Senior Living, Mukilteo WA

At Harbour Pointe Senior Living in Mukilteo, WA, people can enjoy a life of relaxation as they receive long-term care. The community believes retirement is about staying active, engaging with others and fostering creativity, which they promote with their various community amenities and long-term care programs. They also believe animal companionship can play a crucial role in a healthy retirement, and they allow each resident to have one small, well-behaved animal during their stay. 

The community's amenities and wellness programs are endless, with an ever-changing calendar of social events and activities for resident participation. Each resident is encouraged to go to the events that most interest them, creating an opportunity to meet friends, express themselves creatively and learn new things. 

Incoming residents can check out Harbour Pointe’s social events calendar on their website. The calendar changes every month and may feature opportunities like: 

  • Arts and crafts sessions 
  • Game and movie nights 
  • Group outings and hikes 
  • Guest speakers and lectures 
  • Fitness classes 
  • Pet therapy

When residents are not enjoying social activities with their friends, they can spend some time alone in the community’s beautifully-landscaped courtyards. The courtyards offer sitting areas where people can enjoy the weather and scenery while catching a breath of fresh air. 

In addition to their calendar of social events, the community’s restaurant offers an excellent opportunity for residents to bond and spend time with others. The restaurant staff prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, offering classic favorites and seasonal tastes like steak with mashed potatoes, omelets, and lasagna with meat sauce. Vegetarians, people with allergies and kosher individuals can request substitutions for certain food items if they need to accommodate their special dietary needs. The menu is published monthly on the community’s website, where current and prospective residents alike can see what the restaurant is serving for the next few weeks. 

When residents want to prepare their own meals, they are welcome to do so in their apartment. Each unit comes with a kitchenette where people can cook as they please. The kitchenettes are spacious but not overwhelming, complete with counter space, cabinet storage, and full-size refrigerators. In addition to kitchenettes, units include: 

  • Private bathrooms 
  • Closets with storage space 
  • Cable and internet hookups 
  • Large windows with exceptional views of the surrounding area 
  • Dining areas 
  • Emergency call systems (enabling around-the-clock care)

Incoming residents can choose from three floor plans depending on availability, including studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. Studios offer an affordable, manageable senior living for older adults who want to downsize, while one and two-bedroom apartments have the added comfort of dedicated bedrooms. The right apartment for each person depends on their needs and preferences and the community’s staff are happy to help incoming residents find the apartment that meets their needs. 

As Harbour Pointe residents, people can receive a wide variety of personal care services. The community’s most popular services include: 

  • Assistance with activities of daily living 
  • Medication management 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Laundry and linen services 
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments

To learn more about the community, interested parties should use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. Touring the community is the best way to see what it has to offer and it gives prospective residents a chance to meet the staff in person. The staff is happy to explain more about their individualized care routine, the community’s memory care program and any other questions guests have about the senior living community. All guests are invited to a complimentary lunch in the dining room as part of their tour. For more information, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I know if the Harbour Pointe Senior Living community is right for me?

Harbour Pointe specializes in non-medical care for people who need mild to moderate assistance with their activities of daily living. They offer affordable alternatives to in-home care for people who the peace of mind that comes with assisted living and independent living communities. However, the community is not equipped to care for everyone and there are some health conditions their staff are not able to treat. To find out if Harbour Pointe may be a suitable choice for senior care, prospective residents can ask themselves the following questions: 

  • Is the person ambulatory? 
  • Does the person need ongoing medical attention 
  • Does the person have memory impairments, Alzheimer’s or dementia? 
  • Does the person need rehabilitation?

Harbour Pointe is not a nursing home and is not licensed to provide skilled nursing care. If a person needs skilled nursing care because they are permanently confined to their bed or they have chronic illness or injury that requires ongoing medical attention, Harbour Pointe may not be a suitable option for care. 

However, the community’s specialized In the Moment® memory care program makes it an ideal residence for people with memory impairments, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Staffed with compassionate nurses and caregivers, Harbour Pointe’s memory care community creates a nurturing environment for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia to thrive, regardless of the severity of their symptoms. 

To learn more, interested parties can use the links above to schedule a tour or make an inquiry. Touring the community is the best way to find out if Harbour Pointe is the right choice for senior care, and the staff is happy to answer questions about the residence’s services and amenities. 

