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FamilyAssets helps your loved one get access to nursing home care that is paid for by Medicaid


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Based on the savings and home ownership information you provided, we are unable to help at this time. If your loved one owns a home or has assets greater than $5,300 we can help access Medicaid and protect those assets, please click the back button. If they do not, we recommend visiting the website.

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We've Simplified the Medicaid Process.

Our technology has automated many of the complicated and time consuming tasks associated with applying for and accessing Medicaid for long-term care. We have built our solution working with the top Certified Medicaid Planning™ professionals in the country, creating better financial and care outcomes for our customers.

We help you find a nursing home with Medicaid availability.

Depending on your family member's clinical diagnosis and nearby nursing home availability, you may have trouble locating a Medicaid facility. Our care advisors will help you identify a nursing home in your area with open beds and help coach you through the admissions process for securing care.

Get approved for Medicaid and protect savings prior to spending down on care.

Accessing Medicaid funding is incredibly difficult and the smallest mistake can result in a financially devastating denial. Receiving assistance on an application is one of the few expenses allowed under the Medicaid spend down rules. Furthermore, a Certified Medicaid Planner ™ can typically save a significant percentage of an individual's assets, creating eligibility prior to spending down.

We have helped 3000+ families navigate Long-term care funding challenges

Pam Peters - Medicaid Application & Planning

Churubusco, Indiana - April 29th, 2017

I was told by some friends of mine about the hardships they had gone through getting Medicaid approval. I knew that my mother’s case was more complicated than those of my friends so I contacted a local attorney to help me through the process. But I could never get in touch with the attorney when I needed to. I was feeling so down and was praying for help and then there they were. An internet search led me to FamilyAssets and it was like my prayer had been answered...

Joe Drake - Medicaid Application & Planning

Thomaston, Georgia - April 20th, 2017

I am proud to say dealing with this company was nothing but a positive experience. The people were professional and explained each step of the process thoroughly. I would recommend them to anyone needing the expertise they offer in obtaining Medicaid coverage for a love one. My mother is 90 years old and in a nursing home and having someone that could deal with the legalities took a lot of pressure off of me and allowed me to have more time to take care of her personal needs

Randy Logan - Medicaid Lady Bird Deed

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - March 12th, 2017

Since contacting FamilyAssets the service has been prompt and professional. I had never done anything like this before and they provided me with an experience that left very pleased. The level of service was the most important things, you guys were fantastic.

Terri Skipper - Veterans Benefits Planning

Miami, Florida - June 28th, 2017

I'm extremly grateful to Family Assets for their help with my grandmothers claim.They made the whole process easy. They kept me up to date and were right on top of everything. I cant believe she got approved so quickly. Thank you for everything. It was a pleasure.