Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

14000 Lakes Of Champions Blvd, Mont Belvieu, TX, 77523

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Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center is a nursing home located in Mont Belvieu that offers nursing home care.

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Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center is a nursing homes facility located in Mont Belvieu, TX.

Nursing Homes can be an expensive senior care option, so cost is typically going to be a consideration when looking at alternatives. The average starting cost of this facility is the same as the average cost for the area, $8,494 per month.

Access to health care is an important consideration when selecting a nursing homes community. There are 9 hospitals close to Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center. The two closest hospitals are Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital, which is 9.5 miles miles away, and Altus Baytown Hospital, which is 9.5 miles miles away from the facility.

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Brenda Cooper Source - google September 2022

My father went here after a stay in the hospital and they were caring, professional and listened to our concerns. They may be a little understaffed if your loved one needs 24 hour care but we were happy with them. Tara, Alice and some of his floor CNA’s went above and beyond and were absolutely amazing. The set up of the rooms is so much better than other facilities. It allows for more privacy for both the patient and their families. Renee, the social worker, was also very sweet and did everything she could to help us when we needed it. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a place for their loved one or themselves.

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Jackie Whitaker Source - google September 2022

My family and I are very disappointed in this facility.. Don’t be fooled by the pretty aesthetics of the facility. Basic needs for my mother such as water, diaper changes and dispensing of meditations were not being met. I left numerous voicemails and left numerous written messages with the front desk clerk to have the Director of Nursing and or the nurse on duty to call me. Not one phone message or voicemail was returned in the 30 days my mother was there. I had to drive to the facility and track down staff to get answers to questions.When I asked questions, I got attitude from nurses, CNAs, etc... My family and I found the staff to be mean, lacking empathy and often times ignored basic requests for help from patients. I plan to file a formal grievance against this facility with the state of Texas. DO NOT bring your loved one to this facility. I moved my mother out of there.

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Janice Nolden Source - google September 2022

The Rehab Center services, for the most part, are very good. The nurses and staff are great. Always glad to help and have a smile on their faces. The rehab services and personnel are excellent. I only have experience with short term rehab stay. The only area that is less than sufficient is everything to do with food. I understand that non-residents who have food restrictions may have food prepared differently. But they deserve to have food that tastes good, is prepared properly and looks edible. And served hot. It''s cold or cold in the middle and barely warm on the outside. And we couldn''t find out if it was possible to have food reheated or kept cold if they couldn''t eat it all at once. It would be nice if there was access to a small refrigerator, microwave, and ice machine for each area of halls. Also coffee and hot water for hot tea., and cream,sugar, sweetener and maybe lemon juice packs. The facility itself is really nice and peaceful. The outdoor area is pretty and well maintained. And it is easy to access businesses in the area. .......In general, the facility is very nice and I would definitely recommend it. For a grade I would give it an A-. ( the - is about the food).

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Kay Sosa Source - google August 2022

Beautiful Community and Great Staff.

C Mac Source - google July 2022

This place was nothing as it seemed when I arrived. I pity those who are there who are physically or mentally unable to speak and ask for help. I did leave AMA when it became a reality this place was dipping into my benefits while providing NO care. When you enter this place, notice the soft sound of chimes in every hall. Those are all unanswered emergency calls from patients. My first morning there, I waited 40 minutes for a response. As I told the manager, person, I was glad I wasn’t choking on a chicken bone! Whether it’s this place, or another, be sure the one you love that is placed in one of these facilities does their job!

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Christina Jackson Source - google April 2022

I applied and waited 3 weeks and then someone calls me and we get the job same day they call me back and tell me I don''t got the job honestly don''t apply here they wait to long to answer you and they might do the same to you

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Mont Belvieu Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

(346) 420-5267

14000 Lakes Of Champions Blvd, Mont Belvieu, TX, 77523

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