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Midnight Sun Home Care Inc is a home care provider located in Anchorage that offers senior care services.


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Midnight Sun Home Care is a BBB accredited/A+ rated business and is also A+ rated by the Home Care Standards Bureau. We are an Alaskan-owned and operated business and not a franchise. We know that trust, compassion, and experience are paramount for our clients, and we only hire caregivers who exhibit the highest levels of attentiveness, moral character, professionalism, and personality. All of our caregivers are: -Meticulously recruited, thoroughly screened, highly qualified, bonded and insured -Nationally certified through an exclusive program -Thoroughly trained in 19 essential subjects and receive ongoing education -Supported with attentive management, feedback and supervision Please call us for a no-obligation consultation. Keep Reading

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(907) 677-7890

1023 East 6th Avenue, Anchorage, AK, 99501

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C E Dickinson

29 May 2020

We hired Midnight Sun to provide a PCA for us when my husband was discharged from the hospital after a leg amputation. We had very short notice he was being discharged, like less than 4 days during the pandemic, because the planned rehab in a skilled nursing facility was not possible because of COVID. I was quoted immediate availability. The other providers recommended by the hospital case manager quoted significantly more but also were not available for 30 days. When Becky came to the house to have me sign the agreement, there was a lot going on. Several people were in my house delivering medical equipment and furniture. I asked her to wait a minute so I could go check on the deliveries and she said she had another appointment so could I just sign. For the first time in my life I signed without reading. This in the end turned out to cause some difficulties. The main problem though is in the 3rd week of service I asked for a bill and several times after that before I fired them, and never saw one. In the 36 days they supposedly provided us service, I never saw a bill. The office phone was not answered. The 24 hour phone was not answered and there was more than one occasion where the voice message box was full. Same for Becky's personal cell phone. Our assigned PCA quit the company (for good cause) on May 8. Nobody advised us of that. We were expecting her at 6:30 PM. At 7:30 pm I finally struggled through the bedtime care by myself. Then I took a shower and got ready for bed. At 8:45 a substitute arrived but by then there was nothing for her to do. For 10 days after that PCA showed up, the phones mostly were not answered. I reached the receptionist once and she asked if "Ellen" had come and I said no. I made a contact a 2nd time and got the same question and they got the same answer. FINALLY after 6 days of leaving messages on Becky's personal phone or finally reaching "box full" messages, she called me and asked again if "Ellen" was coming. By then, if she had been, she would have been due a paycheck so they should have known. So I fired them. I still had not received any bill. This went on 24 days In the meantime, I found a website for them and sent them an email message and a copy to the "President" a Mr Tarkington. I got an auto reply from him saying thanks for contacting me. And when I wrote a reply to that, it was ignored. . I finally drove down to the company address arriving at 2:30 on a Tuesday. (this meant I had to skip taking my pain medication for several hours. The building was locked and all the lights were off. During this time Becky did call me a time or two and a problem was defined but then she "had to go" and would call me back. Sometimes she gave me a time. Mostly she did not. But she never called back once. Finally on day 26 after I had fired them, she called and said she was bringing a bill to the house. Which she did. I did not intend to give her credit card access but to write a check. She wanted to leave as soon as she gave me the papers but I told her just give me a minute and I'd write her a check. She said call with the credit card number. I said no, that I wanted this to be finished and nobody ever answered the phone. Now here's the thing. I contracted for $20/hr 2 hr daily minimum. Services were provided for 31 days. That equals about $1200. They required a $900 refundable deposit on beginning of services. So I expected a bill of a little over $300 since the PCA had worked a bit over 4 hours on some days. The bill total quoted on the phone and that she provided was over $1700 additional. But the bill was incomplete. A large chunk of time had not been listed, and there was no running total of the balance. She said she'd go to the office, get a copy with the additional hours and bring it back. Becky didn't really want me to see that bill I think. It was sealed in an envelope although the other papers were not. After she left she called me and said that "when closing our account" she found an error and actually they owed us $46. I told her I believed we did owe her and she said no. So I let it go. I think she was not expecting me to actually review the bill and she panicked when I opened it. I was lucky she panicked and decided to buy me off by saying there was a calculation error. BUT the copy of the contract she provided which I insisted on getting to send to our Long Term Care insurance shows the contract per hour charge hand been crossed out and $30 written above it. Not only that but she had charged about $15 a day mileage for our PCA which she had never discussed with me and I know our PCA was told they couldn't afford to pay her for mileage. This entire company is run poorly. Service to clients is scheduled carelessly. I can't see how they even remain in business when the office doors are locked and the phones are not answered sometimes for days. I will say the young lady that was our PCA worked very hard and was extremely eager to help. It the management that is the problem. I gave this one star for a review because that was the lowest possible. If it had been an option, I would have given it zero stars.

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Ronald M Wielkopolski

09 May 2020

I cannot speak to the quality of care, only the office management. I broke my leg on 4/27 and contacted Becky in the office a few days later. I am 70 years old and live alone since my wife passed in '16 and kids live outside. So I am hobbling alone at home on crutches taking care of myself and 2 labs. Surgeon advised surgery to place screw and plate because both tibia and fibula were displaced to different degrees. Becky from Midnight Sun sent service agreement, which I could not copy due to faulty printer, but I emailed Becky back in which I confirmed I agreed. I also notified surgeon that Midnight Sun would transport me to and from surgery and care for me afterwards. I called repeatedly as surgery day approached (and so did doc's office) to no avail. Neither of us could get a call back. Meanwhile Home Care Assistance of Anchorage, whom I called early on to tell them I decided on Midnight Sun CALLED ME TO MAKE SURE I WAS OK AND SET UP FOR SURGERY. Moral of story: I should have enlisted Home Care Assistance of Anchorage to do the job right from the beginning. Turned out doc decided I could get by without surgery due to my otherwise excellent condition and persistent swelling that required further delay in surgery anyway. It may be that Midnight Sun is really not interested in signing on patients who are in otherwise daily skiing health and whose needs for home care is transitory at best, but they should have told me right off the bat so I did not need worry about coordinating the Covid test with home health care and the surgery, etc.

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Karen bergamaschi

Verified Review
12 Apr 2020

We got ellen to see mom 2 days a week and then the quaretine hit and I could be home so I cancelled home care. The only part of this experience was getting paper statements of services was frustrating. Again we were in a hunker down mandate so it's a learning experience.

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