Senior care Provider Solutions

Promote and protect your local brands online.

FamilyAssets works with senior living companies to promote your local brands online and protect the marketing investments you make into them. Our goal is to guide prospects seeking your local brands online to you, steering them away from costly referral service online marketing.

Tried & True SEO Tactics

Improved online performance.

We leverage the FamilyAssets web platform to strengthen your online search marketing activities. Using local brand friendly SEO tactics including hosting customer reviews, we redirect prospects away from costly aggregator listings and directly to you.

Protect Your Brand

FamilyAssets champions your investments in local lead generation.

You invest greatly to generate interest in your local brands. Think about all the time, money and people you leverage to generate leads for your local brands. FamilyAssets protects those investments. Our solution makes it easier to find you online and not get lost among all the options. When a prospect goes online to learn more about you – we help them get to you first.

Stop Paying For Leads Looking For Your Brand

Those wandering eyes.

Some paid referral services use a variety of tactics to lure prospects away from your branded search result listings and to theirs. They deploy multiple web sites, extensive keyword strategies, savvy calls to action and the promise of prices, reviews and more.

Your Leads Are Sold to Local Competitors

The prospect is no longer just yours.

Once prospects are lost to paid referral services, it’s hard to avoid all the added costs. After days of multiple calls from several communities and the referral service, the prospect is exhausted. How will they treat your sales person? The true costs of a lost prospect add up.

Increased Occupancy, Happier Prospects

FamilyAssets adds up to better outcomes.

By collaborating together, we produce better outcomes for you, your prospects and your sales people. Our objective is to get those prospects looking for your brands online to you for the appropriate next steps.

  • Lower referral fee expenses.
  • Lower threat of lost move ins to competitors.
  • Better quality leads.
  • More positive reviews.
  • Higher ROI on your local lead generation.
  • Less daunting buyer journey for your prospects.
  • Improved search result listings on leading search engines.
  • Higher sales engagement and conversion.

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