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80 Morgan Avenue, Johnston, RI, 02919

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Morgan Health Center is a nursing home located in Johnston that offers nursing home care.

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  • Long Term Care Insurance
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Detailed Information

Morgan Health Center is a nursing homes facility located in Johnston, RI.

Nursing Homes can be an expensive senior care option, so cost is typically going to be a consideration when looking at alternatives. The average starting cost of this facility is higher than average in the area. The average starting cost of this community is $8,876, which is 54.0% higher than the average cost in the area, which is $5,764 per month.

Food and dining is an important consideration when selecting a nursing homes facility. Three meals a day are offered to residents, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Access to health care is an important consideration when selecting a nursing homes community. There are 13 hospitals close to Morgan Health Center. The two closest hospitals are Roger Williams Medical Center, which is 3.1 miles miles away, and Women & Infants Hospital Of Rhode Island, which is 3.3 miles miles away from the facility.

Morgan Health Center Amenities

Community Highlights

Outdoor Areas

Activity Center

Clubs & Communities


  • Library & Computer Lounge
  • Salon / Barbershop
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Cable TV

Activities & Fitness

  • Social Outings
  • TV / Movie Nights

Additional Features

  • 120 Total Units


  • Cardiac Care
  • Wound Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Dental Care
  • Nurses
  • Speech Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • 106 Current Occupants
  • Certified by Medicare and Medicaid
  • Medicare Participant Since 06/01/1979
  • Offers Resident/Family Counciling
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound care specialist
  • English
  • Oncology care
  • Pain management

Dining & Nutrition

  • Meals Included


  • 5 Total Deficiencies Reported
  • 3 Health Standard Deficiencies
  • 2 Health Complaint Deficiencies
  • 3 Total Incidents Reported
  • 0 Total Complaints Reported
  • 0 Total Fines Imposed
  • $0 in Fines Imposed
  • 0 Payment Denials
  • 0 Penalties Imposed


  • Memory Care
  • Hospice
  • Respite
Reviews Score

Resident Review Score


#3 out of 3
in Johnston, RI

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Below Average(9)

Mike Barry Source - google November 2021

My aunt is there and couldn’t receive better care. The girls are so caring for her it is a relief that she found her way there. My Aunts name is Sharon Webster and my mom and myself just really want you all to know how much you’re appreciated. Thank you is not enough , the majority of the staff are incredible ❤️❤️

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Clifford Carlson Source - google October 2021

Two weeks of great treatment and friendly staff. I had PT and OT which I need to continue after my release. There was a valiant attempt by the kitchen to meet my extraordinary diet requirements but not quite yet every meal displayed an effort. There was a language difference from time to time but the result was meeting folks from interesting distant lands. I have been in other homes and would rate this best.

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Deadra Bonenfant Source - google October 2021

Zero stars was not an option. My disabled veteran husband was brought here after a month long hospital stay for his heart. He is also a kidney transplant recipient. He needed rehab to gain his strength back. Morgan did not have his medication for when needed which is NEVER ACCEPTABLE. He was not mobile yet told to "wash himself". The food was less than adequate. (A boiled egg and plain donut). I, as his wife, wanted to see him. I left 4 messages for Eva his Social Worker. She never called me back but instead attempted to contact his 83 yr old father. My husband is in a normal state of mind. Not once did the social worker check with him about family contact. Not until I became upset on my 5th call did a different social worker schedule a visit. This all happened in less than 24 hours. When I arrived, the facility knew he wanted to leave due to not feeling safe. The only therapy he got was a walk down the hall. He was left to fend for himself in his room. It took more than an hour for them to release his belongings as they continued to call his father asking "what can we do to make him stay?" His father advised "he wants out". I then needed to say I would be calling the Johnston police if they did not bring us his belongings. Unfortunately, the lack of compassion and interaction with family damage was done. If you ever have a need for professional care, this is definitely not the place. Wishing the best for anyone in their "care".

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Jasmine Lee Source - google October 2020

Wonderful, caring and compassionate staff, from the front office to the hands on staff to the housekeeping staff. Treated my family LIKE family from the day of arrival to the day of their death. They provided care we knew we could never provide, ourselves and always greeted us and involved us, warmly.

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Deborah F Source - google October 2020

I am beyond disgusted and disappointed with how this nursing home has handled a family member of mine. In general, the staff is very slow, inattentive and will take forever to get back to you. We had a family member come here from a nursing home in Warwick because my entire family lives in Johnston so we figured it would be much easier to visit her here. Our family member suffered from Dementia. She required close attention, as some may know, people with dementia tend to not be as alert or aware of changes with their body or things happening. Once Covid happened we were no longer allowed to see this family member. Of course understanding that this was because the elderly is at much high risk, we were ok with this. Unfortunately, this also meant that no one would be able to see her a couple times a week as we usually would. Knowing this, we still thought that the nursing home would still be watching and taking care of this family member. About two to three weeks ago, we received a call saying that our family member was not breathing well so they were going to send her to the hospital. She tested negative for Covid so they continued to run many more tests on her to find out what was wrong. Turns out she had a UTI that the nursing home did not catch right away and it was causing her kidneys to fail and her lungs were collapsed. We were devastated. A week or so after, the doctor calls and says she’s in her final days so we brought her home to peacefully pass with us. Morgan nursing home called my sister to ask about the family member and my sister told them that she had actually passed. The nursing home staff said “I’m sorry for your loss. Please take your time in coming to collect her things.” That being said, it sounded like all of our family members belongings were still going to be in her room or at least in the building. Earlier today, my sister and her husband went to the nursing home to pick up our dead family members belongings and they had all of her belongings outside NEXT TO THE DUMPSTER. I am beyond disgusted with how this nursing home has handled my family’s health along with her things. Imagine going to pick up your recently dead family members belongings and finding it all outside on the curb next to the trash? Any normal human being would be equally infuriated. This is NOT ok. So basically, if you love your family member - DO NOT SEND THEM TO THIS NURSING HOME. They will mishandle your family member and god forbid they pass, they will treat it as a number to clear out the room quickly.

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Yessica Barrera Source - google October 2020

Please if you care for your loved ones just don’t send them here. It’s unfair to our loved ones who are need of care and help to be put in place where the employees are only worried about getting paid. They don’t provide the appropriate attention to their patients. Also if your family member passes they think it’s okay to put their belongings next to the trash.

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Morgan Health Center


80 Morgan Avenue, Johnston, RI, 02919

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