Rocky Mountain Care - Willow Springs

85 East 2000 North, Tooele, UT, 84074

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Rocky Mountain Care - Willow Springs is a nursing home located in Tooele that offers nursing home care.

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Rocky Mountain Care - Willow Springs is a nursing homes facility located in Tooele, UT.

Nursing Homes can be an expensive senior care option, so cost is typically going to be a consideration when looking at alternatives. The average starting cost of this facility is the slightly higher than the average cost in this area. This facility's average starting cost is $4,078, compared to the area's average of $4,077.

Access to health care is an important consideration when selecting a nursing homes community. There are 8 hospitals close to Rocky Mountain Care - Willow Springs. The two closest hospitals are Mountain West Medical Center, which is 0.2 miles miles away, and Riverton Hospital, which is 17.1 miles miles away from the facility.

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CodyJoe Wickham Source - google July 2022

This trip. Was day and night better. New management and better philosophy I actually have enjoyed the accomodations and the nurses and aids are se.of the best o have encountered .truly care about patients. The only hang up and I mean down right issue... The food is horrible. I am not picky at all yet I have not been able to eat most of what is served. I am going to investigate further. My guess ATM is budget issues not personell issues. And if that''s the case there is easy remedy . But I''ll follow up later.

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Michael Berry Source - google July 2022

Very friendly staff the gym was great and excellent but the kitchen staff has no heart they don''t care I have an allergy to fish a deathly allergy on eight different occasions they attempted to serve me fish Mike they had to cook doesn''t care I believe he''s got one foot out the door trying to go start up a food truck I personally don''t think Mike has any business around food this food they have no business they have no caring they have no diabetic food plan on their diet the ombudsman has an open case against him I don''t recommend if your family member is a diabetic that they go to this facility at all

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Diana Henry Source - google June 2022

After having a difficult total knee replacement surgery I was admitted to the rehab. Although the first room I was in was not conducive to my needs, it was quickly remedied and I was moved into my own room. Everyone came to see me. Doctors, physical therapists, nurses on all shifts, occupational therapist, CNA’s, PT techs and assistants and aides. Every shift without fail. I got to know many of them by first name and they remembered me. They took very good care of me and went the extra mile to meet my needs. I have a sweet tooth and one night I rang for assistance and the aide came and told me there was a vending machine. I gave her money and she was kind enough to get the candy for me. My bed and room and bathroom was tidied every day. The food just wasn’t hot enough when served and I preferred a different way of eating. So I was offered to create my own menu for each day if the week I was there. Big kudos to the kitchen staff for delivering tasteful meals that I requested. Breakfast cereal with fruit and hot tea with honey, Chef salads, grilled sandwiches, dessert and fresh fruit with cottage cheese. I quickly learned how to manage my bathroom needs but in the beginning I couldn’t. The aides were sensitive and caring and ensured my cleanliness as needed. I could go on and on. I’m grateful there is such a caring, knowledgeable, friendly and kind staff there. If ever I need a rehab again and hopefully I don’t I will return to here. This place deserves 5 stars. The staff, the cleanliness, the beautiful building and s great physical therapy area. I was glad to go but I still miss them.

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E Source - google March 2022

Everyone I''ve known who has had reason to stay here has specifically requested to not return. Also, I know a few people who worked here and they had a pretty poor experience, with inconsistent pay schedules, incompetent management in the cafeteria, and supply chain issues / high turnover. Basically, try and avoid this place.

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Brandis Hart Source - google December 2021

Wow!!! I can not even put into words how amazing this facility has been the last 30 days.... My Mother had a bad fall on a road trip down south and broke her femur. Unfortunately she was transported to St. George for surgery and then to a horrible, filthy and under staffed care center for after care. After 7 days we were finally able to transport her back to Tooele where she lives. The Rocky Mountain Care Center took over her care and I''m telling it was an absolutely amazing experience. She was taken care of and treated with the most kindness and compassion. Especially by a nurse named Brenda ♡ it was a had situation for My Mom because she is really I dependent, but they made her feel so comfortable that she was able to relax and heal and get the treatment she needed. Today She was able to go home... I can not thank these angels enough for everything they did for her...oh and the building is absolutely beautiful and super clean. I never seen a unhappy or upset resident and everyone who works there had a smile....THANK UOU ALL SO VERY MUCH

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Karla Breinholt Source - google November 2021

This place is awful to work at. I would never ever work here again. The nurses are awful they have bad attitudes and they lie. If you are ever looking into working here don’t!! I would never recommend anyone put family in this building especially if they refuse to pay the employees. I worked a noc here and it was the worst experience ever. I offered my help and from the second I walked in the nurses and staff were rude. I even got locked out of the building when I stepped out to my car for a min. I tried ringing the bell and no one answered. I was accused of not working when I asked a few time what I could help with and I checked on the staff to see what they need help with. They then said I didn’t work and refuse to pay me. I feel this is wrong and they should maybe try to ask the employee what really happened and not just assume or refuse to pay the employee again horrible place.

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Rocky Mountain Care - Willow Springs


85 East 2000 North, Tooele, UT, 84074

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