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Bishop Place

Based on 30 reviews | Ranked #1 of 3 communities in Pullman

815 SE Klemgard, Pullman, WA, 99163

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Bishop Place is a assisted living community located in Pullman that offers senior living and care services.

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    Bishop Place Price

    Estimated Monthly Cost of $4,082

    The above price is calculated based on average state costs, amenity information and online ratings. This price assumes some level of extra assistance, if no extra assistance is required, then the starting price would be less. To get an accurate monthly rate, click the button below:

    Compare costs for Bishop Place

    Compare Facility PricingMonthly Cost
    Average cost of assisted living within 25 miles$3,570/month
    Pullman average cost of assisted living$3,864/month
    Washington average cost of assisted living$4,500/month

    FamilyAssets has estimated the cost of Bishop Place assisted living Facility in Pullman, Washington. Bishop Place is 106% the cost of assisted living in Pullman and 91% the cost of assisted living in Washington.

    Detailed Information

    Bishop Place, Pullman WA

    At Bishop Place in Pullman, WA, senior living is more than long-term care. The community encourages residents to live their lives to the fullest, offering a vast selection of wellness programs and amenities to accompany their senior care services. While a person lives at Bishop Place, they can rest assured they are in good hands, as the staff work one-on-one with each resident to create individualized care plans that best suit their needs. 

    Each resident’s individualized care plan is different but may include services like: 

    • Personal care/Assistance with their daily activities 
    • Housekeeping 
    • Laundry and linen services 
    • Medication management 
    • Transportation to and from appointments and leisure activities

    As a Bishop Place resident, people receive only the amount of care they need. The community understands each person’s retirement journey is different and no two people need the same amount of care. Residents can request help twenty-four hours a day, thanks to the residence’s around-the-clock staff availability, giving them exceptional peace of mind about their care. How much or how little care a person gets depends on their needs and their preferences, helping people feel independent as assisted living residents. 

    In addition to their excellent personal care services, Bishop Place offers a wide variety of fun and engaging wellness programs. Residents may take a fitness class to learn yoga or listen to a guest speaker talk about nutrition. The possibilities are endless, as Bishop Place’s social events calendar changes every month, giving residents fresh ways to participate in their community and make friends. 

    Incoming residents can check out the community’s online events calendar to see this month’s activities. Common activities include: 

    • Game and movie nights 
    • Arts and crafts sessions 
    • Group hikes and outings 
    • Pet therapy 
    • Musical performances

    When residents want to see their friends on a daily basis they can do so at the communal meals, which happen three times a day in the beautiful on-site restaurant. Bishop Place’s restaurant staff prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner three times a day featuring an ever-changing menu of classic favorites and seasonal tastes. Popular meals include lemon pepper salmon, beef with gravy over mashed potatoes, and spaghetti with meat sauce. The kitchen staff is happy to accommodate vegetarians, people who eat kosher, and people with food allergies by offering meal substitutions for residents with special dietary needs. 

    To help residents plan their meals, the Bishop Place posts the monthly menu on their website. Prospective residents can check out the online menu to get a better idea of the delicious recipes they can try as members of the community. 

    When residents want to prepare their own meals, they are welcome to do so in their apartment spacious kitchenette. Each unit comes with a full-size refrigerator, counter space, and cabinet storage, as well as a small dining area for residents to enjoy. Additionally, each apartment comes with : 

    • Private bathrooms 
    • Cable television 
    • Internet hookups 
    • Large windows with beautiful views of the area 
    • Closets with storage space 
    • Emergency call systems

    To learn more about Bishop Place, their long-term care services, amenities, or apartments, use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. Touring the community is the best way to see everything it has to offer, and the staff is happy to answer questions about how Bishop Place compares to other assisted living facilities and independent living communities in the area. Each guest is welcome to enjoy a complimentary lunch during their trip, giving them a taste of what it means to be a Bishop Place resident. For more information, check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: How do I know if Bishop Place is right for me?

    Each assisted living community is unique, offering its own set of benefits for residents to enjoy. Bishop Place is ideal for people who need a mild to moderate amount of care who want to retire in beautiful Pullman, WA. Their personal care service is tailored for people who need help with their daily activities, but who want to keep their independence as senior living residents. 

