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55 South Professional Way, Payson, UT, 84651

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Parkway Health Center is a nursing home located in Payson that offers nursing home care.

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Parkway Health Center is a nursing homes facility located in Payson, UT.

Nursing Homes can be an expensive senior care option, so cost is typically going to be a consideration when looking at alternatives. The average starting cost of this facility is the slightly higher than the average cost in this area. This facility's average starting cost is $4,078, compared to the area's average of $4,077.

Access to health care is an important consideration when selecting a nursing homes community. There are 6 hospitals close to Parkway Health Center. The two closest hospitals are Mountain View Hospital, which is 0.2 miles miles away, and Utah Valley Hospital, which is 14.3 miles miles away from the facility.

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  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
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#2 out of 2
in Payson, UT

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Below Average(13)

Kathy Ferreira Source - google September 2022

Understaffed, call lights go unanswered, food is terrible. Pain management is poor. Residents left to fend for themselves. Only good part is the physical therapy.

Keri Mounga Source - google July 2022

This is the most disgusting, disrespectful place. They don’t care about the patient or their family. When a person passes they take their belongings and throw them in a pile, leaving the soiled clothes on top, and call you to come clean it up. If you love your family member, bypass this place!! They won’t be taken care of!

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Mauri Crandell Source - google June 2022

We had an awful experience. We''ve used Parkway in the past and it was amazing. Figured it was all good still. My mother in law broke a hip and we had her to there for rehab. In less than a week, she was back in the hospital worse off than when she got there. I don''t think the staff are bad, just understaffed and stressed to the point that residents get neglected. In the time that she was there, she developed 3 bed sores that left her in awful condition, left hours alone, no help to get to the bathroom, I had to force the one and only shower she received. There was no communication between staff on conditions. No one knew why she was there and I had to keep updating staff why. Each time a nurse found out something new, the reacted immediately. Which is why I don''t think they''re just bad people. My suggestion is if you can''t take care of your residents with the small staff you have, stop taking in residents. I blame administration for everything that happened. It almost killed my mother in law .

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stinky fish Source - google March 2022

If you or your parents are elderly, I would never recommend this place. The physical therapy was wonderful but the care was the worst. I was very upset and couldn’t get my mother out of there fast enough.

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Jana Evans Source - google March 2022

Well this place is disappointing very poor care. My friend is in there now and having a rough time, but thank God for Sarah she is making her night better. I hope they take care of her tomorrow. I guess I need to be there daily to monitor her care, I also wish they would would answer thier phone.

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Lisa Winegar Source - google February 2022

My mother was in the facility for 19 days. I was so upset about her daily care that I tried to find another facility to move her to but unfortunately her insurance only covered one other facility close by and the reviews for that one was not good either. I made sure that I was there, or another family member, every day to check on her care. I will break my concerns down between daily facility management and medical care. Facility Management: * It would take anywhere between 15-45 minutes for someone to respond the call button. My mother could not get up on her own. One day it took them 45 minutes to respond to the call button to take her to the restroom. She told them she needed them to stay to help her get back, they left her and didn''t come back for 20 minutes. This was very dangerous, she could have fallen and been seriously hurt. * My mother asked for towels for two days. When she told me about it I spent an hour wandering the facility asking different people for towels, I finally did get some. * My mother had been there 1 1/2 weeks before they offered her a shower. * They keep the front door locked due to Covid concerns. I appreciate their caution but trying to get into the facility is a joke. You push the button and it can take a very long time just to get in. One day there was a women there from a pharmacy with urgent medication. She had been waiting 15 minutes with no response to her phone calls or the buzzer. I waited with her another 10 minutes. Medical: * Due to severe muscle cramps in her left leg after her back surgery, she was unable to lay flat in the bed. She literally sat in an uncomfortable chair for the full 19 days 24/7. Her legs just ballooned up. I kept asking what could be done and nothing was ever done to help her. Not even finding a more comfortable chair. * My mother is diabetic. They never remembered to bring her diabetic meals, and after much prompting did at least start testing her blood sugar one week into her stay but they always did it after dinner so of course her blood sugar was high. * As mentioned, my mother is diabetic. Sores on feet are of serious concern as they do not heal well. She has a sore on her foot that needed a dressing change every day. They rarely did it. I changed it most of the time. Sorry this is so long, the list above is not even comprehensive but does address my most urgent concerns. I did not want to give such a low rating without showing justification. I did give the facility 2 stars versus one for two reasons: * The physical therapy team were very kind to my mother and did make sure she got treatment twice a day. * There was one nurse, Crystal, who was vigilant, caring and kind. She was the only one that kept talking to me about her concerns with my mothers condition. She tried to help and would check on my mother on a regular basis. Unfortunately she only came on near the end of my mothers stay. Plus she is temporary so the facility will lose one of its strong assets. To sum up, my mother left this facility after 19 days in no better shape then when she went in and in many ways worse due to the extreme swelling in her legs. If you have a choice, I would not use this facility.

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Parkway Health Center


55 South Professional Way, Payson, UT, 84651

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