Oakland Grove Health Care Center

560 Cumberland Hill Road, Woonsocket, RI, 02895

Accepts Medicare and Medicaid According to Medicare.gov.


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Oakland Grove Health Care Center is a nursing home located in Woonsocket that offers nursing home care.

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  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Proceeds from selling a home
  • Bridge loans

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Oakland Grove Health Care Center is a nursing homes facility located in Woonsocket, RI.

Nursing Homes can be an expensive senior care option, so cost is typically going to be a consideration when looking at alternatives. The average starting cost of this facility is higher than average in the area. The average starting cost of this community is $8,876, which is 54.0% higher than the average cost in the area, which is $5,764 per month.

Access to health care is an important consideration when selecting a nursing homes community. There are 19 hospitals close to Oakland Grove Health Care Center. The two closest hospitals are Milford Regional Medical Center, which is 9.5 miles miles away, and Our Lady Of Fatima Hospital, which is 10.0 miles miles away from the facility.

Oakland Grove Health Care Center Amenities

Community Highlights

Pet Friendly

Activity Center

Clubs & Communities

Outdoor Areas


  • Outdoor Garden

Activities & Fitness

  • Live Entertainment
  • Arts and Crafts

Additional Features

  • 172 Total Units


  • Dental Care
  • Stroke Care
  • Nurses
  • Speech Therapy
  • Cardiac Care
  • Wound Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Vision Care
  • Podiatry
  • 168 Current Occupants
  • Certified by Medicare and Medicaid
  • Medicare Participant Since 11/05/1991
  • Offers Resident/Family Counciling
  • Beauty Salon/Barber Shop


  • 3 Total Deficiencies Reported
  • 3 Health Standard Deficiencies
  • 0 Health Complaint Deficiencies
  • 0 Total Incidents Reported
  • 0 Total Complaints Reported
  • 0 Total Fines Imposed
  • $0 in Fines Imposed
  • 0 Payment Denials
  • 0 Penalties Imposed


  • Hospice
  • Respite
  • Library & Computer Lounge
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#3 out of 5
in Woonsocket, RI

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Max Jorge Source - google August 2022

My mother has been in their care for less than 2 weeks, She suffers from a brain impairment syndrome and the staff here released her to her OWN CARE knowing the situation as well with no communication to tell her family that she is no longer in their care. I have been calling non stop to speak with supervisor or a case/social worker and no one is available at any time of the day and no one is returning my calls. If you have someone who you love do NOT send them to this location.

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Deborah Pacheco Source - google August 2022

My mother was here for a few weeks, due to a cognitive decline and a diagnosis attached to it. She had a history of elopement and was brought to this facility based on the decision of a court ordered temporary guardianship which is why a ankle monitor was put on her. While in their care the level of communication was minimal. The staff on the floor were pleasant and it is evident they are good people trying to do their job but they are unable to provide updates and when we would ask for a call we would never get a call back. Even with the ankle monitor and all the security systems that are put in place in this facility my mother was able to not only take OFF the ankle bracelet but was able to LEAVE the facility. She was brought to the ED (per protocol) and then brought back. It is very evident that this facility did not provide them with background information about her (diagnosis, and why she is there) even though she was under their care. The hospital evaluated her and based on their own evaluation and not having anything to go on deemed her ok to go home. This facility decided to drop her off in a empty home knowing she is unwell and should not be left alone. They did not communicate with her court appointed temporary guardian to informed they of the decision, hours after being discharged we as a family have yet to hear back to understand how this happened. This review is not from a disgruntled family member but more a upset and unhappy one. I work in the health care field and I know how the systems work and how the law works , so ignorant we are not. But what I do know is that communication is key. Especially if court orders are in place. Families deserve to communicate with the appropriate workers especially the social workers in these types of facilities. We the family depend on it. Oakland Grove, you need to do better. It is evident that this facility needs a training on professionalism and communication. I hope this review will help me get answers because we are still waiting to hear from them to figure out why they just dropped off my mother who is cognitively disabled into a home alone and left to her own demise. Rethink sending someone you love here.

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Ginger West Source - google May 2022

Food not good they cut my meds without even have consulted with me or my Dr and come to find out they had no reason to leave me in that much pain every 3 hrs after extensive back surgery and a bum knee. I was on more meds before surgery then they didn''t even send me home with any messed the prescription all up so now I am still waiting in more pain than ever to get it figured out.i thought rehab ughwould atleast get my pain under control. People were nice but care just wasn''t up to pare with communication so I did see some issues that has made my decision to never put any family or friend in a rehabilitation center I''m scared to now and I''ll never do that choice again I got no rest rolling in pain. Oh social worker was on top of everything I did ask. Saw Dr 1x and he was cold as ice no bedside manners and scared me enough to come home early not good memories of neglect

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Sue Andrade Source - google April 2022

My mom past away and a week later the finance office called to inform me that a price increase would go into effect next month for her. I said that she past away and they hung up on me. Will not refund the month I paid for in advance. WOW! Was told they have too many residences to look that up. Incompetence!

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Linda Source - google January 2022

Worst experience I ever had. Terrible place. Thank God I got my mom out of there. Inadequate care. Almost lost her. She''s on the mend and hopefully she''ll get back to some sense of normalcy. Praise the Lord. She is now safe. My precious Mother passed away shortly after we took her out of there. Pure neglect. Unspeakable.

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Elizabeth Rivet Source - google October 2021

I love the care and treatment my mom gets at Oakland Grove Healthcare facility.

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Oakland Grove Health Care Center


560 Cumberland Hill Road, Woonsocket, RI, 02895

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