    The community’s non-medical services are an excellent alternative to in-home care for people who want around-the-clock care but do not need skilled nursing care. If a person’s health conditions require skilled nursing care, Bishop Place may not be a suitable choice for retirement. 

    To find out if Bishop Place offers the right services, prospective residents can ask themselves the following questions: 

    • Are they ambulatory? 
    • Do they need ongoing medical attention? 
    • Do they need rehabilitation? 
    • Do they have memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia?

    If a person is confined to their beds or requires daily assistance from medical professionals, Bishop Place may not be the best choice for senior care. They do not offer ongoing skilled nursing care and are not equipped to help non-ambulatory people or people who need continual health care services. 

    However, the community’s special In the Moment® memory care program (sometimes called dementia care or Alzheimer’s care) offers an exceptional opportunity for people with memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia. The memory care community offers the same high-quality personal care services as the assisted living community, with additional programs and routines specifically designed to help people living with Alzheimer’s disease. 

    To learn more about Bishop Place, or to ask questions about their care requirements, use the link above to make an inquiry. 

    Q: How do I know if Bishop Place’s In the Moment® memory care program is right for me or my loved one?

    Living with Alzheimer’s disease can be challenging, presenting new hurdles into a person’s life during their retirement. Fortunately, Bishop Place is there to help with their phenomenal Alzheimer’s care and memory care services. 

    As members of the memory care community, people are treated with the same respect and dignity as independent living and assisted living residents. The staff assist them with their daily activities and help them participate in community activities. What sets memory care services apart are the structured activities staff use to stimulate the residents’ minds and memories. Using proven techniques and a compassionate attitude, the staff help residents with memory impairments, Alzheimer’s and dementia learn to live with their new challenges. 

    To learn more about how Bishop Place’s Alzheimer’s care program helps people with memory impairments and dementia, use the links above to make an inquiry or schedule a tour. 

    Q: Does Bishop Place offer short-term care programs for in-home care recipients?

    Yes - Bishop Place offers respite care for up to 30 consecutive days. To learn more about the community’s respite care program and other short-term services, use the link above to make an inquiry. 

    Q: How much does Bishop Place cost?

    Bishop Place does not cost the same for all assisted living residents. Like many assisted living facilities and memory care communities, the price varies for each person according to their floor plan and their level of care. The community charges a base rental fee that includes room and board, housekeeping, and meals, then adds fees according to the services a person receives. 

    To get a personalized price quote from Bishop Place, use the “Get Pricing” tool above. 

    From The Owner

    At Bishop Place Senior Living, we understand that making a move to a senior living community is a big decision that doesn’t just impact seniors, it touches sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. In short, a move to senior living impacts entire families, and is often met with mixed feelings of anxiety, excitement, uncertainty and fear. We’re here to help. If you’re looking for a senior living community that understands the problems that seniors and their families face every day, we want to meet you. Call us to schedule a tour. Keep Reading

    Contact Information

    Community Website

    (509) 347-0046

    815 SE Klemgard, Pullman, WA, 99163

    Rankings & Reviews

    FamilyAssets Reviews for Bishop Place

    We have 30 review(s) for this provider.

    Edwin Harvill

    Verified Review
    12 Nov 2018

    We're happy that there is a place that can take care of dad. I did it for a year and a half and my health went down so I know how hard it is. It's great, and the management is so responsive, any time I call and ask for something, they try to accommodate me. The caregivers do a good job making sure dad's taking his meds. If he gets a bruise or anything, Joyce, in nursing, always calls me. I think they do a great job in Memory Care there. When we've asked for something to get done, maintenance has been good, and housekeeping does a pretty good job keeping dad's apartment clean and they do his laundry. The food's pretty good, and it looks like a good variety on the menus from what we've seen, and the service from the waiters and waitresses is excellent. I think the room design and layout is great. He has a single room, that's good. The thing for dad is this is the only place within two hours of us that offers Memory Care, and they keep him comfortable, we know he is safe, and we feel the price is more than fair for all dad gets.

    Merrilie Davidson

    Verified Review
    08 Nov 2018

    Anytime I have any questions, management always has an answer for me and they're fantastic and know their stuff. My mom likes to join in with the activities. I think mom socializes more now than she did when she was living in her house. The care is fantastic. Mom has been falling a lot lately and we can't figure out why so the care staff put extra watchers on her and have been great through this. The outside of the building looks beautiful and the inside looks good too.

