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5694 Mission Center Road, Suite 602/346, San Diego, CA, 92108

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Preferred Care at Home in San Diego is a private duty home care provider located in San Diego that offers senior care services at home.

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About Preferred Care at HomeSenior Home Care Services in San Diego, CaliforniaA Personal Approach to Senior Home CarePreferred Care at Home Central Coastal San Diego offers a variety of ?senior care services to the senior population and their loved ones in San Diego. ?Toni Yuskis Petruzzo, the owner and administrator, has an intimate history with home care, as she was a family caregiver for her mother who had Alzheimer?s. ?She was also a caregiver and conservator to her aunt who suffered from Parkinsonism, dementia and schizophrenia.It is because of this history that she understands how difficult it is at times to stop the stress, frustration, anger, guilt, and fatigue from bleeding into the other important roles and personal relationships like wife and mother. She also understands that shouldering all the senior care responsibilities without any help may not be feasible or healthy in the long run.Moreover, she knows what skills and training her caregivers should have in order to pr...

Care Costs For Home Care in San Diego, California

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Compare Provider Pricing Monthly Average Cost
Average Cost of home care in California $4,385/month

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Preferred Care at Home in San Diego is ranked 20.0 out of 50 total home care providers in the city of San Diego, 36.0 out of 91 home care providers within 20 mile radius and 376.0 out of 1032 providers within the state of California.

San Diego home care providers
20th out of 50 providers
Top 40% of 50 home care providers in San Diego
Home care providers within 20 miles of Preferred Care at Home in San Diego
36th out of 91 providers
Top 40% of 91 home care providers within 20 miles
California Home care providers
376th out of 1032 providers
Top 36% of 1032 home care providers in California

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Payment Options For Preferred Care at Home in San Diego

There are several financial programs that can help you pay for Preferred Care at Home in San Diego.

Enter in the home value of the person that needs care to learn about financing options.

Veterans Aid & Attendance

Veterans and their spouses that served during an eligible wartime are able to access a benefit to fund their long-term care. If you are also applying for Medicaid, it is unlikely that the Veterans Benefit will be necessary to access as all the individuals income must go towards the cost of care.

Your Potential Benefits
Married Veteran $2,903/month
Wartime Veteran $1,830/month
Veteran Spouse $1,167/month
Veteran Widow $1,167/month
Basic Eligibility

Asset Limits - (Approximate, the VA guidelines are not explicit)

Married: $80,000 Single: $45,000

Income Limits

Veteran with dependent $25,525/year
Veteran with no dependents $25,525/year
Surviving Spouse $13,836/year

Wartime Veteran

The veterans must have served more than 90 days of active duty, with at least one day during: World War II, Korean War, Vietnam or Gulf War.

Veterans Benefits Planning

Working with a planning professional can help expedite access to Veterans Benefits by expediting the application process. Veterans typically takes at least 9 months and a planner may be able to get it done faster by knowing which forms to use and how to submit a "fully qualified claim". If you currently do not meet the requirements for Veterans because you have too many assets, the planner can also help with that.

Learn how much you could borrow using a short term loan to pay for care.

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