Comfort Keepers of Grafton

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1416 Wisconsin Avenue, Grafton, WI, 53024


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Comfort Keepers of Grafton is a home care provider located in Grafton that offers senior care services.


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Estimated Monthly Cost of $5,529

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Average cost of home care within miles $0/month
Grafton average cost of home care $5,720/month
Wisconsin average cost of home care $5,720/month

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Comfort Keepers Offers Exceptional Senior Care In Grafton, WIExpert, compassionate senior care in Grafton, WIServices in GraftonThe most important thing for us is to keep seniors and other adults active, healthy, and independent. We believe that giving our clients reasons to get inspired by or engaged with everyday things is one way among many that we can achieve what?s most important to us.We use something called ?Interactive Caregiving? to turn our services into chances for each client to get interested in their daily activities. ?Interactive Caregiving? usually entails simple companionship care like conversation and household activities. It also entails personal care, which means that we help clients do laundry, cook, clean, and other things.We even accompany clients on errands and other social engagements. These could be a run to the store, seeing a movie, or just walking in a place a client likes. In Grafton for example, our clients often like to go walking in the woods.Community…

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Comfort Keepers of Grafton is ranked 1 out of 1 total home care home care providers in the city of Grafton, 121 out of 304 home care providers within 20 mile radius and 53 out of 107 home care providers within the state of Wisconsin.

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Comfort Keepers of Grafton


1416 Wisconsin Avenue, Grafton, WI, 53024

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