    Karen Kelly

    Verified Review
    02 Nov 2018

    The care staff has been great especially with my mom and her diabetes with the special needs she has. She is getting excellent medical care here and the nurses are fantastic. I have been very appreciative of the staff and their knowledge. My mom’s apartment is always tidy and her trash is cleared out. I think they have excellent activities. The dining is excellent, they have good food. My mom has a dietary restriction and is gluten free and they do a good job of handling that and offering her a variety of food. The management staff are good communicators.

    Bill Breedlove

    Verified Review
    22 Oct 2018

    I think it is an excellent value here. The care staff here calls me frequently and they keep on top of his medicine. The dining department is fantastic. The food is wonderful and the diets seem to be correct. The housekeeping makes sure that everything is really good and clean and his clothes appear to be washed regularly. Everything with maintenance was in good repair when we took him in and I haven’t heard of any problems since. The management staff have helped me so much with the whole process. They are wonderful.

    Ruby Papendick

    Verified Review
    09 Oct 2018

    What we've heard about this facility has been very positive and complementary and it got our attention. Bishop Place is very clean, the food is plentiful, it's healthy food, the servers are very pleasant and I don't hear any complaints. There are plenty of activities, they offer so many different programs. Maintenance is prompt in their repairs as well. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat.

    Bob and

    Verified Review
    09 Oct 2018

    My wife and I looked at several places and decided here because it's rural, our doctors are close and we have heard that Bishop has a good reputation, we have a few friends that are in here now. We compared prices and I think we're well within or less than what it would have cost in Spokane so we're happy with that. The food is good and the staff is very friendly. It's very good, we're happy with the room layout.

    Mina Neet

    Verified Review
    07 Oct 2018

    They seem to manage things pretty well at Bishop Place. Judy does an excellent job with the bus transportation services. We have a new housekeeper and she's been doing very well. There are a lot of activities offered and they seem to cover a lot of things for different people to do. They have crafts and other fun things.

    Patrick Malone

    Verified Review
    07 Oct 2018

    As far as nursing homes, I have not seen a nicer home than Bishop Place. This is a wonderful place, wonderful people and they really do care. My dad eats pretty well and the servers are all very helpful. I have never noticed anything in the building unclean. Bishop Place is a lovely place outside and inside.

    Marie Eoff

    Verified Review
    07 Oct 2018

    Management at Bishop Place is attentive to the needs of the residents. The activities are varied, whether you want to be very active or if you want just enough to stay busy and the food is beautifully served and is always on time with a good selection. I think the value is good, overall for the services.

    Joe Campero

    Verified Review
    26 Sep 2018

    My dad moved into this community because he could no longer live at home. My mom and a couple uncles had lived at this community too. Management keeps me informed on what is going on and I can call at anytime to see what is going on and what he is up to. If they are not there, they always get back to me. The food seems to be very good. The servers in the dining room try to give him things he wants and if there is something that he does not want, they will bring him some ice cream. I am pretty sure this community offers a good variety of activities. The housekeeping is okay. As far as I can tell it is fine. I have not heard any complaints so I would say it is very good. The building looks very good. I think the maintenance is excellent. The caregivers really understand him. He can be cantakerous but he really likes them. My dad got to know the caregivers there when my mom was there and he really enjoys them. He says that the caretakers are really nice. I am happy he is there because he cannot live alone anymore.

    Tina Brookshire

    Verified Review
    12 Sep 2018

    The management and care staff have been really helpful, pleasant to work with, and professional. I've just enjoyed interacting with them. They accommodate my mom's dietary restrictions in the dining room. Every time I’m in there, her room is orderly, common space is orderly, her clothes are clean. It just seems well-kept. The community looks well cared for. It's pricey, but they really do a lot for her.

    Carol Stueckle

    Verified Review
    11 Sep 2018

    Management was absolutely wonderful to work with and answered all of my questions, which I had many. Just top notch. I think the value is good because her room is nice, the food and maintenance are good and they have such a diverse lift of activities for residents there that there is almost a thing for everybody. So I believe it's going to work out well for her and we have been satisfied with the services provided so far.