Q: How do I know if Harbour Pointe’s In the Moment® memory care program is right for me or my loved one?

Living with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss can be challenging. Dementia presents new hurdles a person may not be used to and they may require help to adjust to life with memory loss. Fortunately, Harbour Pointe’s In the Moment® memory care services are there to help. 

Harbour Pointe’s memory care community is similar to assisted living and independent living communities, offering assistance with each person’s daily activities and providing basic personal care services. However, the memory care community’s staff are specially trained to help people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, using structured activities and other proven methods to stimulate their minds. 

The memory care community is suitable for people with mild to severe Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and memory loss, as long as their symptoms do not require skilled nursing care (in the case of people who are incontinent or bedridden, for example). To learn more about Harbour Pointe’s Alzheimer’s care services, prospective residents can use the link above to make an inquiry. 

Q: Does Harbour Pointe offer short-term care program for in-home care recipients?

Yes! People who receive in-home care can come to Harbour Pointe for up to 30 consecutive days to receive personal care services. Respite care guests receive the same services as assisted living residents and are welcome to the community’s social events and activities. To learn more about Harbour Pointe’s short-term care programs, interested parties can use the link above to make an inquiry. 

Q: How much does Harbour Pointe cost?

There are no “one-size-fits-all” cost estimates for residents at Harbour Pointe. The community charges a base rental fee for each person according to their floor plan, which includes their room and board, housekeeping, and meals. Any additional services are added to a person’s monthly fees accordingly. 

To get a personalized cost estimate for Harbour Pointe, interested parties can use the “Get Pricing” tool above. 

From The Owner

At Harbour Pointe Senior Living, we’re proud to be the small-town, local option. Many of our residents have lived in Mukilteo for all of their lives, and we’re happy to offer senior living options to them right here, in the town they’ve always called home. If you or a loved one are looking of a senior living community that practices a culture of caring and compassion close to home, we’d love to meet you. Call us today to schedule a tour. Is it time for a visit? Click below to get directions to Harbour Pointe Senior Living, directly from your doorstep! Keep Reading

Contact Information

Community Website

(928) 255-1519

10200 Harbour Pl, Mukilteo, WA, 98275

Rankings & Reviews

FamilyAssets Reviews for Harbour Pointe Senior Living

We have 16 review(s) for this provider.

Elaine Braa

Verified Review
16 Oct 2018

It has been six months sincemy mother-in-law moved in. She says of the food that it is good most days. She enjoys the little snacks they put out for her. She isn't a participator she likes to hang out and watch others. The activities staff is good about making sure she is around when they have things going on because they know that about her. I really like her housekeeper she does a very good job. The care team are good about following requests they are given. Example, we asked to have her ready for a dentist appointment and they had her all ready make up on and all when we arrived.

Majorie Delfel

Verified Review
16 Oct 2018

My mom has lived at Harbour Pointe for eight years. It was just four months ago that we moved her to the memory care. It has been really good because she was still able to keep her friendship. It is a very good fit. We were gone for almost three weeks and we didn't have to worry. The building looks great. For my mom the housekeeping is doing a great job. From what I have seen, the care staff is working just fine.

William Greiner

Verified Review
09 Oct 2018

When I went to Harbour Pointe the caferteria was nice with high ceilings. It smelled clean and the floors were really clean. The people that were at the front were very friendly. My parents seem to be very happy with the food. My parents seem to enjoy the activities. They have the shuttle and they take them out on the mystery trips. Everything seems to be working very well. It makes me feel better that they are there. I feel that they are safe there.

Lois Pursel

Verified Review
09 Oct 2018

My mother-in

Mary Chance

Verified Review
05 Sep 2018

The management seems to be good. Everything worked out real good, they were real accommodating with everything. My mom just loves the food, the soups and the service. It's always nice and hot, that's excellent. The maintenance department is always right on the money there whenever anything needs to be done. If a lightbulb is out, they take care of it right away. The care staff are very attentive, they always seem to be there on time and if she has any questions they're good with answers right away. Everything is real good there.

Marjorie Jorgeson

Verified Review
25 Jul 2018

There seems to be a good value. My friend is happy with the housekeeping. Maintenance has been excellent. When there is a problem, they address it quickly. She enjoys the transportation when she is feeling good. She uses it to go on the mystery rides on Saturday. We haven't had any concerns.

