Cambridge Health And Rehabilitation Center

2428 Easton Tnpk, Fairfield, CT, 06825

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Cambridge Health And Rehabilitation Center is a nursing home located in Fairfield that offers nursing home care.

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  • Direct incentives from this community
  • Veterans/spouse assistance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Proceeds from selling a home
  • Bridge loans

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Cambridge Health And Rehabilitation Center is a nursing homes facility located in Fairfield, CT.

Nursing Homes can be an expensive senior care option, so cost is typically going to be a consideration when looking at alternatives. The average starting cost of this facility is the slightly higher than the average cost in this area. This facility's average starting cost is $7,796, compared to the area's average of $7,795.

Access to health care is an important consideration when selecting a nursing homes community. There are 15 hospitals close to Cambridge Health And Rehabilitation Center. The two closest hospitals are St Vincent'S Medical Center, which is 3.5 miles miles away, and Bridgeport Hospital, which is 4.4 miles miles away from the facility.

Cambridge Health And Rehabilitation Center Amenities

Community Highlights

Pet Friendly

Outdoor Areas


  • Library & Computer Lounge
  • Café
  • Wi-Fi


  • Activity Center
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
  • Care Navigator Program
  • Medication Management
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • 24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care
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Philip Ayr Source - google October 2022

The definition of predatory practices: My father is a patient switching from medicare to medicaid. It was my responsibility as his Power of Attorney to sign documents on his behalf to successfully gain Title 19 Status. NOT ASSUME HIS MEDICAL DEBT!!! Cambridge has threatened me with a lawsuit even though I never used my dad''s money. for anything I couldn''t provide a receipt for to be used for my father. I was never told I was signing up for ''Financial Liability.'' Google it. Many nursing homes, nation wide,try this strategy. ''Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 483.15(a)(3)''- Says this is federally illegal, yet nursing homes try to corner patient families into paying. I''ve sought council. I''ve been in full and complete disability since 2010, with student loans discharged in 2019 due to disability.We''ll see where that goes. Its really sad people like this exist in the world. But that''s life.

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Lisa Kopchyak Source - google October 2022

Loving and caring staff

Fritzbert Jean Source - google September 2022

I had a wonderful experience. The staff is awesome and very professional.

Suzanne Johansmeyer Source - google September 2022

Very pleasant greeting as we came in very attractive facilities and was really impressed with the male nurse who was taking care of our friend who stopped in to say he was leaving and have a nice evening.

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Donna Segers Source - google September 2022

Cambridge treats their patients with the best care ever

Mary Drogan Source - google August 2022

Very pleased with the staff and especially the physical therapy department. Mary Drogan

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Cambridge Health And Rehabilitation Center


2428 Easton Tnpk, Fairfield, CT, 06825

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