    Alice Carrizales

    Verified Review
    11 Sep 2018

    We chose Bishop Place for my sister because it was recommended to us. When we got in there, everything was talked about and they escorted us around the entire community, so they talk to us and everybody has been so nice. In terms of dining, I watched the food being brought in and it looked like people were enjoying what they had. I wouldn't change her room for anything and the maintenance is excellent. Even though I am not there all the time, I talk to different people that it is a good place so I am thinking everything there is done just right.

    Roy Bartlett

    Verified Review
    06 Sep 2018

    I have lived at Bishop Place for 10 years and I like everyone at Bishop Place. The activities are good, housekeeping and maintenance are excellent. I have a very nice apartment with a nice view. I have one of the nicest views in the building. I would highly recommend this community to others.

    Chuck Thomas

    Verified Review
    06 Sep 2018

    I'm very satisfied with my husband being there. It's excellent. There's no way I would take him to another place. They contact me if there are any questions and I like that. It's very clean and tidy. It's very well kept up. It's wonderful and he loves it all. I'm just very content with everything, they're just wonderful. The staff are very sociable, knowledgeable and on top of checking in on him. They get him up, they don't just let him lay in bed.

    Pauline Lothspeich

    Verified Review
    27 Aug 2018

    I would definitely recommend it. It's a beautiful place. As far as management goes, they were all great. I always noticed on the elevator and outside they just had tons of activities and things I would do, though my mom did not participate much. There was bridge and they brought in a lot of music and things. Maintenance was excellent anytime she needed anything and they were really helpful moving in and out. It was a good experience.

    J &

    Verified Review
    09 Aug 2018

    The management staff are very kind people in the first place and they are just really strong in communication. They remember us and know who we are and who our family is. It just feels personable. The building condition itself is very nice. The Activities Department offers activities for my parents, which is good. Overall, I think they feel safe there.

    Katherine O'Rourke

    Verified Review
    09 Jul 2018

    It's expensive to offer this level of service, but I think they're doing what they can to keep the costs down. The housekeeper does a really nice job. Even the living areas are nicely kept. Everybody in management has been terrific. The move-in and paperwork process was flawless. The Activities Director is a really nice person. There's always a big variety of different things to do. I do some of the group activities, and then use the swimming pool, hot tub, and fitness center. It's all great. Those ladies know how to cook a breakfast. Everything is always spotlessly cleaned, and everything is always tasty and hot. It's just great. I love it here!

    Leila Luedeking

    Verified Review
    13 Jun 2018

    Management is really good whenever we ask for something and they're good about accommodating us. My mom can't have gluten and they do accommodate that for her. I see activities happening all the time and they seem very interesting. Housekeeping does a pretty good job. It's lovely there, I really enjoy the fountain and there is parking always available for visiting. The interior is also well decorated and things are kept very clean in all of the public areas. Transportation works well and it has helped us when we needed to meet her at the Doctor's office. The healthcare staff really goes out of their way. It's been a good fit for her.

    Lou Grimes

    Verified Review
    13 Jun 2018

    Management has been great. Emily in finance has been amazing, Laurie is really good and Danielle at the front desk is great. The dining experience has been pretty good. My dad has consistent people that help him with his food and they do a good job making sure the food is something that the elderly can cut and chew. There are a lot of activities to do. The community really supports to the place with bringing in various music and entertainers. Maintenance and healthcare services have been good. Most of the CNA's know my dad, so I'd say it's been great.

    Kathy Johnson

    Verified Review
    13 Jun 2018

    My mother enjoys it and is pleased with it. She enjoys going to the meals. I am very happy with the activities. She seems to really love them. I am very happy with the housekeeping. The maintenance has been good. The building is very good. It is excellent. They do a good job getting her showered and getting her meds. All in all, she's pleased, so as am I.

    Edith Curtis

    Verified Review
    06 Jun 2018

    I think if you are looking at other communities, this place is a good value. The dining staff is excellent, Linda is phenomenal and the rest do a good job as well. The activities are awesome. The new person in charge of activities, Anthony, is excellent. They do a good job with the cleaning. We've had a couple issues and Kelly, the maintenance guy, is always there. It's an attractive place and very welcoming. My mother likes the staff there that is helping take care of her. Overall they do a very good job, they're caring, patient and they communicate well with her.

    B and

    Verified Review
    05 Jun 2018

    It is cost effective and the management is efficient and they're supportive of the residents. We have the best housecleaner available and he has been superb. The maintenance is very good and prompt and the transportation is outstanding. The design of Bishop Place is good. The place is very clean, the bathrooms are spotless.

