Cheyenne Reg Medical Ctr Transitional Care Unit

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Cheyenne Reg Medical Ctr Transitional Care Unit

214 East 23Rd Street, Cheyenne , Wyoming , 82001

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Cheyenne Reg Medical Ctr Transitional Care Unit

Welcome to Cheyenne Reg Medical Ctr Transitional Care Unit, a nursing home community located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The cost of the nursing home community at Cheyenne Reg Medical Ctr Transitional Care Unit starts at a monthly rate of $4,083 to $7,292. There may be some additional services that could increase the cost of care, depending on the services that you may need. When you visit the community, please check to see if pets are allowed to live in the community with you.

There are two hospitals within 25 miles of Cheyenne Reg Medical Ctr Transitional Care Unit, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center which is 0.0 miles away, and Satanta District Hospital, which is 0.2 miles away.

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Christan San September 2022

Dana the tech in the ER is one of the rudest people I have ever come across. I really don''t know how she even has a job there. As long as she is there I do not recommend the care she or they have to offer.

Lacy McMullen September 2022

Sure seems like this hospital is more about the amount of money they can charge for the least amount of care. They doesn''t care about helping you find out what is going on with a patient, there only concern is how there numbers look and how big of a bonus the CEO, of this "NON PROFIT" facility will...

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Allison Woodward September 2022

I have never had a horrible experience past the ER but last week I was intubated here due to my auto manse disease causing it to fail and need help breathing. Within 10 minutes dr was in and they were putting me under for sedation. I warned them I''m tolerant for a tiny stature woman and to please ...

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Cheyanna Cenedese September 2022

Scheduled a appointment almost 3 months in advance just for an hour notice that their was a mix up and the doctor wasn''t even there today. Also can''t reschedule with that doctor again for another month and 1 week, even though it was their mess up.

Donnie and Alissa Luethy August 2022

My son was attacked by a dog, and his injuries were severe head injury, laceration to his arm, and scratches to his body. I have to say, I hear a lot of bad things about this hospital, but our experience was quite different. From the ER, to the pediatric ward, to the surgeon and his OR team ...I cou...

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Lori Voss August 2022

Walked with chest pain at 6:30 pm on a Friday night and within 30 min had a cardiac cath done. Superb care by every staff member, Doctor and clergy. Thank you!

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Cheyenne Reg Medical Ctr Transitional Care Unit

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

214 East 23Rd Street, Cheyenne, WY

Distance: 0.0 miles

Satanta District Hospital

Cheyenne & Apache, Satanta, KS

Distance: 0.2 miles


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