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If you plan to sell your home before moving to a senior living facility, it helps to hire a real estate agent with extensive experience, knowledge, and training. This guide explores what a real estate agent does, how they get paid, and how they can help you find the right buyer for your beloved home.

What does a real estate agent do?

A real estate agent guides homeowners and potential buyers through the complex real estate market. A real estate agent is a valuable resource for navigating market conditions and locating quality professionals for property transactions. There are two types of real estate agents:

Buyers agent: This real estate agent focuses on assisting home buyers by searching market listings, making offers, and negotiating on behalf of potential buyers.

Listing agent: This real estate agent specializes in assisting home sellers. Their expertise focuses on the listing, marketing, and pricing of homes. Listing agents negotiate on the seller’s behalf.

It is possible for a real estate agent to be both a buyers agent and a listing agent — sometimes for the same property.