    Esther Corcoran

    Verified Review
    30 May 2018

    The management staff is excellent. They are very professional and approachable. Lori is excellent. She is very good. The dining room is pleasant and good. The food is good and the waitresses are very nice. They do a great job of having all kinds of activities of every kind imaginable. They have activities all the time and they have some wonderful drivers. I never feel unsafe or threatened at all. I am very happy here. It is very pleasant and nice.

    Joyce Gillmore

    Verified Review
    24 May 2018

    Compared to other facilities, and the care she's getting, I have no problem. The building and grounds look really good; it seems to be well maintained. My mom really enjoys the morning activities. I'm perfectly satisfied. Everything's good, we have had no problems.

    Al Pingree

    Verified Review
    10 May 2018

    I'm just really impressed. It's really good. I think it's really beautiful, the grounds are well kept, and it’s really lovely. I think the variety is really great, I was impressed with how much and how different the activities are and that they go out to different places too, it's really great. I've had meals there too and I think it's fantastic. There is a good variety. The first lunch we had there, the dessert was pumpkin pie and he was so happy. It's like real food. It's really amazing. I was just so impressed with the little things, checking on his medication, watching for him that he comes to lunch.

    Virginia Erhard

    Verified Review
    10 May 2018

    Bishop Place felt good to us when we visited. There was a very active social life there. It's a place where people live, not a hospital room. We are getting so much more for the same amount of expense at Bishop Place. The value is high. They're giving my mother-in-law the assistance she needs in a wonderful place to live. It's a wonderful value. The management team is very responsive and timely in their work with us. There have been no surprises. Everything was laid out for us as we were learning about the place. There are no hidden fees. It's a complex business relationship in addition to caring for someone. It's nice to know they do as they say. The grounds look terrific and everyone has been responsive.

    George Stefanich

    Verified Review
    27 Apr 2018

    I've always felt he's safe there and I don't have to worry about my father. The management staff is all very responsive and accessible. I feel comfortable going to them with issues. The service staff is very attentive, nice and always helpful. I think they have plenty of activities lined up to give them something to do if they want to. I marked his clothes and he seems to get everything back from the laundry. It's a very clean and nice place. I don't smell urine and it doesn't smell like a nursing home. The driver is there for him every day. They take really good care of him there.

    Sharon Donnelly

    Verified Review
    20 Mar 2018

    I was in the Independent Living cottages at Bishop Place, but now I am living in one of the cottages here and my granddaughter is living her with me. This place is just so friendly, and they have so much for us to do, and they are there for us to talk to. I have used the maintenance staff quite a few times and they have helped me so much. I go to two different exercise classes and I do the Wii bowling, and all these different things. Really, I just love it here.

    Albert Ricard

    Verified Review
    12 Mar 2018

    I think its spot on, for as much as everybody does and all the things that have to happen throughout the day, it's perfect. It's reasonable and everything is done with the maintenance issues and everything, I think that's pretty accommodating. According to my dad, everything is fantastic. He really likes it and enjoys the fact he can get anything at dinner or lunch. There are a lot of activities and it's nice they seem to include everybody. My dad seems to really enjoy the different activities he's involved in. The caretakers are wonderful, you feel welcome when you walk in and they ask you if there is anything they can help you with. They're very attentive and I really appreciate that.

    FamilyAssets Score

    Feb 1, 2019

    FamilyAssets looked at 27 reviews and calculated that Bishop Place has a weighted rating of 4.47 which makes it the #1 ranked community within 25 miles of Pullman, Washington.

    Compare Bishop Place to Nearby Facilities

    Bishop Place is ranked 1 out of 3 total assisted living communities in the city of Pullman, 1 out of 3 communities within 20 mile radius and 68 out of 727 communities within the state of Washington.

    1st out of 3
    Pullman Assisted Living
    Top 33% of 3 assisted living facilities in Pullman
    1st out of 3
    Assisted Living within 25 miles
    Top 33% of 3 assisted living facilities within 25 miles
    68th out of 727
    Washington Assisted Living
    Top 9% of 727 assisted living facilities in Washington

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    4.50 average score on Facebook.com ® from 3 total reviews

    3.60 average score on other platforms from 10 total reviews

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