Earl Bailey

Verified Review
12 Jul 2018

Everything has been very good and everything seems in order. The grounds are in good shape. They wash his clothes everyday if it's needed and they mop his floor every day. The old place smelled when I'd visit him, but that is never the case here. We are very satisfied with the administration and everything. We are very happy with Harbour Pointe, our whole family is.

Dick Mayer

Verified Review
02 Jul 2018

The dining service is very professional and accommodating. The trips that the residents take are great because it gets them out of the community. My father actually started the movie night activity after dinner on Saturdays and they were really receptive in allowing him to do that. Maintenance does a really good job maintaining the building and its grounds. They respond right away with any issues we have in his room. He uses transportation for activities and it is helpful. Overall, the value is reasonable and I have a good understanding of what the costs are.

Doris Geary

Verified Review
22 Jun 2018

The price is a little high but for what she gets it is okay. I know my mom is safe there so the price is worth it. The servers are really nice. They keep her room really clean. We have only had a problem with the cable and the maintenance department was right there to fix it. We haven't had any problems.

Bill Eichenberger

Verified Review
22 Jun 2018

The front desk person is particularly accommodating. She is always friendly and nice to everyone. My brother does use transportation to go to the grocery store and the doctor's. The service so far has been good. He likes the drivers and the drivers make accommodations for him. My brother has commented that the new Maintenance guy is good. I think it's a good value for what I've seen in terms of pricing at other facilities.

Carol Benson

Verified Review
02 Jun 2018

I think the community caretakers have been doing a good job of keeping up with my mom's meds and checking on her every day. She seems to be getting out of her apartment lately so there must be some good things going on. They have quite a good variety of things for her to do. I like the fact that they strive to keep it in excellent shape. As far as I know the maintenance staff has been doing great with the remodel and everything. In terms of dining, I think they have a good variety and are really on top of things. All in all, we have been satisfied.

Judy Hjelseth

Verified Review
16 May 2018

It's the going price and her room is pretty big. Everything with management was fine. We thought the food was very good and we didn't hear any complaints from the residents. They look like they have really good activities. Housekeeping was excellent, I have seen marge several times and we never had any complaints. With laundry, they did as much as we let them do and they did fine. The care was pretty good.

Hazel Lee

Verified Review
09 May 2018

So far, so good. We've had some relatives that have been in other facilities and what we've been offered is competitive. We've been very pleased with the aids and the people who do the hard work as far as caring for the people there. The room has been kept in good shape. It looks like the facility is being well maintained. Mom says, "I don't have any money to tip these nice people." I think that says it all.

Bryant Merrick

Verified Review
09 May 2018

I think it is a going rate. I think it is a little more expensive than other places but my dad enjoys it there. The management is really available, approachable and polite. The building is good. They just recently remodeled and changed things around. There are a lot of activities just not anything that he would be interested. They do shopping trips and things and it is nice that it is scheduled. They go to Trader Joes on certain days too.

Robert Nelson

Verified Review
12 Mar 2018

For me it's reasonable. The housekeeping has been very good and excellent so far. I planned on doing a lot of cooking but the food here is decent and flavorful enough that I like what I get. The servers are great. We went on a casino trip yesterday and I also wanted to do something else but I had to choose one or the other. They've been very good.

Alex MacDonald

Verified Review
09 Feb 2018

We did a thorough investigation of six other places and the caregiving was good at Harbour Pointe and I liked the residential area. The facility is very nice and so are the rooms so we chose Harbour Pointe. They love the staff, you have great staff. My mom loves the rides that they go on and the maintenance man is there for whatever she needs. We have had a few hiccups, but it's been good.

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Harbour Pointe Senior Living is ranked 1 out of 1 total assisted living communities in the city of Mukilteo, 21 out of 341 communities within 20 mile radius and 55 out of 720 communities within the state of Washington.

1st out of 1
Mukilteo Assisted Living
Top 100% of 1 assisted living facilities in Mukilteo
21th out of 341
Assisted Living within 25 miles
Top 6% of 341 assisted living facilities within 25 miles
55th out of 720
Washington Assisted Living
Top 8% of 720 assisted living facilities in Washington

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3.60 average score on other platforms from 12 total reviews

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